Wired Magazine (January 2017)

Wired Magazine January Tales From An Uncertain Future The Sci Fi IssueIssue

  • Title: Wired Magazine (January 2017)
  • Author: Scott Dadich James S.A. Corey Charles Yu Charlie Jane Anders Etgar Keret N.K. Jemisin Glen David Gold John Rogers
  • ISBN: 0845907549940
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tales From An Uncertain Future The Sci Fi IssueIssue 25.01

    One thought on “Wired Magazine (January 2017)”

    1. A solid collection of short, thoughtful SF dealing with unintended consequences of tech or advancements in humanity. I hope they keep doing these fiction issues in the future. Know your Enemy, by Matt Gallagher: 3/5The Forever War has been on my tbr list for a long time, and this story – written in that universe – has bumped it up a few places.First, by John Rogers: 4/5Engaging, emotionally powerful, and succinct. Loved this one.Stochastic Fancy, by Charlie Jane Anders: 3/5Points for origina [...]

    2. I'm a huge believer in magazines continuing to publish new fiction. It adds to the health of the short story medium and gives voice to new writers. Perusing the magazine racks at an airport convenience store, I was excited to see Wired had dedicated their first issue of 2017 entirely to fiction. What a move! Many high-fives, guys. Unfortunately, the fiction was largelydull. The writers were challenged to "pick a plausible innovation or change in the world and spin out a near-term scenario." The [...]

    3. Skimmed "The Hunger After You're Fed" by James S. A. Corey. But read for "The Evaluators" by N. K. Jemisin

    4. All-fiction issue, so essentially an SFF minianthology. Beautifully illustrated, quite heavy on the ads though (I haven't read Wired in a while). Surprisingly diverse and even includes a translation, which American anthology projects seldom do.A lot of the stories felt like - this is a fine, high-quality story, but if it could have been tweaked just a little more, it would have been perfect. So maybe stronger editorial intervention wouldn't have been amiss. I often have this feeling about predom [...]

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