Pint-Sized Protector

Pint Sized Protector She might be small but she ll still kick your ass An assignment to babysit a rich dude isn t Kacy s idea of a fun assignment Especially since he and his bodyguard are just like all the other boys she

  • Title: Pint-Sized Protector
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She might be small but she ll still kick your ass An assignment to babysit a rich dude isn t Kacy s idea of a fun assignment Especially since he and his bodyguard are just like all the other boys she knows, thinking she s too tiny to pack a punch I ll show him She ll show him that sexy things come in small packages and he won t be able to stop himself from falling forShe might be small but she ll still kick your ass An assignment to babysit a rich dude isn t Kacy s idea of a fun assignment Especially since he and his bodyguard are just like all the other boys she knows, thinking she s too tiny to pack a punch I ll show him She ll show him that sexy things come in small packages and he won t be able to stop himself from falling for the pint sized protector Problem is, who ll protect his heart When a gunman threatens her life, he wants to send her away, but her Latina pride won t allow herself to be treated like anything less than a pro Will pride also stand in the way of her happiness

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    1. The Bad Boys Inc.: Specialists In International Realty (BBISIIR) newest client requires a stealth undercover operative bodyguard who can fit the guise of girlfriend. Kacy, BBISIIR's sole Latino female agent, is forced to 'babysit' a millionaire who has a hit out on him though no one knows who or why the actual contract was issued on the deep web. It will be her job to play a femme fatale role while protecting Darren Thorne. Would be an easy assignment if only Darren would take his personal safet [...]

    2. Kacy is a frisky one, “you know what would make me happy? Carving off your testicles.” Marcus doesn't have an ego, nope not him, "a brash man, Marcus boasted, “Of course I will. How hard can it be? It’s got a motor. I’m a man. It should come naturally.” I seroously enjoyed this book, I loved how feisty kacy was.

    3. Small and fierce, Kacy is hired to work as extra protection and the new girlfriend. Except when she turns up to her date with her new boss the current body guard is over confident and underestimates her and oh so good to look at.I seriously loved these two. Kacys acerbic tongue made for some interesting developments between her and Marcus. These two had me snickering with their playful nit picking and wincing with every chance they got to butt heads in the beginning. There was also plenty of act [...]

    4. Meh, this one didn't do anything for me. Kacy supposedly hates Latina stereotyping, yet she's certainly portrayed as a fiery (as in ill-tempered, sometimes rude) woman.

    5. Loved itLoved Kacy's and Marcus and their boss Darren. Kacy's is sent by Harry to help his good friend Darren with an assassin problem. Her roll, girl friend to a billionaire. So not the kind of assignment tom boy, kickass Kacy likes.Then she meets Darren and his body guard Marcus. Marcus can't believe his bosses friend sent a a punt sized women to protect his boss. Darren isn't worried he knows Academy trained. Marcus's ego take a hit when he realizes his army training pales in comparison to Ka [...]

    6. Great Things Come In.!!!Kacy was assigned to guard the rich and famous Darren Thorne. His full-time bodyguard who like the rest of the men she met assumed that because she was petite and a woman. She couldn't handle the job. "He didn't know how wrong he was."Darren Thorne had made a lot of enemies. There were many of them who wanted him and his family to fail. Apart from being a businessman, he had a secret life as part owner of an academy of elite specialists (assassins, hackers and thieves).Wh [...]

    7. Bad Boy Inc is back! Pint-Sized Protector more than lives up to the first book in the series (Assassin Next Door) with action, romance, and surprises. Kacy is a feisty shorter woman – but don’t tell her that or she’ll cut you off at the knees. She has an assignment to guard Darren - a hot, secretive billionaire - by posing as his girlfriend. He’s already got a bodyguard who is hotness on two legs, but she can certainly teach him a few tricks! Can she do her job without falling for the bi [...]

    8. Little pint vs the treeThe mighty can fall. And Madrid sure did fall for Kacy. She might be small but you know what they say.good things come in small packages. He never believed she was good at her job better yet he was missed Darren hired another person to come in to protect him when he's been doing a damn pretty good bang up job. Macy didn't wanna go play some rich guy girlfriend to protect them. She didn't know what was in store for her. She got more than she bargain for. This story has more [...]

    9. I don't often give 5 stars but this story deserves them.I just loved this book and the characters in it.I just loved the banter between Kacy (little pint) and Marcus (meathead). These two were made for each other and the storyline just would not let me put this book down. I have a headache this morning from staying up to read till the end.Kacy is pretending to be Darren’s flaky girlfriend so she can protect him up close but it is his bodyguard Marcus who makes her tingle.Cannot wait for the ne [...]

    10. Miss Langlais has a warped sence of HAHA and away of telling a story. I stopped reading two other books the day this one was delivered to me. How could I not, they say good things come in small packages and packs a punch. I have to agree totally Half pint and Meathead had my attention from the get go. A pocket sized Latina out to prove she packs a big punch and an ex Army guy out to save and protect his best friend and boss even if it kills himI love action adventure and I love it when things bl [...]

    11. It took some time to get into the book. When I did Ooooh boyKacy and Meathead. Sorry, I can not get it out my mind. It was fun to read as well as being a Romantic Action. It did the job of covering all aspects of a Good Romance that I like. Kacy is an Independent women that can kick meatheads butt. Their relationship was something that I did not get at first time aroundSee More in: salsreadingnook/2

    12. Size doesn't matterSize truly doesn't matter to Kacy she will take you down. Marcus thinks being big makes him the baddest bodyguard out there. He meets his match with Kacy. When these two work together everyone better watch out. I loved this installment in the bad boy series.

    13. 3.5 stars.I liked this one a lot.But I hate when men think women can't do anything just because she's a woman or because she's short.Heroine was sassy, strong and a feisty Latina, for being someone so short and for being a woman she took down the hero the hard way! And I loved her for it. ~Safe.~Loved the heroine.~Arrogant cocky a$$ole.

    14. Pint-Sized Protector is laugh out loud excitement. The author does a wonderful job of mixing romantic suspense and humor. Kacy is kick ass and underestimated because she comes in a pint size package but her heart is as big as Marcus’s biceps. I am so looking forward to more in this series.This may be the second in the Bad Boy Inc. series but can be read standalone.

    15. I loved it! It was a head turning (not mine) laugh out loud story. The kind of story that you really enjoy, because it has everything. to make an enjoyable read. A heroine with a chip on her diminutive shoulder, a larger than large hero with a snarky attitude and she's just the one to match that snark and run circles around him. This is a great read, you'll enjoy it.

    16. I found this one a bit boring at times. It moved, just slowly at a lot of points, and I found myself not really caring about the why's and who's. It also didn't really answer most of those questions. Meh pretty much sums this up. And does it make me crazy shallow that I didn't care for either of the cover models for this story?

    17. Small but DeadlyYou can't always judge a book by its cover and Kacy proves it. She may be pint-sized but she has all the training that Bad Boys Inc. could teach her. Now to prove it to her client and his bodyguard Marcus. Funny, exciting and sexy. Well written and fabulous to read.

    18. This is book 2 in the Bad Boys Inc series and is a stand alone book with an awesome HEA. I recommend this book to all lovers of romantic comedy with a little suspense thrown in. Could not put this book down, even at 1am I was still so into the book, sleeping was not on my list. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Happy Reading.

    19. Now there is one thing I learnt in Judo when I was younger that being pint -sized myself gave you several advantages when fighting tall and bulky males.1. They underestimated you. And2. You could get under their guard and throw them down before they knew it, as your centre of gravity was underneath theirs.So being pint sized, if you are feisty, is often a good thing.So enjoyed this feisty kickass pint-sized female story as it had resonations

    20. Amazing.That was not what I expected from this book. Eve seems to have upped her game in the last few years as the books are becoming more unpredictable and surprising. Every aspect of this story is surprising from beginning to end, I loved it and cannot wait to see what happens next.

    21. The fact that she may be short she was as fierce as the remainder of the staff. She didn't hold her punches when it came to telling the former bodyguard that he was sucking at his job. This was a fast pace book by all means. Although there was some question that left me in the lurch.

    22. Great continuation to the seriesKacy and Marcus were phenomenal. Filled with adventure and heat, the story of these two is action packed. Great banter and tender moments - loved these characters. I think I am crushing on Kacy big time, such a strong leading lady,

    23. Amazing ReadLove this Series. It's action packed and full of Suspense. I Highly Recommend this book for over 18 due to content.

    24. Kacy is a kick ass heroine. She built a life for herself and I admired her character and dedication. She was tough and capable.

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