The Texan Duke

The Texan Duke New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney s third book in her Duke series spins the tale of a reluctant duke who must choose between his life in America and the Scottish woman he s destined to lo

  • Title: The Texan Duke
  • Author: Karen Ranney
  • ISBN: 9780062466945
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook
  • New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney s third book in her Duke series spins the tale of a reluctant duke who must choose between his life in America and the Scottish woman he s destined to love As the ward to the late Duke of Lothian, Elsbeth Carew resides at the ancestral estate of Bealadair Fiercely attached to the manor, she loves it than anyone else WheNew York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney s third book in her Duke series spins the tale of a reluctant duke who must choose between his life in America and the Scottish woman he s destined to love As the ward to the late Duke of Lothian, Elsbeth Carew resides at the ancestral estate of Bealadair Fiercely attached to the manor, she loves it than anyone else When Connor McCraight the new Duke of Lothian arrives, Elsbeth does not quite know what to make of the American who has inherited the title but has never even set foot on Scottish soil The tall, ruggedly handsome Texan sweeps through Bealadair with an air of authority Elsbeth has never encountered.Connor has no intention of making Scotland his home and hopes to sell the estate as soon as possible But his plan is jeopardized when he meets Elsbeth A sweet, gray eyed beauty, she tempts him in ways no other woman has As word spreads of Connor s intention to sell Bealadair, his life is threatened and the only woman who can save him may be the one he has hopelessly lost his heart to.

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    1. This didn't have what I was looking for. The duke sells his Scottish estate and goes back to Texas. The end. What the F ? I HATED this mixing of a cowboy/rancher with a duke/nobleman tale. I didn't enjoy this at all. I honestly thought the new duke would stay in Scotland embrace his new destiny and help the people of his clan. Nope. Around the middle of the novel I realized that this was heading for the ending I didn't want so I skipped to the end and yes, the guy sold his estate and returned wi [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceThe Texan Dukeis the last book in the Duke Trilogy by Karen Ranney and brings together a Scot and a Texan (American). Our hero was born and raised in Texas, around cattle and horses and the west plains of Texas. He loves his life, but when he learns of his father's real roots as a Scot, and that he is now the new Duke of Lothian. He is shocked and appalled by his new responsibilities and that he will have to travel to Scotland, in the winte [...]

    3. This was pretty goodcidedly different than most Duke romances. This time our Duke inherits the title knowing nothing about it because he was raised in Texas. He begrudgingly goes to Scotland with the intent to get rid of the stuff there and go back home. What he doesn't plan on is falling in love.I liked Elsbeth. She was a woman that got things done. Connor was alright. Nothing too terribly fantastic, but not bad. I felt like this was a bit repetitive with him lamenting that he wanted to go home [...]

    4. Where do I begin? Not exactly what I was expecting, but I did enjoy the read. I felt that it fit in to the series just fine. The Texan Duke put its own spin on the Duke Trilogy. I liked both Elsbeth and Connor. I wanted to love Connor, but he came to Scotland with his American attitude and the need to sell. That was not the way to win me over, but it did give me something to look forward to as he began to fall for Bealadair’s inhabitant(s). The danger, mystery, deception, and more drew me in b [...]

    5. Sad to see this great series end but looking forward to what Ms. Ranney will publish in the future!While I personally liked the second title in this series the best, this was still a very solid installment. Dukes are all well and good but sometimes it's nice to meet one that wasn't born a duke. This is what we get with Connor. His reluctance to be duke makes for an enjoyable read and I really, really liked him. I enjoyed the overall plot of this story and watching these two people come together [...]

    6. Connor McCraight is on his way to Bealadair, in the Highlands, in January. The Texan is bored, restless, grumpy, and so cold. Connor hadn’t known about relatives in Scotland, and certainly not that he was now a Duke. His reception at the estate is even colder than the weather: the staff and the Dowager Duchess and her three daughters fear they will be thrown out when THE TEXAN DUKE assumes his title. Connor wants only to sell everything and go back to Texas, although the lovely, and welcoming, [...]

    7. I really liked Connor and Elsbeth's story, even though OMG he waited until the last possible minute to make his big move. (Seriously, dude, what were you thinking???) Still, the story of the ward of the 13th Duke of Lothian and the 14th Duke kept me turning the pages, wondering how they could possibly manage to be together yet each still get what they wanted and take care of the people they cared about. Ms. Ranney did an admirable job of resolving their problems--I'll freely admit that I didn't [...]

    8. The Texan Duke by Karen Ranney  The mass of emotions illicited by The Texan Duke is breathtaking.  With a steady hand and a vivid imagination Ms. Ranney turns chaos into serenity.  The tawdry tale of lust, intrigue, dangerous liaisons and emotional upheaval can turn on a dime.  Connor and Elsbeth are thrust into a world where nothing is what it seems.  As the tension loosens and the links in the chain are exposed, a sweetheart of a romance takes hold and stakes a claim on the most priceless [...]

    9. Not too far into this story of the unexpected and unwilling American heir to a title, I started to make assumptions about the future of the story, the characters, and the inevitable resolution of the angst. I sort of worked my way through the book in a few sittings, and the more I read, the more I realized that I perhaps I DIDN'T in fact know where all this was going and "know" the characters as well as I thought I did. Connor, our unwilling Duke from Texas, has no plans to stay in Scotland any [...]

    10. Connor doesn't want to be a Duke. He wants to visit the estate he inherited and sell it off to help his family at home. Then he meets Elsbeth. Elsbeth was raised by the previous Duke as his ward. Connor is unlike anyone Elsbeth has ever met and she can't stay away from the unique Duke.Connor is a southern gentleman. He treats everyone equally and his care for others will leave a reader swooning. Elsbeth is determined to make her way in the world even if it is working and running a household in t [...]

    11. lovedElsbeth was and wasn't part of the family, yet she tried so hard to please everyone. When Connor comes in the picture and changes everything she doesn't know how to respond or behave.Connor, the Texan, is the new Duke. He doesn't want to be a Duke. He reminds everyone that he is a Texan, no one knows what the heck that is.The chemistry between Connor and Elsbeth is instant, I love instant chemistry. The McCraight family is, I guess typical, very "stuck up". The old Duchess is strict and all [...]

    12. This is a reluctant 3 - the story had real potential and some of it was interesting - but the constant repetition by the hero about how he wanted nothing to do with Scotland, nothing to do with the title he had inherited and how he intended to cash out everything so he could return to Texas became tiresome and boring. How could this person who is so supposedly kind to everyone be so focused on his return to Texas that he proposed selling everything and leaving all his tenants and staff to the me [...]

    13. This book has enough suspense, mystery, folklore and familial relationships however it is sorely lacking romance between the two main characters.There were hardly any kissing scenes and they behaved more like friends instead of lovers. Also this book has other family relationships thrown into the mix. The author could have omitted all of that and given the two main characters more romance time and wrote solely their story instead of adding Sam and Rhona’sstory. Also there were flashbacks from [...]

    14. I enjoyed seeing Connor and Elsbeth's relationship slowly grow into romance. These are two opposites who are drawn to each other - Connor, a Texan who truly loves and can't wait to return to his home and life in Texas, and Elsbeth, a Scot who is dedicated to the McCraight ancestral home and the people who live there. This dichotomy seems insoluble and is a recurrent theme throughout The Texan Duke. Add to this an attempted murder mystery and a secondary romance and the book is a very fast read. [...]

    15. Conner inherits a Dukedom in Scotland which he never new he had family or that his father was from there and he was a twin. Elsbeth had lived as a ward of the 13th Duke since she was 8 years old. When they find out the new 14th Duke is from America a Texan and they are worried on what he might due. When someone shoots Conner, he and Elsbeth believes he’s being targeted for selling the Scottish Estate. A wonderful book where it seems it took him coming across the ocean to find love with a wee S [...]

    16. I enjoyed this one. It was a good read. Pretty sure you can read it stand alone from the others in the series as the only thing that connects them is that hero is a Duke. Connor a very reluctant one. I enjoyed learning about Elsbeth more than anything. She's a very strong woman

    17. A decent story with an interesting mystery. Writing was a little thin at the beginning. Maybe I just got used to it, but it did cost a star!

    18. This was a big fat waste of time. The characters, plot and writing all lacked depth. In fact, this, my review, is more exciting than any chapter of this book.

    19. The is one of Karen's best books yet. Love the characters, kept me entertained and looking forward to the next page. Hope to see more of these people in her next book in this series.

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