I Close My Eyes

I Close My Eyes The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife until The Lady Jane Black seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton s ballroom But there she stands attempting to shut out the rest of the world

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  • Title: I Close My Eyes
  • Author: Regina Puckett
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife, until The Lady Jane Black seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton s ballroom But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than most that life is never that simple.The last thing Jane wants is a husband, until she opens her eyes toThe last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife, until The Lady Jane Black seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton s ballroom But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than most that life is never that simple.The last thing Jane wants is a husband, until she opens her eyes to find the scarred and much too handsome stranger secluded in her chosen quiet corner Why can t the obstinate man understand she just needs a brief moment of solitude before returning to face her tormentors But no matter how many times she tells him to go away, he remains So is it her fault that her father misunderstands the young duke s intentions Whilst marriage isn t on Phillip as she learns the duke is called or Jane s mind, when society s trials and tribulations come, they soon become each other s touchstone, and by it discover that joy is tantalisingly within their grasp, although others seem intent on thwarting their every wish.

    One thought on “I Close My Eyes”

    1. This is the beginning of a historical romance series that I will definitely keep reading. It was beautiful! Regina Puckett has captured me in her world of Lords and Ladies on their search for love.Jane has a terrible home life. She often closes her eyes and imagines herself somewhere else. When she does this at a ball while hiding behind a pillar she is found by a Duke. From there the story takes some twists. Some are lovely and some are horrible.Excellent story. On to the next one. 😊

    2. What a touching novel by Regina Puckett. It was short and filled to the brims with warmth and love the two main characters had for each other. Her novel truly demonstrated that despite being set at a time when marriages were business transactions and contracts, it so happened that two people could find love. Puckett also touches upon the immorality and inhumanness of the top of the aristocratie; how power hungry and entitled so many of them feel; how they are blinded by titles. It is clearly dem [...]

    3. Wow. I didn't know what to expect from this book, since this is the first book of hers that I've read. But I couldn't put it down. These characters are going to be with me forever.

    4. Take one duke who is reluctant to marry and continue his ducal line; add another duke’s daughter whose every social appearance ends in disaster due to her seeming clumsiness. Place both in a quiet corner of the Earl of Braxton’s ballroom where the lady (Jane Blackmore) seeks to shield her ruined gown behind some large potted ferns unaware that she is not alone. She closes her eyes to escape the venue and mentally retreats to the one place she loves above all others – a cottage by the sea. [...]

    5. Hum Where to begin. I enjoyed the story line and the main Heroine. These were the redeeming factors of this book. The writing was ok it just felt to rushed and disjointed almost like parts were missing. Transitions were not smooth and things happened too quickly. It was also very unbelievable. The bad guys just didn't have a good enough reason for what they did. All the other characters were not well developed, even the leading man. This was clean-ish. The Hero referred to body parts and lusted [...]

    6. Amazing!I absolutely love this story, it has it all happiness and sadness done so well. The characters life's aren't a fairy tale they are everyday people who go through the same struggles many people go through. This story draws you in and you can't stop reading. I will probably be reading this story again because of how well it was written!!!

    7. Excerpt: 'Phillip ran a finger down her cheek and whispered, "Where do you go to when you close your eyes?" Jane opened them and stepped away. "Sometimes I just have to run away, but then I open my eyes and here I still am."In the late 1800's a woman was expected to obey her parents and do what society expected of them. Jane manages to resist at every turn what is expected of her when she knows in her heart what she must do to remain true to herself. She meets every challenge with courage and gr [...]

    8. What struck me was the legitimacy the author gave the story’s characters for the time period. We’re shown the struggles and social etiquette of royalty in short, but effective glimpses that help bring the characters to life. I Jane, we’re introduced to a young woman who is similar to Cinderella in many ways with a wicked step-mother and a rival that could easily be an evil step-sister.While Jane struggles to maintain her dignity against the onslaught of bad luck and vindictive socialites a [...]

    9. I love this book! I started it and finished it in one sitting. I just couldn't put it down. When it started I was amused with Jane's character and her hiding behind the ferns. And Philip's teasing her was so sweet. The story went from sweet one moment to how mean the people of the ton could be. Jane's step-mother and father were absolutely horrid. When I become so wrapped up in the people in the book that I laugh with them and cry with them it's has been a wonderful moment in time.

    10. Jane/PhillipI really enjoyed this book. A sweet romance with a great H and h. A truly HEA. Would recommend it to everyone.

    11. A sweet historical romanceRegina Puckett did some homework on this researching traditions no longer practiced (thank the stars). I'm not big on romance but when my longtime friend offered it for a free read, I thought I'd see if it matched her steampunk books, which I'm now a fan of.If you are the type that likes history and romance, you will not be disappointed.

    12. Review of ‘I Close My Eyes’ by Regina PuckettLady Jane Blackmore, attending the Earl of Braxton’s ball, searches for a place to hide, her gown ruined by drink stains, caused by her nemesis, Violet. To her dismay, she discovers she is sharing her hiding place with a very handsome man, save a scar on his face. As they’ve not been properly introduced, Lady Jane is scandalized, and fears for her future on the social scene.The man quickly calls in a mutual friend to arrange for them to proper [...]

    13. I Close My Eyes tells the story of Jane and Phillip. Jane is the only daughter of a Duke, married for over 10 years to Jane's stepmother, who has gone out of her way to make Jane's life as difficult as possible. Her father does nothing to stop this, in fact, he supports her step mother in every way. Phillip had an abusive father who has recently died in 'strange' circumstances, although the gossipmongers of London know exactly who was to blame! These two come together in unusual circumstances, b [...]

    14. A nice period romance. Regina weaves a beautiful tale. It's sort of a Cinderella story with Jane at the center, but the whole hate angle adds new twists and turns to it. One sees how hatred can run so deep that people will go to any length to get what they want. But fate has other things planned for them. All in all a good read.

    15. Five stars!I don't usually give five stars to romances that are not steamy. However, this story was just so sweet, with the characters love for each other. Staying with one another through everything that happens.

    16. WOW !!! An Absolutely Perfect, Breath Stopping, straight to the Heart Read !!!This is One of the RARE FINDS. If your LOOKING for the PERFECT BOOK!!! STOP, RIght Here. YOU'VE FOUND IT !!! Forget, edge of your seat and couldnt put it down!!! They have NOTHING ON THIS BOOK !!! I Loved EVERYTHING about this Book !!! Im Going to LOOK UP more books by this, AUTHOR !!!

    17. “Where do you go to when you close your eyes?”“I Close My Eyes” is a beautifully told romance between two kindred spirits. Even when they have to deal with a spiteful stepmother, an evil father, a crazed stalker, murderous intent, and the worst heartache imaginable, they face each hardship life deals them hand in hand and their love is stronger for facing it together. I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend!

    18. What an unexpectedly brilliant piece that captured me the moment I began reading it. Set in the 1800s England, the story involves a young woman desperately trying to escape from her tormenting family and happens to catch the eye of a nobleman. Puckett's clean, concise and highly descriptive writing and charismatic characters bring to life another world. While I rarely pick up this kind of genre, I found this novella to be compelling and amazingly told. Wonderfully done!

    19. Lady Jane Blackmore is introduced to the reader after she has hidden herself away in a corner of a ballroom and closed her eyes to 'escape' the many mortifying things that plague her when she is out socially. The author had me at that point. What a very young female thing to do close your eyes so no one sees you! Yes it may seem childish but the way the author has presented disasters already in her very recent past, I can fully understand this way of escaping. I may have done so myself in the pa [...]

    20. Bittersweet and Happy-SadThis romance tells the love story of Jane and Phillip. Both have abusive fathers and neither one of them cares for adhering to the strict rules of the era the society they live in. I enjoyed reading it and that's saying a lot because romance novels aren't my favor genre. It was well-written despite a few typos. I loved hating Jane's stepmother and the psychopathic sow, Violet.

    21. Writing style?Many, many, many mistakes. All over the place, really. No infinitive when it was needed, wrong tense, your vs you're, then vs than, no negation when it was needed, wrong name once,Plot?Great. Drama, love, friendship - definitely recommendable.Characters?Loved Jane, liked that she wasn't overly fond of society and that she had her own mind. Didn't like how she judged that French designer. So rude and awful.Other than that, I was pretty fond of this historical romance :D

    22. I enjoyed this romance that is a bit more than your average love story. Lady Jane Blackmore isn't happy with her life, especially her stepmother. She is surprised when she meets Phillip, Duke of Greystone and he has a way to take her away from at least some of her problems, but the last thing she expected was a marriage proposal. The author delves into some interesting characters and their past lives as the Jane and Phillip become husband and wife. As always Regina Puckett delivers a great story [...]

    23. I enjoyed this story of Jane and Phillip's unconventional romance - both have histories they are trying to escape with ticks and quirks that help add depth to their love story. This is a short read in comparison to novel length works but the author moved the story along nicely through a period of time without the reader feeling as if they are missing any of the angst, love or details of the story. Would recommend for the die hard romance reader looking for a sweet and truthful telling of love fr [...]

    24. I'm baffled. I feel as if I somehow ready the outline of a story that had potential to be good. Things generally felt underdeveloped and rushed; things happened suddenly and events jump around without clear delineation of one section having stopped and a new started. There was potential for a potent story here, but the delivery of this left much to be desired.

    25. This story has a little bit of everything —the tortured hero, the heroine who just wants to be loved, the villainous stepmother, and the bully of the ballroom.Read full review in the 2017 September issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    26. I wanted so much to enjoy this. It started off great. Love the heroine, but the storyline is disjointed and confusing at times. I tried very hard to suspend disbelief, but there are too many questions and holes. Missing information. Underdeveloped, I guess would be the word.

    27. Sweet romanceA look at customs a century Ago. And a marriage. Very simple love story. Some obstacles to overcome. I would have liked to have been told we time warped at the end to years down the road

    28. I Close My EyesIt was a good story. There were even a couple places that made me cry, which in my book, is a sign of a successful tale. There were numerous typos & the phrasing was often awkward, even allowing for period speech patterns.

    29. EyesInteresting read. The characters are interesting but need more development. The plot was well done but just a little something missing. Grammar error are the most annoy. Maybe another read from this author will do better.

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