Delicate Lies (The Stonewater Series #2)

Delicate Lies The Stonewater Series Dylan McGrath lives his life with the guilt he forces upon himself on a daily basis His narcissistic mother failed him constantly her selfish expectations ruined him leading him to an existence that

  • Title: Delicate Lies (The Stonewater Series #2)
  • Author: Josephine Brierley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dylan McGrath lives his life with the guilt he forces upon himself on a daily basis His narcissistic mother failed him constantly her selfish expectations ruined him, leading him to an existence that was void of the love and nurturing that a parent should offer unreservedly.Instead his life is marred with death, feeling loss of a great magnitude, drugs and alcohol his faiDylan McGrath lives his life with the guilt he forces upon himself on a daily basis His narcissistic mother failed him constantly her selfish expectations ruined him, leading him to an existence that was void of the love and nurturing that a parent should offer unreservedly.Instead his life is marred with death, feeling loss of a great magnitude, drugs and alcohol his faith.Relationships are not something he enters into freely, real intimacy not something he is capable of The one night stands ease the pain Enter Zoe Garretson Dirty mind, potty mouth and the kindest soul One woman who is willing to look his demons right in the eye, and face them head on She reminded him of every good day he d lived, though they were few Zoe becomes lost in Dylan, the kind of lost that can make you feel found She yearns to show him that love is the ultimate high Show him how a definitive kiss could open his heart and lighten his darkness She longs to remind him of the magic that exists in life.Could he open his heart to someone that is willing to give hers with no limitations at all One great lie, two big hearted people, three lingering weeks.

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    1. started this book at 3 this afternoon and am finishing 4 hrs later because I couldn’t put it down! I loved Sam and Kenzie’s story but Zoe and Dylan are #relationshipgoals! Dylan has lived a life that well I cried reading his horrible back story! He is barely living himself after dealing with such loses and blows that you can’t even fathom! He is guarded and holds no hope to a life of love! Zoe had dealt with her share of pain and she’s felt heartbreak and doesn’t want any part of the l [...]

    2. Wow Zoe and Dylan’s story literally broke me!! This Is book 2 in the series but you can read it as a stand-alone but wow this book blew me away there was times I wanted to punch Dylan myself but I think he grew on me lol! A pact Dylan and Zoe Make to make everyone think their dating will they really fall in love! Love this book!

    3. Dylan McGrath is 27 and known in Stonewater as a singer and guitar player. He is also known as quite the womanizer with a very difficult past that very few people know about. He is close to Sam and Jaxon from their time in foster care but other than that he doesn't want anyone to know what he has gone through in the past.Zoe Garretson is the newest bartender at Saxons and is the cousin of Mackenzie who is engaged to Sam. She is feisty and is desperate for some help for her flat tire when Dylan s [...]

    4. Sweet jeezuz. I've been slayed, totally slayed! This story had such depth of emotion and strength of character. The subject matter was really difficult to read at times, but felt well researched and even though my heart felt like it was breaking at points and I was crying like a baby, I could not put the kindle down! I adored Kenzie & Sam in Delicate Love and honestly didn't think their story could be topped, but Ms Brierley has blown my expectations with Dylan & Zoe's book! Delicate Lie [...]

    5. This us a new author to me but, so happy I came across Josephine. This book had a great story line, the characters were relateable and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Dylan where to start he has lived more in his 20 some years then most people do their whole life. Dylan had a tragedy happen at a young age that can scar any person for life. They tend to believe no one will ever love them and they are unworthy. In steps Zoe she has a heart of gold and truly wants to help people. Zoe isn't [...]

    6. Delicate Lies by Josephine Brierley is the second book in The Stonewater Series. It can be read as a standalone. Dylan has had a hard life. Full of abuse and heartbreak. Drugs and alcohol have been is only way of dealing. Zoe is a breath of fresh air. She is kind and thoughtful and only speaks her mind. These two are magnetic together. When the make a pact to have a fake relationship for 3 weeks both their lives are turned upside down. Their story will completely consume you. This book was diffi [...]

    7. In the first few pages, it's hard not to fall for Dylan. He's a good looking musician who makes all the girls swoon. And then you read more and find out that his life isn't all that it's cracked up to be. This book pulled me in and I was invested into hearing more about Dylan's story. My heart kept breaking the more I read. Zoe was the superhero in this story. While others would have ran, and has told her to run, she didn't move. I really liked that he had a supportive group of friends on his si [...]

    8. I remember meeting Zoe in Delicate Love and was so happy to read her story. This starts off innocently enough with a fake relationship that soon turns more real than either of them expected. Dylan however can't quite keep on the straight and narrow but Zoe doesn't give up. As Dylan waivers, slipping into old habits, Zoe is willing to hang on and fight for him and their relationship. An emotional ride through the unique story of two vastly different yet perfectly matched couple. Another great sto [...]

    9. Zoe has had her up and downs but Dylan has had a life that is nothing compared to hers. She has loving family and friends. Dylan learned from a young age you can’t trust anyone. He lost so many people in his life and never thinks he is suppose have love or be loved by anyone. He and Zoe make a pact that was for only 3 short weeks but it changed them so much that things aren’t easy to get back when feelings are becoming more and more. Great book.

    10. I am voluntarily reviewing this arc of this book. Dylan has been thru alot in his life and he doesn't want strings attached relationships but there is something more than that with Zoe. They have been friends for a while and he comes up with the idea of a fake relationship between them and it is crazy. They have a few bug bumps in the road but hopefully Dylan will get right n make her his like he wants to.

    11. Wow. This book was really good. This book was even better then the first book I have to admit. Dylan and Zoe fit so perfectly together. I don't know if I can express the right words for this book. All the emotions I felt, Dylan's story and Zoe wanting to be by his side. Once I started reading this, I just couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop either. Another great book. I can't wait to see what else this author brings. So without giving anything away I'm going to stop. Amazing job.

    12. Poor Dylan. He’s been through so much and it seems he keeps getting hit with more bad news. I just couldn’t understand everyone around him. One minute they are supporting him and then the next, they throw him under the bus. I get them warning Zoe about Dylan at the beginning but once she said she would stick with him, they should have backed off. I wanted to jump in the book and give Dylan a hug and smack everyone else upside the head.

    13. This is the 2nd book in this series but can be read as a standalone. I read the first one and must say that I liked this book even more. There was so much more depth to Dylan than I realized. He and Zoe were fantastic together!! I loved their relationship and how it grew. Well written story and kept my interest from start to finish. I will definitely check out the next books in this series.

    14. I feel that the author really did a great job with this book. Very believable and it showed what is really happening in today's world and how some people are so sheltered from it that when they find out its eye opening to them. The main characters had great chemistry . I would of loved for the story to keep going maybe another book

    15. This book is about Dylan and how bad of a past he had and how his mom wasn't there for him. But, as you get lost in each page you find out more about him and then in walks Zoe into his life. And the book takes a turn and you didn't expect and as you flip from one page to the next you don't want the book to end but you must know what happens.

    16. Jo, amazing job! I love how deep the feelings get in this book from all the memories of being a child and the hardships Dylan encountered and Zoe not wanting him to change for anyone but himself, to be his strenght by his side I loved that you didn't seem afraid to write about adiction and how it can affect a peson's life and relationships Amazing read! Definitely a page turner!

    17. This was soooo good. Better than the first. The story is heart wrenching and loving. the Characters lovable and aggravating. If you have started this series you are missing out. I am ready for the next in line. Josphine Brierley is truly a great writer!

    18. I love this heartbreaking story of abuse, over coming trauma, pain. Dylan is sweet, sensitive and an ass all at once. Zoebaby is straight forward, determined, and lovely. Adore her persistence and loyalty, decency. A hard won hea. Well written, authentic. Recommended over 18.

    19. I think the book started out slow. But than it was awesome. Dylan and Zoe is a great match . He has problems to work out. His mother didn’t help any he grew up poor. And you would think they’d be closer however his mom is a drug attic and an alcoholic. She ends life by suicide.

    20. Loved this book. Dylan is a rock God playing gigs at Saxon. Zoe is starting over and is a waitress at Saxon. Dylan talks Zoe into being his plus one to his friend Sams 3 week wedding events. Zoe is already going since Kelsie is her cousin and the bride. These 2 butt heads and it cracks me up.

    21. This book is amazing. I loved these two so much. Zoe is is willing to challenge everything that Dylan has to throw at her. They are the yin to each other's yang. I highly recommend this series to everyone. You will not be disappointed. Zoe

    22. Amazingly written and the details are on point. The story moves at the right pace to pull you in. There is a flashback scene that could cause a trigger, but it is well written and definitely adds to the story

    23. ** I was given an ARC of Delicate Lies by the author ** Books with broken heroes are my favorite kind of reads because there are so much to see and learn. It's complicated. Dylan McGrath is that guy. He has a bad boy/playboy look on the outside but he's so closed off about his life. Until he made a pact with Zoe I won't give much info about this book because where's the fun in that? You should read this yourself. Reading Delicate Lies was such a roller coaster ride. With every chapter, secrets u [...]

    24. Totally shocked.From a mans perspective who doesn't read romance novels. I thought this book was fantastic, I really got sucked in to the characters and I thought that hearing from both their points of view was terrific. I couldn't put down, I think it's a must read.

    25. I did not read the first book in this series, but that did not hinder my reading Dylan and Zoe's story. I enjoyed the way their relationship evolved, the banter they shared and the heartaches that made their bond stronger. This story hit very close to home for me, so the emotions it invoked were intense at times - I always enjoy when I can "feel" a story. I loved how these characters interacted with one another and how they had each others back ~ I am going to read the first book because I want [...]

    26. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****Dylan's life is total chaos. He's hardly had any good lasting memories of his childhood. It's a childhood filled with abuse and neglect and feelings of hopelessness. It's these thoughts and actions that follow him into his adult life. Now he's singing in a bar and drowning his thoughts in every vice known to man even women. Yet one girl captures his attention and this starts the pretend to be my girlfriend for three weeks scenario. What could go wrong?Zoe is starting a [...]

    27. I was given an ARC of Delicate Lies by the Author. After reading Delicate Love, I was intrigued by the characters and waited, with great anticipation, for the next installment. I was not disappointed!!The character of Dylan was such an interesting and challenging one. His emotional reactions to his past pulled at my heartstrings on many occasions. He's a complex character to whom I found myself drawn. This book is well written, grabbing my attention from the very start! Once again, I am hooked a [...]

    28. I can't even tell how many times my heart broke for Dylan in this book. I mean he had a traumatic childhood full of bad things that happened. He's lost a lot in his life and still keeps going. Sure he has vices but once Zoe comes into his life, those slowly go away. She is light to his darkness and something he so desperately needs. This isn't a happy go lucky romance story. It's full of highs and lows, mostly for Dylan. We get to see a. side of he doesn't show many people. I loved how Zoe would [...]

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