Royally Ruined

Royally Ruined Sinful passion and delicious danger await in the second installment of USA Today bestselling author Nora Flite s Bad Boy Royals series Scotch never runs from difficult situations That is until she re

  • Title: Royally Ruined
  • Author: Nora Flite
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sinful passion and delicious danger await in the second installment of USA Today bestselling author Nora Flite s Bad Boy Royals series Scotch never runs from difficult situations That is, until she rescues her bestie from a violent Mafia member Now Scotch is running for her life The only thing standing between her and certain death The most dangerous man in the crimiSinful passion and delicious danger await in the second installment of USA Today bestselling author Nora Flite s Bad Boy Royals series.Scotch never runs from difficult situations That is, until she rescues her bestie from a violent Mafia member Now Scotch is running for her life The only thing standing between her and certain death The most dangerous man in the criminal underworld and one of the sexiest But just when Scotch thought she could keep her hands out of trouble, they end up all over Costello Badd s hot, hard, tattooed body Once upon a time, Costello s blue blood might have ruled a nation Instead, he is heir to one of the criminal underworld s most lethal families Now he s risking his life and betraying his clan for one sexy, resourceful waitress with a penchant for all the wrong kinds of trouble No matter how badly Costello wants Scotch, he can never make her his Ever.A deliciously hot little hookup is one thing but falling in love could ruin both of them royally.

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    1. After reading Royally Bad, I didn’t wait too long to dive into Royally Ruined to discover what secrets Costello was harbouring. Scarred, tattooed and heir to the Badd dynasty, this is one man who is seriously misunderstood. Darker and grittier than the first book but just as sexy, we’re brought a story that answers some of the questions previously raised and keeps you on your toes with a couple of nice unexpected twists thrown in along the way as Costello and Scotch end up on the run togethe [...]

    2. Royally Ruined Bad Boy Royals #2Nora Flite4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This series is def not your typical royalty romance. This family is more mobster than royalty. This one def kept you on the edge of your seat. There was danger lurking everywhere during this one. You never knew what was gonna happen next. Can’t wait for Book 3 to be released so I can get some more of the Badd Family. Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

    3. 3.5Some details were needed from part 1. It was still a good book.This review is based on the ARC I received from the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

    4. For me Costello was my favorite Badd brother something about him just pulled me, he just made me curious how he was how he got to be where he was, all that jazz Yep, his book ended with me in tears, not that something terrible happened but the point being that Costello was just a normal guy deep down who wanted to be loved, respected, appreciated, and he found that HEA. He so deserved it! The last few sentences of this book are just pure (not sure what word to use?) but they just say it all, t [...]

    5. Royally Ruined was the second installment in the Bad Boy Royals series featuring Costello and Scotch. I enjoyed this story, especially Costello and Scotch's chemistry and his bad boy broody persona. I honestly could not get enough!When waitress Scotch discovers her bestfriend is in danger at the hands of a well-known gang member, she does what any bestfriend would do - risk her own safety and life to protect her friend. But when this unknowingly puts a target on her back, Costello Badd, the olde [...]

    6. I was totally engulfed in this author's world as I read this second installment of the Bad Boy Royals - Royally Ruined. Completely addicting from the start, I rapidly left reality for the afternoon to joyfully lust over Costello. I loved the family dynamic of the Badd's. You never knew what to expect and the author did a fantastic job with the journey of Royally Ruined. This story was not the average HEA or family drama! Royally Ruined would require it's own category - packed with heat, passion, [...]

    7. An intriguing suspenseful read full of humour, angst and action. Such a hot sexy read, guaranteed to hook you right from the start! Costello and Scotch are an explosive match up, the chemistry off the charts. Overall a great read, definitely recommend reading Royally Bad first! Looking forward to reading more of this series!

    8. I don't know what's better than a mafia romance - well, nothing. I honestly couldn't put this book down - which trust me it gets really annoying carrying around a kindle or my laptop everywhere with me. Yes, this was a Kindle book and I have no regrets about it whatsoever.I loved everything about this book and the Badd family. I can't even pick a favorite brother right now because these books just keep getting so freaking good.While reading this book I was definitely rooting for Costello and Sco [...]

    9. Royally Ruined is the 2nd book in the Bad Boy Royals series. Costello is the dangerous older brother who is broody, moody , strong and lethal. Costello is the oldest who had been taught from day one that he was the next in line for the "throne" so he made sure to learn all he needed to for his duties but when he was 19, some bad things happened to his sister which wasn’t his fault. He was blamed anyway and that caused major discord in the family Scotch/ Heather was a waitress at the adult club [...]

    10. Royally Ruined has some a different tone to the story and characters from the previous book, that it did a great job of keeping it separate while still remaining part of the series. Nora Flite did a magnificent job of writing Costello and Scotch’s story as a complete standalone from Royally Bad, that even if I hadn’t already read it I would’ve have needed to. Everything I needed to know about them was included in this book and I had no need to stop and go back to the first book for any ref [...]

    11. Royally Ruined was a sexy, edgy, suspenseful story that I could not put down. Nora Flite is a master storyteller, one who blends action, angst, humor, and sizzling hot chemistry to create a story that is absolutely riveting. "My world had become more solid. More real. I'd found a purpose in keeping her safe, and then she'd filled the hollow parts inside me with her perfect existence."I loved the first book in this series and was so excited to get Costello's story. The brooding, dangerous, oldest [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review.Okay, let's suspend belief that royalty has any reason to start a mafia. Also, let's get past the phrase Bad Boy because the book was better than that over-used phrase. Also, YEAH! Being a royal was part of this one's plot! This book, while it was a rollercoaster and adventure, had an undertone of sweet. Costello was dangerous but very protective. I did like him a lot, far more than I expected to after the first book. He's got [...]

    13. I freaking loved this book. You get a glimpse of Costello in Royally Bad and he was quite the brooding mysterious bad boy. Costello is the oldest and the first born son and he had been taught since day one that he was the next in line for the "throne" and that he needed to learn everything he could. Well, some bad stuff went down when he was 19 and his sister Lula begged him to tell their father or go the police but that is NOT how Costello was raised, so he took the blame for Lula getting hurt [...]

    14. Royally Ruined is a book that could easily be made into an action packed movie and be a summer blockbuster.This 5 star book has action, suspense, betrayal and a love that breaks through social boundaries.It basically has it all.One minute I was laughing out loud and the next my heart was breaking for their story.This book is a fantastic read and one of my favourites from Nora Flite.She definitely knows how to keep her readers engaged with this storyline.It is very addictive and once you start re [...]

    15. LOVED this book!!!! Scotch has been a cocktail waitress at the strip club owned by Costello's family for eight years. She followed her best friend there - Gina, who is a dancer. While Scotch knows of the Badd family and who they are, she doesn't really know them. Then she is thrown into a horrible situation while trying to save Gina's life.Costello doesn't think, he just acts to protects Scotch and helps her escape. Before long, she's pretending to be his girlfriend. Soon the lines become very b [...]

    16. I didn’t care what way I went. As long as it was down. With him.Royally Ruined is book two in Nora Flite’s Bad Boy Royals series. Royals, mafia bad boys, and plenty of drama make this a knockout of a novel!Scotch gets herself into quite a situation when she protects her friend one night. To keep safe, she lets Costello Badd whisk her away to safety. But how safe can she be under Costello’s quiet intensity? Especially as enemies close in around them.The plot is shot straight out of a cannon [...]

    17. ************some spoilers ahead**************I loved Costello and Scotch. This was such a fantastic read. This story pulled me in from the first page and kept me enthralled until the end. Two characters on opposite sides, both wanting to stay to themselves but an unfortunate event leads to both being brought together, and attempting to fight their attraction to one another. When the story starts out Scotch, much to her dismay, comes up close and personal with Costello. Already perturbed by Coste [...]

    18. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. What a great second book in the series. I was so glad to see that Costello got his own story. We first meet him briefly in the first book Royally Bad about the youngest brother, Kain and Sammy the woman he falls for. In this new book you get to see what makes Costello tick. How he loves his family and will do anything to protect them including taking the blame when someone else is does something that could bring harm to the family. Scotch is a woman wh [...]

    19. I normally don't read mob/gang type books but I picked this one on a whim and I'm glad I did. It wasn't your typically mob story focused on various crimes and family members. WellI suppose it was focused on that, but with equal focus on romance and chemistry.Talk about being in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Scotch gets screwed when she tries to help her best friend out of a life threatening situation. She ends up on the run with a man she barely knows who is the only person she trusts to pro [...]

    20. I loved this story! Costello is dark, brooding, sexy as hell, and dangerous. Scotch is hilarious, independant, sassy, and strong. These two together are insanely hot, but with the danger they are both in they don't think they'll get their happy ending. I will say it took a few chapters to really get to the good parts, but I hung in there because I know it was only going to get better. And I was right! This story had my gripping my iPad wanting to know what happened next and how this would all pl [...]

    21. 4*Costello meets scotch after patting her down & checking for listening wires.Scotch why did my body hum from been patted down by the shadow Costello.After walking in on a member of another gang strangling her best friend Gina things turn worse & she's forced to flee but help comes in an unlikely form.These are all standalone & have true endings. As with any series other characters from previous books do get mentioned.Another great book I loved Kain & Sammi's book in Royally Bad [...]

    22. Being Mafia royalty is the only life Costello Badd has ever known. Loyalty to the family is everything. Or it was until Scotch rams into his life. Trying to help her best friend Scotch finds herself in more trouble than she can handle and Costello seems to be the only one who can help her. Can she trust him? After all it would mean him going against the family he holds so dear. Costello knows what he's risking but helping Scotch is something he has to do no mater the cost.I loved this book. Thes [...]

    23. All reader making sure you suspend belief while you read this story. The romance is cheesy and very cliche with the bad boy Mafia ties to being part of a royal family and a girl who is a bar tender who is feisty and protective. Oh and if readers didn't see the twist coming you had to be blind because it was obvious.Costello would be the bad guy but really isn't just a big old softy which didn't match all the crimes he was to have supposed to have committed. Scotch was feisty but she was also a b [...]

    24. I voluntarily read and reviewed and Advanced Reader's Copy of this book. Royally Bad is quite eventful in that there's danger in the air from the start. Castello is totally captivated and caught off-guard by Scotch (Heather), the other events of the night spin of a chain reaction of a past event for which Castello has never forgiven himself for his sister's injuries. The threats against the Badd family goes very deep, into their royal heritage and claims that can be met by the descendants Wow, N [...]

    25. Royally Ruined was a edgy, sexy, passionate story that I could not put down. Nora Flite is a amazing storyteller, one who blends action, humor, and hot chemistry between the main characters to create a story that is absolutely magnifysent.his is my fourt book I have read by this author, and I truly enjoyed this book. Who doesn't love a good Mafia story! The story revolves around the oldest son of the Badd family, Costello and the girl he meets at his club, Scotch. The book is amazing.When I star [...]

    26. This is my second book I have read by this author, and I truly enjoyed this book. Who doesn't love a good Mafia story! The story revolves around the oldest son of the Badd family, Costello and the girl he meets at his club, Scotch. From the moment they met there was scorching chemistry. When Scotch gets in trouble with a rival family, Costello is there to keep her safe. And while on the run, their relationship blooms. If you want to find out what happens, read this book. You won't be disappointe [...]

    27. Royally Ruined Nora FliteExtremely grateful to get a copy of this book from NetGalley.It was a bit different from the first book in the series and a lot less dark. The characters are still amazing and you get very invested in the story. It tied well with the first book in the series. I WANT MORE please. Nora flite one of my new favorites. LOVED this book. Costello is so swoon worthy and mysterious.

    28. Really good! Costello is hot! I was glued to my kindle with this! What is it about a scarred and handsome dominant male that really gets you! This man definitely makes you want to crack his armor and see what is beneath! Sometimes the hero was a bit too cold and the heroine was a bit annoying but other than that, it was great. I read the first book in this series and I liked this one but not as much as the first. I did really enjoy it though. I certainly recommend it and I can't wait for more!

    29. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of this book.I have waited so long for this book as the sequel to Royally Bad and boy I was not disappointed! I was expecting a lot darker story line as the build up to the character of Costello was that he was a dark character, however Nora made him so human and totally lovable. I don't want to spoil the plot, but I really enjoyed the mysteries from Royally Bad being explained and the tie in of detective stapler. I really hope there will be more stories abo [...]

    30. I just love Costello. He may pretend to be this tough guy who doesn’t give a shit about anything but he is such a softy on the inside and is more compassionate than any of his brothers. He may feel more and the insults that are always directed at him by his family might cut deeper then anything could ever do but he will always be a badass when it comes to protect those he loves. A must read!

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