The Journey Home

The Journey Home Authors note This is a Revised Version of the original book It has been revised to reflect a st person point of view for each chapter s main character Take note of which character leads the chapter t

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  • Title: The Journey Home
  • Author: Jeff Motes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Authors note This is a Revised Version of the original book It has been revised to reflect a 1st person point of view for each chapter s main character Take note of which character leads the chapter title This will help make the flow of thoughts smooth This is not a book on religion or religious ideology, however, two of the main characters are Christian They pray ofAuthors note This is a Revised Version of the original book It has been revised to reflect a 1st person point of view for each chapter s main character Take note of which character leads the chapter title This will help make the flow of thoughts smooth This is not a book on religion or religious ideology, however, two of the main characters are Christian They pray often and acknowledge God s influence upon the events taking place If you find praying, acknowledging God, or seeing Jesus name used in a positive context offensive, then I suggest you do not read this book These are strong characters, who I think many can relate to I hope you enjoy the book The Day The day was like any other day until it became The Day At 4 05 p.m the United States was attacked with an Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP weapon A 20 mega ton nuclear warhead was detonated high in the atmosphere above Kansas, blanketing most of the contiguous United States and parts of Canada and Mexico with an electro magnetic pulse that damaged nearly all microprocessors and electronic controls beyond repair Nearly every system that depends on computers and electronics has ceased to work The electrical grid goes down The water system goes down The sewer system goes down The phone system goes down The cellular system goes down Cars stop Tractors stop Radio and TV stations go dark The internet is no No ambulance services No emergency services No government services No 911 In the twinkle of an eye America is sent back deep into the 19th century Jill Barnes, a single mom, finds herself stranded on the side of Interstate 459 near Birmingham, Alabama Jack Chance, a bank vice president, is stranded on Interstate 85 near Montgomery, Alabama John Carter, a contractor, finds himself stranded near Leeds, Alabama Each must travel home to Clarke County in rural southwest Alabama Follow them as they each make their decisions and journey home while the fabric of American society is torn asunder and criminals run amok The story is exciting and enlightening, compelling and fast moving, infuriating and redemptive, heart rending and heart warming Keep some tissue close to hand, just in case

    One thought on “The Journey Home”

    1. Excellent bookExcellent book, excellent information, it's a fun read. I can't wait for the next one. There were very few slow spots.

    2. Can't wait for moreLoved this book !!! The style of writing in the second person keeps you in the moment. Also very instructive in disaster preparation.

    3. Had to stop readingI don't enjoy leaving a bad review but have to be honest. If this book is ever cleaned up and edited properly, I would love to read it. I really liked the characters and the story line. The first person type is a little hard for some reason but really it came down to the constant repeating of simple facts as well as contradicting statements. Also it was written so elementary that I would think even a beginner would feel patronized. I really liked the fact that God was such a b [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this story. The writing threw me off a few times. I couldn’t help laughing at all the name brand shout outs. I was sure there were going to be links to buy some of the items mentioned. There was a website mentioned. Do authors get paid for product placements??? Also I’m not entirely sure an EMP event would lead to such chaos so quickly. We’ve had week long power outages before & I really missed hot showers but I wasn’t ready to shoot someone for stealing a bike. Also [...]

    5. Great book.Makes me want to pull my get home bag out and make sure I have all I need and also for all my girls. Really makes you consider just how ready you are for a full blown meltdown. Thanks for the great characters.

    6. I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked the basic story line but it did not seem realistic to me. The characters did not seem believable. Their emotions fell flat. If I was a parent trying to get home to my child during an apocalypse I would not be as calm as Jill. I am also fairly certain I would not be concerned with shaving my legs in case something interesting should happen.I found the second person viewpoint to be a tough swallow. Sort of felt like one of those online games whose out [...]

    7. OUTSTANDING KINDLE BOOK -- Highly Recommended Well-written, excellent plot, believable characters, credible scenario, accurate technical details, and clean. There's even a pleasant romantic angle for the ladies.If you want to gain insights into how/what practicing Christians think about self-defense, self-reliance and "prepping," this is the book for you. Highly recommended!

    8. SpellbindingCouldn't put it down very good writing, suspenseful. Will definitely be reading more of Jeff notes books. Thank you! Ginger

    9. What happens when a disaster occurs that renders the nation incapable of action and exposes the vulnerability to individuals to starvation, violence and the depredation of their fellow human beings?In the series Once Upon an Apocalypse by Jeff Motes, multiple families in southern Alabama find themselves coping with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event without warning. A sufficiently strong EMP will destroy solid state circuit boards instantly turning the modern electronics upon which we depend t [...]

    10. I’m one of those apocalypse book junkies. I’ve read the most popular ones and now I’ve branched out to niche markets. This book is great for the prepper, Christian, pro gun, abstinence until marriage crowd. To be warned. And you have been alerted, as the book description now does a god job letting the reader know what to expect prior to purchase. This book is a fantasy novel. Fantasy that if you prepare, pray, abstain and practice for the end of days you may be saved when the SHTF. It’s [...]

    11. John, Jill, and some other dude.This apocalypse story is written in first person narrative from at least three characters. Jill is in Birmingham when an EMP takes out the power grid. She will have to travel nearly two hundred miles to get home to her daughter and mother. She has a few items essential for survival, but it's basically a three day but out bag.John Carter, someone Jill went to school with, is also in the area, and though he has a much better survival supply, he also has to travel th [...]

    12. Making us aware.I chose the rating because I love the way the characters were developed . I just finished 2 books of a 6 book series. I needed to step away from the series a while. I found out that I liked the way characters were developed better. I liked the way things were explained, to the what if's, to explaining why they should or should not do things. The explanation of what to have in storage to what you should have in your car if something like this should of old happen. BE PREPARED! Goo [...]

    13. Really was a 1.5 but I bumped to a 2 because I think the author really was trying to tell a good story. This needed an editor badly. Many errors, punctuation and sentence structure which spoiled the story more than necessary. I didn't see the blurb about it being a Christian novel but the constant praying was annoying. While I do think people in an actual disaster would pray or find solace in religion, this was excessive. The book also switches first person between Jill and John but overlaps and [...]

    14. I was gifted this book by the author. Let me begin with the bad. This is not an elegantly written, well polished fiction book. For those who only read the finest literature, this book isn't for you. The plot and character development is basic and the dialogue can be quite awkward at times. However if one is trying to get into fiction like I was, I would argue this is a good place to start. The story is good and the author's mentality comes out through the work. It is always education to those wh [...]

    15. Wayward homeI don't want it to end! Kudos to author! You had me at page one and now it's done. You are a superb author, keeping us at "bay" every step of the way.I've tried to learn as much as I can about being prepared but you've taken us the extra mile. Yes we try to plan for "plan b" but you've showed us, to plan until "z"!Check, recheck and check again. Thank you Jeff Motes, there are boogie men out there. Now I know more of what I need to sharpen-up on ( skill wise). There is a great quote [...]

    16. Overall, a very good readI really liked the excitement in this book, and I mostly enjoyed the characters as well. One thing I didn't love was the overabundance of prayers throughout the book. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with prayer, it's just that it was a bit much. It started to feel overwhelming and a tad forced. Other than that though, I look forward to the next book.

    17. Good StoryGood Story. Not so good writing. The story line was enough to keep me reading, and even made me think. The writing though can use some work. Maybe in future novels the author can think of some other word besides 'bastard', for someone with malicious intent. The word was literally used about 100 times in the book to describe evil people. Like I said, Good story but writing not so much.

    18. WOWAbsolutely the best book I have read in a long time. It was wonderful to be able to track much of their journey as I have traveled quite a few of those roads. I’m just so happy they finally made it home even though obviously it’s not going to be the happy homecoming I was hoping for, oh well.

    19. Religious bookI only got through a few chapters, I didn't realize it was a religious book. It's a shame because what I read was good except for the praying and Psalms. I will also delete books 3 and 3

    20. Fun and quick readFun and quick read. Loved the prayers. Excellent portrayal of how everybody has some good and bad in them and how they manage to let the good bubble to the topor not. Definitely has me started on my own survival kitJUST IN CASE!

    21. Thank you for faithThis book was a welcomed addition to apocalyptic fiction. These two people push on despite many obstacles, and their strong faith in God is inspirational! Thank you.

    22. Passable wPassable writing,fair story line. Author injects to much of their personal religious demagoguery into the writing. Makes for a tedious read. Far more realistic without all the religious shtick.

    23. I loved the book makes you really think about what you would do and are you ready for this type of problem. The hurricane in Texas is a great example. It need not be an EMP strike though I believe we are in danger of this very thing happening.

    24. I enjoyed this Christian book. The characters are real and the story is interesting. Some further editing needed to make this a better book. The first book is available through Kindle Unlimited and the next 2 are not.

    25. Great bookCan’t wait to read the rest of the series! Great story, looking forward to finding out how the rest of the story plays out.

    26. Great readEnjoyed very much and can't wait for the next book. Felt very real to what it might be like, if ever!

    27. Good readStarted off thinking this was written for very simple YAs. Bore through and as the story developed, enjoyed it more.

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