To the Falls

To the Falls Kaliah Kali Atwater is awaiting two things finishing sopho year in college and her upcoming twentieth birthday The day before Kali s birthday she finds out that the dream she s had every night for a

  • Title: To the Falls
  • Author: HeatherRenee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kaliah Kali Atwater is awaiting two things, finishing sopho year in college and her upcoming twentieth birthday The day before Kali s birthday, she finds out that the dream she s had every night for almost a year of a beautiful land, isn t a fantasy at all It s her birth place Every twenty years a new generation of Guardians return to Arvata to bring life back toKaliah Kali Atwater is awaiting two things, finishing sopho year in college and her upcoming twentieth birthday The day before Kali s birthday, she finds out that the dream she s had every night for almost a year of a beautiful land, isn t a fantasy at all It s her birth place Every twenty years a new generation of Guardians return to Arvata to bring life back to their world and renew the magic of the Falls Now it s Kali s turn, but dark magic has made its way into her new home preventing the Falls from replenishing Kali must accept the role assigned to her by the Fates or let Arvata crumble Can she and her friends save Arvata in time Will new love make her stronger Or will the darkness finally win Only the Fates know for sure

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    1. I am still new to reading so-called epic fantasy and I'm still not sure that this is a genre that I really love. So much of it seems way too contrived, even for a fantasy.This was a good book, but not a great book. Too much of it was just too easy. For example, girl travels to a place she didn't know existed only to instantly meet her soul mate. How does she know he is her soul mate? Why, because his eyes change color, of course!Her parents and her best friend have all lied to Kali throughout he [...]

    2. To The Falls is an Epic Adventure! Heather Renee has brought to life a Breathtaking Fresh Fantasy World Full of Sizzling romance, magic, thrills, mystery, humor and Characters U will fall in love with!Kali is a Beautiful Fierce N sassy Heroine I want her as my BFF! Lucas aka "Lushes Lucas" is absolutely Swoon worthy sweet N funny! And Jordan is a Fun feisty fashionista and true BF!This is an exhilarating must read I was under it's spell from start to finish CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HER FIRST BOOK!5 [...]

    3. This was a great book from first time author Heather Renee. I could not put it down and devoured it in just a couple hours. I look forward to what comes next from her! You don't want to miss out on her work!

    4. Wow! I absolutely loved this book!!! Meeting Kali was awesome, and then meeting everyone else just made it so much better. The book started quick, and just kept getting better. You fall in love with everyone you meet. I had a great time getting to know everyone, and can't wait to read the next one!!!

    5. Title: To the Falls.Genre: FantasyFun. Magical. Feel Good.Normal College student Kali turns twenty and finds out she's not that normal after all.She finds out that she is actually a Guardian, from another world, and that the dreams she has been having for the past year have been preparing her for the new world. Her best friend, Jordon, is also a Guardian and her protecter. Which makes it easier for her to adjust. She meets the lovely Lucas, her soulmate, and feels an instant connection with him. [...]

    6. Well took me long enough but I finally finished this masterpiece, Abram you went and messed up boy! That was a beautiful ending tho

    7. Amazing!!A great debut novel by Heather Renee!! Looking forward to many new and great things from this amazingly fantastic person!!

    8. Absolutely love the cover for this novel! The world the author has created is quite interesting. It's sort of a mix between Harry Potter and Narnia with more romance, magic with worlds beyond our own. I don't want to spoil too much or go into detail so all I'll say it will be interesting to see what happens next.

    9. Kali has just finished her sophomore year of college when her life turns upside-down. The strange dream she's been having was actually supposed to be a sign pointing to another world, one that she's originally from, and she's inherited the duty to protect the passages between worlds. But someone doesn't want her stepping into her destiny . . . I probably shouldn't have finished this, but it started well, so I kept going in the hopes it would turn itself around at least a little by the end.The be [...]

    10. This is a wonderful debut novel by Heather Renee! This book has everything. Romance, friendship, magic, journeys, otherworldly lands, magical animals, dark powers, great being, and so much more! This book packed with wonderful writing as well as beautifully built worlds. heather, as a debut author packs a punch with her skills. This book is amazing and I need her to write faster so I can have book 2. I fell in love with Kali and Jordan's close friendship and how much they were like me and my bes [...]

    11. To the Falls was a book that I didn't want to stop reading. It was well written with characters that I really liked. The story line kept me interested from beginning to end.Kaliah or Kali as everyone calls her is a college student with a fun, crazy and loveable best friend, Jordan. Right before her 20th birthday everything changes for Kali. She finds out that she is a guardian from a place called Arvata. When she returns there with Jordan and her family she is not sure she wants to stay. She mis [...]

    12. I can't exactly pinpoint why I disliked this so immensely, but the writing style annoyed me from the get go. I tried putting it down and coming back into it, which helped a little, but alas I called it quits at 55%, which I basically never do. My DNF shelf has now made it to a dozen. I will say my mood probably had a little to do with it- other times I might have forced myself to finish. Maybe that would have made it two stars, but I can't rate something I couldn't bring myself to finish more th [...]

    13. It was a very good read, I actually enjoyed that it was fast paced. Though the main character was not my fave, I found Jordon was my fave ( A great plus was that she got married on my son's and mine Birthday) Cancer love. 😘 Kali was just I don't know to plain for me,and at times instead of acting like a twenty year old, she acted more like she was 16 or 17. Even her parents acted like she was way younger.I kind of thought her and Jordon should have been switched, but I guess then it would hav [...]

    14. Strix! I need more Strix in my life.I want an owl that I can communicate with and have a special bond with. This book made me want to go buy a stuffed animal (no joke) and I may of bought one once I finish :DI loved the fact that it had my name in it, score! I felt the relationships between the characters needed more depth and more umph. They seemed more like best friends then soul mates, but I even with it needing a little more for the authors first book. well done!It was a good story and made [...]

    15. What a surprise I was excited that Heather was publishing her own book, and while late to reading the debut novel I enjoyed it very much. The story is very well thought out and a different take on an otherworldly story. Kali &a Jordan remind me of me and my best friend and really made me instantly connect with the book. Lucas - he's everything any girl could ever dream of, the love and support is next level. I can't wait to read the second one and find out how the trilogy develops. Great job [...]

    16. Great storyI loved the first book in this trilogy. Kali's world is about to change like she never imagined. The characters in this story are great and multi-dimensional. I loved them all, the chemistry between Kali and Lucas is awesome. This story has several twists and filled with magic. I highly recommend it. And I want a Strix in my life. All the characters are awesome and filled with life and very good world building as Heather paints the picture with her words so vividly in your mind

    17. This book doesn't seem like a debut title and is written like a pro. It is such a unique and colorful piece of art. Heather Renee has a hit on her hands for sure. To The Falls takes us on a Journey to a place called Arvata where our heroine Kali along with 7 others including her Meraki (soul mate) Lucas, her best friend Jordan and her Meraki Kane plus 2 other Meraki pairs Oliver and Tiana and Ryan and Lela, are called by the Fates to Save the land from evil. Falls even has Strix, a beautiful yet [...]

    18. When college student Kali reaches her 20th birthday, she find out that she is a Guardian from a magical world called Arvata. There is a waterfall which is the source of Arvata's power and magic, and it is under threat from dark magic. It is Kali's destiny, along with other Guardians, to protect the falls. To The Falls is a fast paced adventure which hooks the reader immediately. It is an original story with good world building. I hope that we learn more about the characters in subsequent books.

    19. This book is full of all sorts of relationships. Friendships, soul mates, incredible bond with a certain owl (that I desperately want for my own) mentors etc. I found the world to be quite magical and I'm going to be peering curiously at every waterfall I come across. Although I loved each other characters, i feel they lacked depth and found myself wanting more description. I wanted to know more about the elders. For an authors debut book, I have high hopes for book 2!!

    20. Love it!I recommend this book to anyone who's up for an easy to love fantasy romance. I couldn't help but imagine Luke Evans instead of Lucas but hey he's hot so it worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and laugh out loud this book was. The only reason I didn't finish it in one shot was my kindle battery died! Everyone needs a Strix in their lives just to keep us from making a mistake. Can't wait for more.

    21. Amazing and intricate story line, a racing plot that keeps you at the edge of your seat and a simmering romance what more could you possibly want from a book? This book was so good I finished it in a day and a half! No matter how hard I tried I couldn't put it down. The characters are also really cool and have individual strengths and stories of their own.

    22. Heather Renee, gave us an amazing world that is linked to our own. Kali, and Jordan are characters I can relate to. I enjoyed To the Falls on the same level if not slightly more then L.J. Smith's Night World series. I loved reading about how Kali meet Lucas, and Kali's reaction to her finding out she's a Guardian and that all the thinks that go bump in the night are actually real!! Fantasy lovers must unite!! It's a must read!

    23. What can I say? I love good fantasy, and this book gives it to you in tons! Well written and easy to read. I can't wait to see if Abram comes back, after some freak way of getting his mind back. Yes, it could happen! This author is one to watch.

    24. A super quick read however the first few scenes were a bit disjointed. The author hits her stride when exploring the fantasy world Arvata. I would have enjoyed it more and been a bit more intrigued to carry on with the series if the Author would have filled in her life before Arvata.

    25. Love this bookAmazing book well written love the author one of my favorite series. This book was on my wish list and I'm happy I got it because it is amazing

    26. Interesting and funThis is a new fantasy. A bit urban, a bit epic and a lot of fun! These characters are fun and easy to love and the plot was quick. Definitely worth the read

    27. AmazingAdored this book and looking forward to more adventures with Kali. I was entranced from the start and would highly recommend.

    28. To see more reviews, considering taking a peek at my first in series YA book blog hereI have been looking forward to reading to the falls for a long time now. But alas, it wasn't meatn to be. Unfortunately, it wasn't my thing. The plot has a lot of potential, but the writing really did not agree with me. For what is supposed to be a YA novel, the prose is more of an elementary grade school style. A world which should have had breathtaking descriptions instead used words like "beautiful falls" or [...]

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