Drama City

Drama City Lorenzo Brown just wants to stay straight After eight years in prison on a drug charge he s come uptown back to the Washington DC neighborhood where he grew up where his old cohorts still work thei

  • Title: Drama City
  • Author: George P. Pelecanos
  • ISBN: 9780316608213
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lorenzo Brown just wants to stay straight After eight years in prison on a drug charge, he s come uptown back to the Washington, DC neighborhood where he grew up, where his old cohorts still work their corners and their angles, trying to get ahead and stay alive But Lorenzo s had enough of the life Now he has a job as a Humane Society officer, policing animal abusersLorenzo Brown just wants to stay straight After eight years in prison on a drug charge, he s come uptown back to the Washington, DC neighborhood where he grew up, where his old cohorts still work their corners and their angles, trying to get ahead and stay alive But Lorenzo s had enough of the life Now he has a job as a Humane Society officer, policing animal abusers and protecting the abused In the dangerous streets he used to menace, Lorenzo plays a part in maintain ing order and it s a role reversal some of his former friends don t appreciate Rachel Lopez, Lorenzo s parole officer, tries to help him, even as she battles her own demons and excesses Trying to stay one step ahead of her troubled past is a daily struggle It looks like they both might make it, until a malevolent young killer, working for the powerful local drug boss, changes everything with one violent act Now Lorenzo finds himself caught between the light and dark sides of the street, struggling to stay legit or throw everything away to exact revenge.

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    1. Lorenzo Brown, dog catcher and ex-con, struggles to keep from falling back into his old ways, while his parole officer, Rachel Lopez, has some problems of her own. What will happen when two drug factions get into a dispute and Brown and Lopez find themselves caught in the crossfire?Drama City is a throwback to George Pelecanos DC Quartet. While it's a crime book, it's also a story of life in Washington, DC. In this case, it's the story of a black man trying not to fall back into a life of dealin [...]

    2. DRAMA CITYPiacevole sorpresa Pelecanos.Lo si incrocia in quei contesti e ambiti, e premi, che includono nomi come Winslow e Jefferson Parker, per citare mie letture recenti: ma Pelecanos mi ha colpito, e sorpreso, gli altri due non altrettanto.”Suspect-Presunto colpevole” un film del 1987 diretto da Peter Yates ambientato a Washington. Qui la protagonista Cher, e un coprotagonista, Dennis Quaid: per entrambi era il periodo più fulgido della carriera da attore.Ho letto che ambienta tutte le [...]

    3. A high three stars. I couldn't bring myself to give this four stars. I think I've been giving out too many four stars lately, so this one gets a three. It's kind of like life in the game, sometimes shit just doesn't go your way. Like the streets the book reviewing game has its victims. The book is enjoyable. There are only some many times I can make The Wire references about Pelecanos, or maybe I've only made one reference in the past, but it still seems too much to repeat myself. But reading Pe [...]

    4. This is another excellent novel from George Pelecanos who demonstrates once again that he knows the seamier side of Washington, D.C. inside and out and can portray it better than anyone else. Even better are the characters who populate this novel--some good, some bad, some still making up their minds, but virtually all of them struggling in one way or another.The main protagonist, Lorenzo Brown, once ran with a rough gang headed by his best boyhood friend. But after serving eight years in prison [...]

    5. While a familiar man walks his familiar dog by a familiar sign at the beginning of this book, it isn't about any recurring characters, which actually happens to be quite refreshing. I like Derek Strange & all that, but Lorenzo Brown can more than hang on his own without any help from more familiar D.C. guys. There are all the usual suspects of the drug trade; the murderous boss, the less murderous boss, the scary psycho teenager with the dead eyes, the Most Promising Young Guy who will undou [...]

    6. The book Drama City is an aberration for George Pelecanos. One of the two main characters is actually a woman! Having a woman as a main player is almost unheard of for Pelecanos. Now we just have to see if there is any character development of Parole Officer Rachel Lopez. And what do you think? Are we going to find out some about her more than her body type and what she drinks! Eureka, yes we are! But, like I say, an aberration. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can. Hello, Rachel, good to kno [...]

    7. There is something about a Pelecanos book that is like sitting in a classroom, making dreamy eyes at your favorite professor as he lectures about your favorite topic while you wear your favorite clothes on your favorite day of the best year of your life.Not that Pelecanos is expository. Or dry. Or anything remotely like listening to a lecture, in the slightest.But reading him, I learn. I learn so much about Washington, DC. About people. About crime and violence and struggling and living.Drama Ci [...]

    8. A fast read. Be warned though, this book does have some unflinchingly brutal dog-fight passages, and that kind of thing can be a lotta no fun. But luckily Pelecanos takes some satisfying shots at the culture, calling out posers who think of a scary dog as a status symbol, as well as the idiotic ‘90s dog fighting boom, where everyone who wasn’t fighting a pit bull certainly wanted you to think they were. In fact, even though this book was published in 2005, it feels very grounded in the ‘90 [...]

    9. I quite enjoyed this story of a criminal trying to stay straight and getting caught up with characters from his past; the characters are well drawn and the novel is very atmospheric. However I felt the climax was an anti-climax. Without giving anything away I was expecting more of a showdown, which didn't happen, and the book ended on a more positive note than I expected.

    10. “The more you walk this road, the longer the road seems to be.”I’m not entirely sure how George Pelecanos does it. Drama City is yet another example of the man’s brilliance. He tells a huge number of stories all at once by weaving together the lives of the main players with those of the supporting cast and still manages to drive forward a central theme that never lets on about where it’s going until things reach their climax.Lorenzo Brown is a dog man. It’s where he’s ended up afte [...]

    11. Lorenzo Brown is an ex-convict who is determined to lead a normal, morally righteous life. He is employed as a Humane Society officer for the city, determined to protect abused animals and bring some sort of justice to those that cannot defend themselves. Throughout all this, he has to stop himself from getting involved with the old street life. At work he is employed alongside Mark, who is a humorous and supportive character. The trials he goes through as a Humane Officer are intriguing and dep [...]

    12. I was late to The Wire, only watching the first three seasons (actually, in full disclosure, I've still still to watch the last two season three episodes) over the last few months. But I'd heard of this Pelecanos guy because of his connection to the show, and my library has half a dozen of his novels at the ready every time I pass the Ps. I wanted something lighter and noir-ish but the cover design reminded me of the kind of shit my dad read (e.g. Tom Clancy), and I hate both that shit and my da [...]

    13. Anyone who has watched that great tv series, THE WIRE, will like this "hardboiled" crime fiction by the same writer who worked on the series.It has the same location (Washington and Baltimore slums) with the same theme - individuals who try to escape from this area of drugs, crime, and misery; some make it, and others don't - it's often a matter of luck whether one succeeds or fails. Strangely, I thought this issue of "redemption" (people struggling against immense odds in this bleak environment [...]

    14. If you like the idea of an extra season of The Wire that's about parole officers and ex-cons working for the Humane Society, then this is the book for you. And if you don't, what's wrong with you? Drama City is much slighter than a season of anything - almost all the novel takes place over the course of 48 hours - but Pelecanos has a superb ear for dialogue and the plot doesn't go where you expect. This would have five stars if I wasn't a little unsure about the book's gender politics.

    15. I love this book. I thought it had very believable characters, a reasonable plot and it kept me glued to the page. I read well into the night Because I couldn't put it down. It only took me a night or two to read it, because the pot moved very quickly. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fast-paced book.Bonus points if you like animals and HBO's "The Wire".

    16. I've read several George Pelecanos books. This one was okay but not my favorite. The dialogue was good but slow at times. The second half was better than the first.

    17. I'm on a Pelecanos binge at the moment, he really is the man when it comes to this style of crime fiction.

    18. You can't ask for much more from a 289-page book. The characters are so well painted and their dialogue is so real that you can picture the scenes of DRAMA CITY in your mind like you were watching one the many fine episodes George Pelecanos wrote for THE WIRE.This book is perfectly paced with pages and short chapters that zoom by. Pelecanos has a lot to say about the people that make up the toughest parts of Washington DC. He's also got a lot to say about redemption and how difficult it is to mo [...]

    19. Disclaimer: Over the last few weeks I've become a fanboy of George Pelecanos. This is his 5th book that I've read in the last 3 weeks or so. All have been terrific.That being said, this one is my favorite so far. Couldn't stop reading, couldn't sleep before finishing it. Anything more would be too spoilerish for my tastes. He is a real national treasure.

    20. There is a quietness to this one that I really enjoyed. Pelecanos novels are really always more about the characters than the crime, but this one is especially so. Specifically how these people's relationships are filtered and informed through and by Washington.

    21. Una de esas lecturas que no requieren mención alguna, ni ser tan cabrón como para recomendarla a nadie. Mas de un tercio de la novela sin que pase absolutamente nada, ni vislumbremos que algo pueda ocurrir. A ver como digo esto sin que se me ofenda el tal Pelecanos, ¡Menudo truño!!

    22. seemed promising at the outset but characters can't really drive the plot. or maybe it's taking too much time for things to happen to them. and i am impatient!!

    23. Drama City by George Pelecanos is an absorbing crime novel because it focuses more on intricacies of character than it does on crime itself. Beyond that, it shines a bright light on two protagonists who are in the struggling phase of crime-blemished life where, from the beginning, one senses they may have an opportunity for modest redemption.The lack of strut, the accurate rendering of drug-dealers’ street-wise speech, the way Pelecanos begins the novel focusing on Lorenzo Brown, an animal pro [...]

    24. The real test of an author's skill is sometimes to be found not in an unusually conceived work, but in his or her ability to create a consuming tale out of what, in outline form, might sound like an all-too-familiar or mundane plot line.In another novelist's hands, for instance, Drama City might have been a perfectly serviceable but regrettably unmemorable story of redemption and revenge set in the grittier districts of Washington, D.C. But with George Pelecanos at the reins, it becomes a poigna [...]

    25. Hij was het ook al ervoor, maar zeker sinds de Quinn/Strange-trilogie Right As Rain, Hell To Pay en Soul Circus, en het verwante Hard Revolution (een geweldig boek!), mag Pelecanos beschouwd worden als de chroniqueur van Washington, DC, ook bekend als ‘Capital City’, ‘Murder City’ of hier: Drama City (2005). Door een van de hoofdpersonages die bijnaam uit te laten spreken speelt Pelecanos eigenlijk een dubbel spelletje. Het gaat immers niet enkel om de setting als cruciale motor in een k [...]

    26. Wow, what a great book. It has been a while since I found myself slowing down as I moved towards the end of a book, not wanting the narrative to end. "Drama City" is that kind of a book. I had been reading Pelecanos' early stuff in order, but wanted an audio book, so I tried this later work. There is a real difference in style and it is easy to see how Pelecanos has matured and gained poise as a writer.The main character of this book is Lorenzo Brown, an ex-con turned animal protection officer. [...]

    27. Okay, I'm probably not going to say a lot about this book because I don't think there's a lot I can say. I can't say whether or not it's the truth about urban D.C. or whether it's just a far-fetched and offensive stereo-type. But from all I've heard about the drug problems over there, and the way a lot of people live this book probably hits very close to home for many.But the book was good, which surprised me. I was hooked into it. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it, because when read [...]

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