The Abuse of Ashley Collins

The Abuse of Ashley Collins Ashley Collins a sixteen year old girl has severe behavior issues She regularly fights with her parents Logan and Jane When the fights become personal and physical Logan and Jane decide to take ma

  • Title: The Abuse of Ashley Collins
  • Author: Jon Athan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ashley Collins, a sixteen year old girl, has severe behavior issues She regularly fights with her parents, Logan and Jane When the fights become personal and physical, Logan and Jane decide to take matters into their own hands They chain their daughter in the basement and abuse her in an attempt to rescue her from her bad behavior while delving into their own deviancAshley Collins, a sixteen year old girl, has severe behavior issues She regularly fights with her parents, Logan and Jane When the fights become personal and physical, Logan and Jane decide to take matters into their own hands They chain their daughter in the basement and abuse her in an attempt to rescue her from her bad behavior while delving into their own deviance and depravity This is a story of family and abuse This is a story of violence and discipline This is the abuse of Ashley Collins Jon Athan, author of A Family of Violence, brings you an uncompromising vision of human horror Can the cycle of abuse be broken WARNING This book contains scenes of graphic violence, including violence towards children This book is about abuse verbal, physical, and emotional This book does not feature any explicit sex scenes, but it does discuss sexual abuse This book is not intended for those easily offended or appalled.

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    1. The Abuse of Ashley Collins is not a true story – but it very well could be. Watching the decreasing sanity, and the elevating brutality of Ashley’s parents demonstrates just how fast situations can escalate. One little poke at the wrong moment, and all control is lost – you can’t come back from certain things.Full review posted HEREI don’t know why I ever chose to torture myself and willingly read A A Child Called "It", but Dave Pelzer broke something inside me – I haven’t been ri [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsThis story is exactly what you can expect from the title. It is difficult to read at times because of the brutality and, even though I'm not a sensitive reader, it turned my stomach in places.The writer's approach to the story was clever.Something niggled at the back of my mind throughout the story, thoughmething just didn't feel right. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate what I had read.Was it the idea that family could do something so vile and evil to another?Unfortunately, the [...]

    3. I love discovering new horror authors and blind buying books. I can honestly say I am pleased The Abuse of Ashley Collins was my choice this month.It took me a while to get into the book. While reading, I could not help but be frustrated. Due to the fact it reminded me so much of Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door. The author does manage to stray from that familiar plot and make a story that's his own. The only weak part of the story was when it came to describing character emotions. At times the [...]

    4. Another Good Book I really enjoyed this book. The story line was a unique twist regarding parents who don't know how to raise their children and remain in control of the family home without resorting back to the cycle of violence that they themselves had been raised with. My only issue with the story line was how the younger son was portrayed with abnormally high levels of extremely deviant behaviours with no explanation of how or why these deviancies developed. That part of the story just didn' [...]

    5. The worst abuse everOk let start off by saying that this father took trying to teach his a daughter a lesson to a whole another level. Also I do believe in spanking a child but this was something entirely different. Generation abuse is entirely different. I don't feel abused even tho my mom hit me with the belt her show and an extension cord, she pulled my hair sometimes to. But I leaned right from wrong from an early age. As a parent myself, I spank my kids. Even tho it was never with an type o [...]

    6. WowI honestly don't know how I got through this entire book. Morbid curiosity? The hell this teenage girl endures at the hands of her own parents is horrific and hard to read. I just kept thinking that I could NEVER endure seeing my children in any kind of pain left spine being the one to cause it. It is also shows that there is a darkness lurking in some of us and once it's tapped intoere's no going back. Despite the content, it was a good bread. I live that Ashley got the opportunity to exact [...]

    7. 3 Stars!!!!This book was really disturbing but I just had to keep reading to find out what happened to Ashley and her family at the end. To the author Jon Athan, i would definitely like to read more books by you but maybe you can write something less disturbing. At times, i did want to stop reading but i couldn't stop thinking about Ashley. I just had to know what happened to her at the end of the book. I give this book 3 stars!!!

    8. Gripped me from the beginningI really enjoyed this book. You start out on the parents side, their daughter is a 16 year old belligerent, mouthy, and disrespectful teenager. The parents are at their wits endwhat to do to rein in their daughter?? How do they teach her to listen respectfully, to quit her "bad habits" ? I'm the middle you change sides. Did the parents go too far? Did their power to to their heads? What will happen. Revenge is sweet

    9. As disturbing as interesting5 stars for this truly disturbing trip into the darker parts of human souls. The writings of Jon Athan is like a straight line which you eagerly follow as a reader with nothing off-handed and unclear. I really enjoyed it. It's my second book yet and I would love to read more from the author in the nearest future.

    10. It make you think. I'm not one to write a review, but this one make you think. I was hit as kid not out of anger, but for doing stupid things. Now as an adult I talk to my kids about everything. I tell them yes I'm going to get mad and yell, but there is nothing we can't work though. This is a good book to see both sides of the story.

    11. I got this as a horror book to read over October. My my my, did I get a horror! Properly made my toes curl in places and hand over my mouth in shock. I took the time to read the authors blurb at the end and seeing why this was kind of a passion project is very interesting. Not for the faint hearted, but worth a read if you’re curious.

    12. Shocking, but I couldn't put it down!Keep at it, Jon. My opinion? Very good writing, very dark indeed, but that is why we read horror.My next read will be Mason's Television. I find "human horror" far more frightening than theSupernatural. Thank you

    13. This was as twisted and disturbing as the other 2 books I've read from this author. I've cringed numerous times while reading it, and though I want to stop, because it's so sickening, I keep going. Just like I have when I've read Stephen King novels. Good job

    14. Hard ReadI've read a few by this author and this was probably the most difficult. The scenario in the book is too real, easy to relate to. Recommended

    15. Pretty good. not a great ending.It was getting really good but boom, rushed into the ending? Just felt rushed. Still worth the short read. Gonna read more.

    16. WowThis author is slowly becoming my favourite. This story is scary at times, but please read until the end. It maybe off putting to some people, but is well worth the read.

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