Let Slip the Pups of War: Spot and Smudge - Book Three

Let Slip the Pups of War Spot and Smudge Book Three The exciting conclusion of the Spot and Smudge trilogy This fast paced inventive black witted tale uncovers the riddle of the pups secrets and exposes the terrifying forces behind the accelerator co

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  • Title: Let Slip the Pups of War: Spot and Smudge - Book Three
  • Author: Robert Udulutch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The exciting conclusion of the Spot and Smudge trilogy This fast paced, inventive, black witted tale uncovers the riddle of the pups secrets and exposes the terrifying forces behind the accelerator compound It also brings together the richly drawn characters from the earlier books and a host of intriguing new players, hurling them into a hunt that spans the globe and pThe exciting conclusion of the Spot and Smudge trilogy This fast paced, inventive, black witted tale uncovers the riddle of the pups secrets and exposes the terrifying forces behind the accelerator compound It also brings together the richly drawn characters from the earlier books and a host of intriguing new players, hurling them into a hunt that spans the globe and poses the ultimate test for this cunning family and their amazing pups You two pups would barely be a wee snack for the killers around here Fisho Mwale is a noble, simple farmer A little shake shake beer and a few of his daughter in law s corn biscuits are enough to put a smile on his lined, dark face He and his son Fulfort toil over a patch of rocky dirt in northern Zambia that until recently had provided well for them It s been full drought for going on three years and now they re struggling to keep his young son s wife and children fed The father and son are forced to travel far south to find paying work In the slums of Lusaka they sign on with a pair of animal parts traffickers and are sent to the most prominent, most lucrative, and most dangerous animal preserve in South Africa, as poachers In his youth Fisho had been on hunts, and been hunted He s also seen security men and their dogs up close in the mines, but he s never seen police dogs like the ones at this preserve They aren t like other dogs They don t hunt like other dogs, they don t move like other dogs, and they don t look away when they lock onto you with their too smart stare Fisho soon realizes he and his son are trapped between men they can t trust and these insanely effective hunters and he wonders which will be the end of them first Tian and Harley Tzeng are inseparable cousins who have had each other s backs since primary school They are also members of a lethal family who run the underbelly of Hong Kong and are bent on avenging their fallen Something has gone horribly wrong in the states Both of their mothers and Tian s brother Liko have been taken out by an unknown clan from a small town in Massachusetts Grandfather is sending the boys and the rest of their equally deadly cousins to hunt down the perpetrators and to exact the appropriate payback Backed by unlimited funds and weapons most armies can t get their hands on it appears nothing can stop them nothing but this underestimated little family or perhaps the traitor in the cousins own midst FBI director Douglas Barton doesn t like what he sees Some of his sensitive internal files have gone missing and his own organization is giving his most heinous corporate scumbags a free pass He s been trying to nail the criminal organization behind Orthus but the slick psychopath Semion Mogevich and his deranged daughter Katia are always one step ahead of him Barton hasn t played all of his cards yet, however, and with the Mogevichs turning their attention to Pembury that little family and their special dogs might just be the bait he needs to get the upper hand this time and flush out a rat in the process Praise for the Spot and Smudge Series Addicting and very unique, this is a well written series Mark B Racine Wi Disturbingly fun, intelligently twisted Allison C Boston MA The wrong it got, the I loved it Dave R.

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    1. The Pups Rule!!!Here at the end of all three of these tales, a sense of how the world would be if the proposition of these stories were realized hits pretty hard. Book One started slow and picked up steam, Book Two developed a steady momentum that was nicely realized throughout and left me really wanting to read Book Three. This last was actually three stories in one, the first took a bit long to wind up, the second could have been a bit more in the science department and a bit less in the war d [...]

    2. Funny, witty and terrifying all at once.As I began reading this third book not too far into it yet, i dreamed about Spot and Smudge and their ad ventures in Africa wholly based on the front cover art. So I'm saying that I have been totally engrossed in the story and in love with this family. I have recommended it to a few of my friends already and plan on recommending it to more.The wonderful insights into the dogs minds is remarkable and unexpected but totally believable. The trials these peopl [...]

    3. Great SeriesNot my usual genre, but boy am I glad I read this series. The love from the main family unit was inspiring and the genetically altered dogs just amazing. Read this series! Lots of action, science fiction, and some wonderful characters! I really enjoyed it! The head of the family Jean is called Mimi by her family. It made me look up Mimi, since my only granddaughter decided at age two that was what this grandma was to be called. A big smile on my face wondering if my Great Grandpa was [...]

    4. How bloody dare you! Not only making this sad bird shed a few tears when some random guy turned up at the vets, but then later the same night, whilst being denied sleep (9pmish through to 5am, with a break of two to make a brew) a few more at the den.Although these 3 books did supply so many more smiles.If your a dog lover, you will love these books.If like me, your a crazy cat person, you will love these books.Actually, if you have a love for any none human creatures, you'll love these books.If [...]

    5. Pups of WarThis was the final book in the series of three books about Spot and Smudge. I totally loved the pups and all their adventures with Dan, Alia, Kels, Ben, Mimi, and Hamish. This book takes them all the way to Africa. It was a fantastic book. The only downside was all the all the foreign words I couldn't understand. I kept going from the word to with no luck at the translation. This is the reason I gave it 4 stars. All in all a super book and I would highly recommend this book as well a [...]

    6. Spot and Sumdge are my heroes!I really enjoy animal stories but dislike crying when the bad times come. Although I did tear up a few times i chuckled and lol many more and the action oh the amazing action! Have already encouraged several friends and family to check them. Mr Udulutch you have a very good story,please keep at it. A smiling fan

    7. So much Fun!I saw these books on Facebook and needing a new series, downloaded them all. They are quite fantastic, but I loved the escape to "how cool would it be if my dog could do this"?

    8. Spot and Smudge SeriesI finished the Spot and Smudge series and I have to say that it was one of the most entertaining and engaging series that I have ever read. I truly wish the author would continue with the stories. Kudos!

    9. Please. More! These books about Spot and Smudge are amazing. There has to be at least one more that will tell about the three young pups that were so casually mentioned at the end of this book.

    10. FunThis is an interesting story which is great fun and action packed. It is also hard to put down. A great read anytime if you are looking for a good clean action packed story this Series is for you.

    11. Wonderful books!I was hooked from the first book and couldn't wait to consume all the books. I could hardly stop reading and I hope to read more from this author,especially about the smart pups and the Walker and Hogan families!

    12. Another, pleaseReminds me of “Watcher” meets “Terminator” in canine Spot and Smudge. Please, please bring a feline in. Enjoyed every minute reading. Thank you. I will be adding to my favorite authors list😺

    13. Loved, loved, loved these pupsWow, what an adventure these pups take you o and for all the right reasons. I highly recommend reading this series.

    14. Why did it have to end?Hopefully Robert Udulutch will continue this amazing series with more adventure and exciting action. Again recommend for summer reading or whenever!

    15. Wonderful series.I love the series. The author's writing and story line gets better. I would love to see more books from hom

    16. FantasticI would have given ten stars out of 5 if I could. The series is epic. I would love to know more of the adventures of Spot and Smudge.

    17. Great jobThe three books were well written and my attention. I loved the characters, especially Spot and Smudge . I would love to see more of them.

    18. More please!Don't leave us faithful readers without more adventures with this family! There are lots more bad guys and plenty of places to go, so start writing Mr. Udulutch.

    19. Fantastic!Terrorizing, intriguing, fun, and one heck of a good read!! I am definitely a true blue Spot and Smudge fan. Enjoyed very much. Good Job !!

    20. Love these pupsI am an avid reader of many different genres and feel in love with the pups adventures and families. Kudos on a unique story. Can't wait to read more of your works.

    21. Super fun read!!!!I only have one complaint, who’s the mother, father of the 3 black pups lapping at Mimi’s tea? Is there going to be a 4th book?

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