დრო უნდა ჩერდებოდეს

  • Title: დრო უნდა ჩერდებოდეს
  • Author: Aldous Huxley
  • ISBN: 9789941466922
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “დრო უნდა ჩერდებოდეს”

    1. This is a difficult one to review. One of Huxley’s lesser known works; before Doors of Perception and after Brave New World and written as the Second World War finished. Difficult because it covers so much ground. It is a philosophical treatise, a critique of capitalism, fascism, socialism, especially of imperialism. It has a go at post-modernism and at Joyce, Woolf et al. It is a critique of religion in its traditional form; an exploration of Huxley’s attraction to Buddhism. It predates muc [...]

    2. 2016 Reading Challenge #25 Un libro que se desarrolle en el veranoCreo que fue una mala idea haber empezado a conocer a Huxley con este libro y no conUn mundo feliz.No porque haya destrozado alguna imagen previa que tenía del autor o porque me haya parecido horroroso, sino porque es evidente que las cuatrocientas páginas que recorrí sin mucho convencimiento tienen un objetivo que colisiona con el mío: yo sólo quería leer una novela de aprendizaje ambientada en Italia, pre Segunda Guerra Mu [...]

    3. 'of course, you realize,' he added, 'that you'll always be disappointed?''with what?''with girls, with parties, with experience in general. nobody who has any kind of creative imagination can possibly be anything but disappointed with real life. when i was young i used to be miserable because i hadn't any talents - nothing but a little taste and cleverness. but now i'm not sure one isn't happier that way. people like you aren't really commensurable with the world they live in. whereas people lik [...]

    4. TIME MUST HAVE A STOP. (1944). Aldous Huxley. ****.I usually have troubles with Huxley’s books. The point of them all typically passes me by. The one I had the leastg trouble with was “Brave New World.” This was likely because the author had a story to tell, and, incidentally had lots of points to make about philosophy, religion, society, etc but as an aside and as an adjunct to the story. In this novel, Huxley also tells a story that serves as a basis for the foundation of a philosophy of [...]

    5. "მთელ სამყაროში ერთადერთი,რაც შეგიძლია გამოასწორო, ეს მხოლოდ და მხოლოდ საკუთარი თავია. ყველაფერი იქიდან უნდა დაიწყო და სხვა ადამიანების გარემოებას უნდა მოეშვა. დანარჩენი ისედაც მოგვარდე [...]

    6. Y es entonces cuando el tiempo vuelve a detenerse, imagen trillada donde las haya pues el tiempo o no se detiene nunca o está detenido desde siempre. (Amuleto, Roberto Bolaño)El tiempo debe detenerse es el último libro que publica Navona de Aldous Huxley, y narra la historia de Sebastian Barnack, un muchacho que se traslada a Florencia a pasar el verano con su tío Eustache. A raíz de ese viaje, vivirá grandes aventuras, tanto de disfrute personal como intelectual. En estas aventuras, Sebas [...]

    7. Seriously one of the best books I've read in the last few years. It's a deceptive read in that the storyline is a facade for Huxley's philosophical messages. If you can get past the fact that it really isn't about a young man trying to procure formal evening wear, but instead a dialogue of morals, it becomes much easier to read and very enjoyable. Definitely worth finishing, and definitely worth reading again.

    8. A coming of age book by Aldous Huxley. The most interesting part is transformation of Sebastian Barnack. I can completely relate to his character and I am sure, so as many who are able to reflect on their past, present and maybe even the future. I have the same values as I had when I was in my teens, twenties, thirties, but I have different beliefs and understanding of my surroundings and even those same values. That is how I saw Sebastian as I read this book. Not to spoil the book for anyone wh [...]

    9. And suddenly he knew these recovered figments of himself for what they so shamefully were; knew them for mere clots and disintegrations, for mere absences of light, mere untransparent privations, nothingness that had to be annihilated, had to be held up into incandescence, considered and understood and then repudiated, annihilated to make place for the beauty, the knowledge, the bliss.I wasn’t at all prepared for Huxley and had no inkling what this book was going to be about. In my college lib [...]

    10. Having once tried to commence Brave New World, which I found difficult to get into, I approached another Huxley novel with a little trepidation. But I found myself enjoying Time Must Have a Stop. It's setting, period and characters reminded me a little of Somerset Maugham which gave me some comfort and familiarity. But overall this was an engaging story of religious or spiritual belief, an impression of the afterlife and the nature of the system of life that was society between the wars (Time wa [...]

    11. This book is quite powerful; culminating, throughout all of Sebastian's learnings and goings-on, in the true essence of the results of actions. Through Bruno's teachings on the ancestors and descendants of an action, good or bad, and through the actual results of Sebastian's choices, what was seemingly trivial proved that nothing is truly trivial. Sebastian moved on from a "simple poet", albeit extremely gifted, to a true philosopher of his time, giving each action a thorough discourse of its ex [...]

    12. Huxley is now best known for his 'Brave New World' dystopia. And that is well. His other books are amusing, erudite fiction. Huxley, however had an abiding interest in arcane philosophies and 'Time Must Have a Stop' is one of his most interesting books. It is an attempt - imbued with Huxley's inevitable wit - to explore beyond death. An attempt that demonstrates insight and considerable philosophical inquiry. Highly recommended.

    13. Guardo muy buen recuerdo de Un mundo feliz así que cuando vi este libro lo compré sin dudarlo, además me gustó el argumento, pero lo cierto es que me ha decepcionado bastante. No sé si es que he estado poco receptiva estas últimas semanas o es que hay bastantes párrafos farragosos pero me ha costado horrores terminarlo.

    14. Beautifully written, this book is a wonderful display of Huxley's true command of the language. It is a refreshing thought provoker; a satire of the conventions of the world, as well as a relateable variation on the coming-of-age story.

    15. I really tried to like this book. While I did think many parts/quotes were clever, I found the oveall book to be too verbose.

    16. Huxley regarded this book as his most successful attempt at dealing with philosophical themes in the novel form. I would agree partially It is quite astonishing the depth and breadth of ideas that he manages to discuss. Perhaps it would be a better novel if he’d held back a little, but we’d be poorer if that were the case.This book is not really a novel; it sets out as a novel before disintegrating and deconstructing the form, and this is its great success. The book begins as a human comedy, [...]

    17. Tras leer Contrapunto, una auténtica obra maestra en la que Aldous Huxley aborda las complejidades del carácter humano con asombrosa genialidad, me decidí por leer El tiempo debe detenerse.La promesa del libro es atractiva: abordar el tránsito del protagonista de la adolescencia a la vida adulta bajo las influencias de su idealista padre, de su epicúreo tío Eustace y del religioso y espiritual librero Bruno Rontini. Sin embargo, de alguna manera Huxley no logra cumplir con las altas expect [...]

    18. Es una obra cumbre. Puedo decir que no tenía idea de que Huxley pertenecía a ese grupo de intelectuales de la época.En sí, el contenido de la obra lo veo un poco difícil de darle un review ya que toca diversos temas desde que Sebastian empieza el cuestionamiento de todo. Me encantó el uso de diversos idiomas en la obra (me recordó mucho a Rayuela de Cortázar) ya que cita en latín, en alemán, en italiano y en francés, por lo que es bueno tener abierto google para poder extender el voca [...]

    19. Huxley was the greatest Modernist literary philosopher. Time Must Have a Stop is breathtaking not only for the brilliance of Huxley's writing but for its exposition of the contradictions of 20th century political philosophy.Written during the closing year of World War 2 and published in 1945, 'Time Must Have A Stop' is brutal examination of the various philosophies of Humanism, Liberalism, Socialism and Communism. Huxley was a decade ahead of the Existential philosophers who were still left bewi [...]

    20. გული მისკდებოდა ეს წიგნი, რომ ავიღე ხელში. ჰაქსლი ჩემი უსაყვარლესი წიგნის ავტორია და მის სხვა ნოველებსაც ძლიერ ვაფასებ, მაგრამ ამ წიგნის ანოტაციიდან გამომდინარე ძალზედ სკეპტიკურად ვიყავ [...]

    21. Es un libro interesante, buenas citas y buenas reflexiones, siempre desde la perspectiva mística bien conocida de Huxley, sin embargo me pareció de una prosa muy rebuscada e intelectual.

    22. This novel was written just prior to the publication of the Perennial philosophy, his essay on the mystical. Reading this leaves no doubt that the direction his writing was taking was very personal & closely following his own spiritual evolution. In fact, 'Time Must Have a Stop' could almost have been written as a prelude to where he was to take his audience with his future essays. While his last major novel, 'Eyeless In Gaza', if we are to jump frog 'After a many Summer', left the protagoni [...]

    23. "Pero el pensamiento es esclavo de la vida, y la vida, bufón del tiempo;Y el tiempo, que domina el mundo entero,Debe detenerse".Una novela central en la trayectoria de Huxley en donde expone alguna de sus preocupaciones espirituales y su profundo conocimiento de las filosofías orientales y el misticismo.Imprescindible.

    24. 2.5My sister purchased this on a whim, wrapped it up and dropped it onto my lap on Christmas day - otherwise I probably would never have read it. It is my first experience of Huxley, though Brave New World has been on my to-read shelf for quite some time.Time Must Have A Stop (or, This Book Must Have A Stop, as I came to regard it for the first 130 pages) is a rather obscure work of Huxley's, though he considered it to be his magnum opus - It is interesting how a writers opinion in regards to th [...]

    25. არადა ვიცი, რომ ჰაქსლი კარგი ტიპია და არ მომწონს ის ფაქტი, რომ ეს წიგნი არ მომწონს! დავწერე ეს სიტყვები და დარწმუნებული ვიყავი, რომ ჩემს აზრს არ შევიცვლიდი არა, განა ვფიქრობ, რომ კარგი წიგნია [...]

    26. I usually love Huxley so was very disappointed by this one. There are some good ideas whether or not the novel is the medium for them is one question but a novel as dull as this shouldn't really be a medium for anything. Flat and lifeless the whole way which makes the moments of passion ring false and deadliney.

    27. I must admit that I almost didn't give this one a fair chance all for a couple things which bothered me to no end. The protagonist made me grind a few layers of enamel off the tops of my molars. Exactly the type of character that gets me steaming. Dismissive, fancies himself a poet, calculating, and when he gets into a jam he can't think of anything else to do but to flash one of his "angelic, irresistible" smiles fully expecting its recipient to melt like wax. Yea, try that on me and see what h [...]

    28. "But her most precious gift was that she never made you feel shy. In that respect she was like Uncle Eustace; and in both of them, it seemed to Sebastian, the secret consisted in a certain absence of pretentiousness, a refraining from standing on rights or privileges or dignity. Whereas that fiendish old Queen Mother didn't merely stand on her own dignity; she went out and deliberately trampled on yours. And more subtly, for all her desirableness, Mrs. Thwale did the same thing. It was as though [...]

    29. This is the one. For anyone who has ever pondered the mysteries of life and death, this is the book to read.Young Sebastian Barnack is callow at book's opening scene, his latest obsession is a set of evening clothes, so he can spend evenings with his rich schoolmates. His minister father is opposed. His notorious and self-indulgent Uncle Eustace both approves and promises the young man his first suite of evening clothes, then promptly "pulls an Elvis", and dies in the bathroom after dinner.What [...]

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