The Trail

The Trail Toby has to finish the final thing on The List It s a list of Brave Daring Totally Awesome Things that he and his best friend Lucas planned to do together and the only item left is to hike the Ap

  • Title: The Trail
  • Author: Meika Hashimoto
  • ISBN: 9781338035865
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Toby has to finish the final thing on The List.It s a list of Brave, Daring, Totally Awesome Things that he and his best friend, Lucas, planned to do together, and the only item left is to hike the Appalachian Trail But now Lucas isn t there to do it with him.Toby s determined to hike the trail alone and fulfill their pact, which means dealing with the little things theToby has to finish the final thing on The List.It s a list of Brave, Daring, Totally Awesome Things that he and his best friend, Lucas, planned to do together, and the only item left is to hike the Appalachian Trail But now Lucas isn t there to do it with him.Toby s determined to hike the trail alone and fulfill their pact, which means dealing with the little things the Blisters, the Heat, the Hunger and the big things the Bears, the LonelinessMemories.When a storm comes, Toby finds himself tangled up in someone else s mess Two boys desperately need his help But does Toby have any help to give The Trail is a remarkable story of physical survival and true friendship, about a boy who s determined to forge his path and to survive.

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    1. Overall, this book had a lot of adventure and action. However at some points, this book was really boring and felt like it took forever to read. But, it was a pretty good book that I recommend.

    2. Another one I read per my son's request. His review when I asked him what he liked about it, "It has a lot of friendship and love. And it has sad parts but she heals the sadness. Also, it made me want to go hiking." Not sure I could write a better review than him. Agree wholeheartedly.

    3. I thought it was sad and interesting at the same time. It is about a boy name Toby and he and his best friend Lucas have planned to hike the Appalachian trail. Unfortunately Lucas isn't there to do it with him. He meets many friends and challenges on the way.

    4. I gave it this rating because I liked how the author pulled out the moment, For example when on boy was about to fall off a cliff.

    5. This was a pretty good read. I really liked the characters and their travels. There were definitely a few close calls and they kept me turning pages. I'd say this is would be good for about tween aged youngsters. This was written very well too. There's some humor, suspense, determination, self-discovery, courage, strong characters, and a good ending. This is something I might enjoy reading again but I don't think it will be a S&R book. It definitely has me wanting to enjoy the great outdoors [...]

    6. "I got into hiking because I'm trying to grow up." It's the best half truth I can give."'Grow up'?" Ahead of me, Sean shakes his head. "What does that even mean?""I'veways needed people. I've always been a follower. Out here on the trail, I want to learn how to grow up. Depend on myself. Learn how to be alone." (45)Is it odd that this and all three of the other MG/YA books I've found about the Appalachian trail have involved the protagonist either running away or lying to their parents?What I lo [...]

    7. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 for my first book of #vacation! I LOVED The Trail by @meikahashimoto — fabulous adventure #mglit book that belongs in all middle school libraries!_*_*_*_*_*Toby is hiking the Appalachian Trail alone at age 12 with a goal of hiking from VT all the way to Mt. Katahdin. His grandmother doesn’t know where he is and he is a definitely a beginner hiker. He has supplies and a plan, but he can’t account for all that will happen along the waye blisters, the hunger, [...]

    8. An adventure/survival story worthy of 4☆ The story places Toby on the Appalachian Trail with flashbacks of he and Lucas, his best friend. However, the story begins with Toby on his own. No where was Lucas found and I did wonder where he was. It took awhile before you found out what had happened to Lucas. Almost too long.And so started their summer with the boys having a list of everything they hoped to do. Unfortunately tragedy strikes but Toby decided to complete the list on his own in honor [...]

    9. Toby and Lucas were two inseparable friends after Toby moved in with his grandmother. Lucas was brave and outgoing, while Toby tagged quietly along. Together, the boys planned several daring summer activities to do before school started. One activity was hiking the risky Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, Lucas is killed attempting another of their activities. To aid his grief, Toby follows through with their hike, except he goes alone and doesn’t tell anyone. Soon the hazards of the outdoors t [...]

    10. I ordered this book without investigating it, on impulse, "judging a book by its cover" for certain! So I was surprised to realize it was a YA fiction! But I am a committed hiker and was in a week of medical tests and procedures and needed a light read, so i put down my "heavy" book and began to read this anyway. The plot's action is a bit forced, in its series of misadventures, so perhaps it's probably perfect for its target audience, but the freal story around those bones - the internal sorrow [...]

    11. I’m not sure I would recommend this book to my students. The book isn’t horrible but again it’s like Wild in that an unprepared person is out on the trail. He of course becomes savvy by the end of the trip but I don’t think it’s a good idea for young people to be exposed to such irrational decision making by a 12 year old. What’s good - description of food, the joys of hiking and camping, the friendship story, the dog element. Not so good - too many challenges for him to face, too mu [...]

    12. This book was a good read, it was interesting. This book is about a kid named Tony who was going to go on a huge nature trip with his friend Lucus but then he could not go with him so Tony was forces to go on the scary and lonely hike. But it turned out that he didn't have to be alone because he found a dog that needed him. I would reccomend this book to a friend because it was good and it's great for both genders. A quote I foung was on page 214, "I can continue on the trail and finish what me [...]

    13. A great adventure novel for juvenile fiction readers. This book reminded me of Cheryl Strayed's Wild, with a character fighting both their present situation while hiking and deal with a past struggle that is haunting them. Toby is fourteen and hiking the Appalachian Trail solo. He was supposed to be doing this trip with his best friend Lucas, but things did not work out. Now Toby is on the trail alone and trying to stay alive and keep his promise to Lucas. A very realistic adventure story with s [...]

    14. As a teacher of gifted 3rd graders, I always struggle to try to find good books for them to read that their little 8 and 9 year old minds can relate to and process. I thought this was it. As I was reading it for myself, I was talking it up with my students. They were excited. As a lover of the outdoors, I was excited. Then, I got to the part about suicided it was a huge let down. I can't recommend my kiddos read this book because of that. There were other heavy social issues that they could hand [...]

    15. The author clearly has experience hiking the Appalachian Trail. The hiking portions seemed very authentic. The narrative arc of the story had some important lessons about being able to forgive oneself, depend on others in healthy ways and how to adapt to life as it happens. How the story came to an ending seemed somewhat contrived to me, which was a disappointment. I also wished for nature and the landscape to be more fully a part of the story. This book was shelved in the childrens' section at [...]

    16. What an interesting story! Reminds me of Hatchet! It was interesting to watch how Toby grows as he deals with adversity of being on the Appalachian Trail by himself at age 12. About 3/4 of the way through I struggled with the fact that here was a 12 year old in 2017 America alone on the Trail. Would there not been an all out search for him once his Grandmother read his note? I had to ignore this nagging discrepancy and enjoy the story for what is is - a boy learning that he has value, strength a [...]

    17. Boring read. This book sounds so wonderful from the synopsis, but it is pretty boring in my opinion. The story moves really slow and the interesting parts are few and far between. The ending is pretty good, not the best, but good. I thought from the photo that a bear was gonna block someone in their tent and that all this excitement was going to happen, but it was only about Toby getting over the loss of his friend. I think young boys would like reading it, but it's not the greatest book ever.

    18. Really liked this book. A good part of that is probably personal; just last week, I hiked a lot of the places in the Whites that Toby hiked. I feel as though the author did her researcha lot of the trail stuff rang true to me. Seems more relevant as a survival story than, say, Hatchet. I mean, we're more likely to be hiking in the woods than being in any airplane crash. I think kids will like the story, and Moose the dog certainly helps that likelihood.

    19. This book was alright because at first the were tow kids named Toby and Lucas they had a list of amazing things too do. They had almost completed their list all that was left was to climb Appalachian mountains but the something happened to Lucas. So Toby had to go and hike the mountain alone i wish they would have doe it together. So Toby had to hike alone with his dog and had some struggles along the way

    20. I love this book because it is so outdoorsy and it is a page turner. It is so exciting and interesting I can never set the book down.This book would be perfect for fifth graders who enjoy camping in and the outdoorsThe story focuses on a boy who loses a friend then hikes the Appalachian Trail because him and his best friend had it on their things to do list. He found a dog on the trail, took care of him, then ended up a losing him because his supposed owner comes and takes him.Will Tony finish t [...]

    21. Great read especially for boys! Toby and his friend, Lucas have made a list of 10 things to do for the summer. One of them is to hike the Appalachian Trail all the way to Maine. Toby decides to do this without his friend, Lucas. Along the way, he meets different characters that contribute something to him. Story of survival and friendship.Language: NoneSex: NoneViolence:None

    22. I love books about the Appalachian Trail. I love books about survival. From A Walk in the Woods to The Honest Truth. This book now makes the list of books that change perspective. That teach lessons. That take the reader on a journey. It’s not perfect. A little awkward at times but so is every 12 year old. Read it. Study the maps. Image search the shelters. Experience The Trail.

    23. Toby has decided to hike the last part of the Appalachian Trail alone after his friend, Lucas, who was supposed to be his hiking partner, dies in a tragic accident. Toby makes friends and finds his inner peace and strength while conquering the Trail. Good adventure.

    24. I was drawn to this children's adventure story due to my fascination with the Appalachian trail and it's hikers. Written in a simple style for children but I enjoyed the day to day description of Toby's experience on the trail. An easy read for fans of outdoor adventure.

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