The Harvest Raise

The Harvest Raise The third and final book in the Anthems of Zion series It s summer break in Bradbury and that means cookouts cornfields and county fairs But at Zion Lutheran Church the changes and chances of life

  • Title: The Harvest Raise
  • Author: Katie Schuermann
  • ISBN: 9780758654731
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third and final book in the Anthems of Zion series It s summer break in Bradbury and that means cookouts, cornfields, and county fairs But at Zion Lutheran Church, the changes and chances of life don t take a vacation Pastor Fletcher must learn to share the parsonage bathroom Mrs Scheinberg must face the fact that not every problem can be solved by pie And whenThe third and final book in the Anthems of Zion series It s summer break in Bradbury and that means cookouts, cornfields, and county fairs But at Zion Lutheran Church, the changes and chances of life don t take a vacation Pastor Fletcher must learn to share the parsonage bathroom Mrs Scheinberg must face the fact that not every problem can be solved by pie And when a beloved member makes a life altering announcement, the entire congregation must trust than their crops to the Lord of the harvest.

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    1. This is a long review but there are no spoilers, for those who may be concerned. The Harvest Raise entertains, encourages, challenges, and teaches. Here's how: (1) The entertainment comes in the form of hilarious exchanges among our favorite Bradbury characters. Oh manere are tons of funny moments in this one! The opening chapter hosted the first several laughs (at least 7 if I am counting correctly, but I may have missed some depending upon one's style of humor), with many, many more to come as [...]

    2. Katie Schuermann has done it again! In the final book of the Anthems of Zion, we meet up again with our beloved friends in Bradbury. The book sheds light on both the pleasant and difficult aspects of life in a church. You will see the characters learn to love and forgive their neighbors. It's a bittersweet finish to a cherished series. You won't want to put it down!

    3. It's always bittersweet to end a good series, but The Harvest Raise is the certainly the icing on a very delicious cake. Bringing the reader back to rural Bradbury, with all of its small town charms, Katie Scheurmann gracefully takes us through the ups and downs of small town life. With lessons on forgiveness, serving, and loving our neighbors, The Harvest Raise sets a great example for readers of all vocations, while keeping us thoroughly entertained and laughing out loud!

    4. HEART OVERFLOWING. The Harvest Raise is the perfect bittersweet ending to a series that brought laughter, heartache, and joy into my life. This book explores what it means to live out our vocations faithfully, in the forthright yet gentle way we've come to expect from Katie's masterful prose. What I love most about this final book in the series is the way it touches on so many timely subjects that everyone in the Church deals with at some point. Our favorite Bradburians encourage us to live fait [...]

    5. Novels of small town life are patchwork quilts, piecing together the lives of the many colorful, disparate characters. And like patchwork quilts, such books range from the haphazardly pieced together to the carefully designed. Each book in the Anthems of Zion trilogy has shown the increased skill and maturity of Katie Shuermann. In comparison to the crazy-quilt antics of the first volume, this conclusion to the series bears a more intricate, tasteful design. It's still a quilt--not a refined bro [...]

    6. I finished this at three o'clock in the morning! Love this book and series so much. Thank you Katie Schuermann for this wonderful series =-) I love how Christ-centered these books are. I've learned a lot from them.

    7. In the final book in the Anthems of Zion series, Schuermann woos us back to Bradbury with her warm, witty prose. As life continues for these characters, we see them struggle with themselves, with each other, and with what it means to live as brothers and sisters in the faith. Schuermann introduces us several new characters who remind us of the beauty of childlike faith in a broken world. Admittedly, it was not the story I expected to read, but it was the story I needed to read. It was a truthful [...]

    8. What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself? In this volume of Schuermann's Anthems of Zion series, various characters in the book learn this lesson through the various ups and downs of everyday life. I found this book very moving, personally. I enjoyed it even more than I expected to!

    9. Welcome back to Bradbury. There are new people to learn to love and old ones to see grow and learn.Even when we don't get much time with a character from a previous book in the series, there's a little bit of catching up with them.  It makes for an easy read like watching friends live their lives.There are multiple theological issues that come up, and some personal ones, but even when the characters have their flaws the Gospel that comes through is good without seeming out of place or preachy.T [...]

    10. Gahhhhhhhhhh this book was SO GOOD. The entire trilogy was amazing. I don't even typically like fiction of this particular type, the whole small-town ordinariness being something I get bored with. But the Anthems of Zion trilogy? Oh man. I can't. I loved it so much. I'm gushing over these to anyone who will listen.

    11. Another delightful trip through Bradbury, where the characters feel like real friends, and definitely like real people. Reading a story that is more real to life doesn't always provide the most exciting of plot lines, but then again, tornadoes, retirement parties, domestic violence, and pregnancy woes certainly provide excitement to an otherwise quiet and normal life.Katie Schuermann loves similies, but they are almost always humorous and witty descriptions. While I cannot relate to every aspect [...]

    12. Through the love,laughs, and tears of these Bradburians, it reminds us of our hope in Christ, no matter what our vocation may be.

    13. This entire series was fantastic! "The Harvest Raise" is the third and final installment of The Anthems of Zion book series; it did not disappoint. Character development was continued for the people you had already bonded with and new characters were introduced that fit in perfectly. The storyline is interesting, funny, sad, and unpredictable. One moment you are giggling and the next moment you are in the midst of some personal struggle.The characters and their lives truly represent real life th [...]

    14. I actually contemplated a one-word review: perfect. Katie has grown as a writer and I was pleased with her consistent, charming, and uplifting writing throughout.I was mildly surprised to miss some of the earliest years of Pastor/Emily's marriage, but, frankly, those do zoom by, especially with little ones. It let her throw a few surprises our way while lending satisfying growth to several main characters. I loved how she handled Scheinberg, Blaine, Mary, and pretty much everyone. I loved how l [...]

    15. The Harvest Raise is the concluding book in the Anthems of Zion Trilogy. You will find all of your favorite Bradbury residents here once again. Laugh with them at the funny and comical moments, cry with them through disaster and heartache, and rejoice with them over the many blessings they receive. Witness and relate to the struggles of real life so wonderfully articulated by author Katie Schuermann in the pages of this hard to put down book. While The Harvest Raise can certainly be read on its [...]

    16. Katie has outdone herself with this final book in the Anthems of Zion trilogy. I laughed. I cried. I covered my eyes so I wouldn’t see, and then realized I was reading a book! She did a magnificent job bringing the characters to life. I love how Katie points out the faults and the loving kindness in these neighbors of Bradbury. Tragedy strikes their town as it does many towns, and the community shows love and support for each other even through their faults. She shows us the difficult side of [...]

    17. I recently moved to a new town, one much like Bradbury, in which my life has many similarities to the main characters in The Harvest Raise. But after moving and leaving behind some very good friends this book made me relive those emotions again. It brought me right into the living rooms, backyards and driveways of these beloved friends. I feel like I am having to say goodbye all over again to a great group of friends whom I have grown to love and whom I wish I could meet in real life. The charac [...]

    18. Never before have I clung to a fiction book (let alone a whole series of fiction books) so closely. I also never write reviews on books, but this one deserves a verbal applause. Ms. Schuermann's words are profound, and not a single sentence is wasted. The Harvest Raise, especially, draws the reader in in a way that makes real the plot and the characters, almost too true to life and too close to home. But perhaps that is the point. We understand ourselves best when interfacing with others in such [...]

    19. The third and final book in the Anthems of Zion series helps us to ponder what it means to love our neighbor. Filled with stories of small town life, The Harvest Raise is a satisfying goodbye to the town and characters we've grown to appreciate.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

    20. The final book of the "Anthems of Zion" series by Katie Schuermann once again does not disappoint. The Harvest Raise touches on the basic struggles of a small town Lutheran congregation. You will laugh and you will cry. You will see yourself in many of characters and you will rejoice with those same characters as they receive the gifts of Christ and give His mercy to the people around him.

    21. I love this series and am sad that this is the last one. Katie writes that reflects how we speak today. It is always fun to read what the women of Bradbury are up to. This one also reflects real well life in the parsonage along with the antics of the women. When I started this book, the only time I put it down was to sleep. I can't wait to see what the author writes about next.

    22. This is an absolutely perfect book. I must admit that I'm sad to see the end of Bradbury and these characters, but what an ending! Katie Schuermann brings to life real people, problems, and solutions, all with a Lutheran twist. As a Pastor's wife, I loved her descriptions of the pastor's life, all the while being very thankful for how our congregation treats us! This book is the perfect end to the trilogy and I can't wait to see what she writes next!

    23. An amazing ending to an even more amazing series. Be prepared to find yourself, once again, in the city of Bradbury. Once there you will be sucked into the lives of each and every character experiencing their joys and sorrows at every turn. Book lovers NEED to give themselves the opportunity to fall in love with the Anthems of Zion series just as I have.

    24. Katie Schuermann gives a wonderful picture of a life with a loving church family. I love that this third installment of the Anthems of Zion series features not only loveable Emily but a not-so-cantankerous Mrs. Scheinberg. We laugh and cry along with the characters.

    25. I have enjoyed this series - liked the 2nd book best. Don't really know why it has to stop. Church members living as neighbors and very much sinners while also being saints. Some storylines that could have been developed or resolved. And some parts kind of make you roll your eyes. But overall an pretty good series.

    26. I"m sad it's the last in this series. I've enjoyed each book and read the first two several times! I love the characters and have laughed and cried while reading.

    27. I keep thinking about this book, even though I finished it months ago. That ought to tell you all you need to know right there.

    28. The author has done a great job developing the characters throughout the series and this third installment does not disappoint. the story grabbed me from the start and didn't let go. I read it in two evenings and my wife read it straight through the night before. highly recommended!

    29. LOVED this series! Made both me and my husband laugh out loud! Katie Schuermann has a knack for creating engaging characters in a simple, small town, church life setting. Katie, I hope you keep writing fiction!

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