Bones in the Garden

Bones in the Garden Here lies the anatomy of the first Heartbreak But take my advice you can grow you can heal you can learn no matter what Just pick yourself up and keep going

  • Title: Bones in the Garden
  • Author: McKayla Debonis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Here lies the anatomy of the first Heartbreak But, take my advice, you can grow, you can heal, you can learn, no matter what Just pick yourself up and keep going.

    One thought on “Bones in the Garden”

    1. It was a pleasure to read McKayla's newest poetry book. There were many poems in this book that made me think and that I agreed strongly with. However, there were also poems I didn't quite understand, but maybe I just couldn't relate to those. The last few poems were my favorite in the collection and I really enjoyed the unique style McKayla used for her poems as well!

    2. Full review at melissaljenningsBones in the Garden is a poetry collection that I instantly connected with. Debonis' poetry book was darker than I expected, nonetheless, the whole collection was immersive. Tears started to form from the very beginning of reading this, and that is when I knew I was in for a ride. Debonis' themes of growth and neglect are conveyed through the symbolism of the garden. I was incredibly moved and harrowed by some of the flower imagery; Debonis expresses the duality of [...]

    3. McKayla has really grown as a writer since her first book! Bones In the Garden is for those suffering a heartbreak and trying to replenish from it. There were some poems that I connected to very much but there were a few that I didn't quite understand (part of this I think was due to a few word choice changes). I really loved the drawings within the book. Very beautiful! If you are someone who has or is heartbroken, I recommend giving this a read!

    4. Actual Rating: 4.5/5A lovely, dark collection from a promising poetess. I read this chapbook in one sitting. It was raw, honest, and at times hypnotic. I docked half a star for a few filler poems I think it could have done without, but all in all an excellent collection! Well done, McKayla!

    5. I really noticed how much the author has grown since her first poetry book! I love being able to see that development :) I really enjoyed this.

    6. A collection of poems about self love and moving on, dark sometimes but beautiful nonetheless. I fell in love and connected with most of them. Beautiful illustrations too.

    7. Beautiful!I love the connections the author makes of love and nature. Some pieces are dark but there is inspiration in them. There are uplifting poems, too.

    8. [2.5] I didn't click with this one. I will admit to enjoying some individual poems, though as a collection it felt really bland. It lacked emotion for me. I confess that my emotions are fairly void at the moment, but the style and overall word choice just didn't work for me. I wouldn't mind seeing what she writes later since there were a few that I liked.

    9. Wow wow wowI am so happy that I was able to get this lovely book. Hands down one of the best poetry books I have ever read. I seriously wanted to highlight multiple poems because they related to me so much. There was no cliche, nor typical poems in this book. I am keeping this book forever. Thank you for creating such a relatable book especially for women. 😊

    10. This book was filled with many beautiful poems. I'm very glad I read this as it had so many wonderful poems and an overall amazing message given through the writing and the authors note. Loved it.

    11. Absolutely beautiful poetry book full of insight into the death of harmful relationships and the blossoming of genuine love.

    12. I like the theme of this poetry collection of gardens, regrowth, and bones, and all the subjects they can represent. It’s well presented, with illustrations.‘How can one man destroy theStructure that holds me together?’What McKayla does is plant seeds, and lays to rest the past, metaphorically layered, using plants: Wildflowers, poppies, trees: Weeping Willows, and animals: Bees. ‘I am more than scars etched in white,’ McKayla writes at the back of the book that these poems were writte [...]

    13. It is difficult to judge a collection of poems, because each of them are so different. It is also difficult to judge something so personal to the author.I have to admit this collection felt a little repetitive sometimes, with some of the poems being just a bit too similar. However, there were other poems that were absolutely wonderful, and I especially appreciated how the simple yet beautiful illustrations harmonised together with the poems.I suppose the problem is that I had trouble relating to [...]

    14. I discovered this book, purely by chance, scouting for new things to read. What caught my eye first was the title, and it made me wonder about the possible meanings behind it. With the bonus of such beautiful artwork on the cover, I had to buy it, and I'm so glad I did. Bones in the Garden ticks every single box for me, from its style to its themes, and most importantly, its content. Debonis writes in such a powerful and moving manner, that I found a part of myself in her words (see Wildflower) [...]

    15. I enjoyed McKayla's raw and open style of writing. Personally, I love to interrogate a poem for meaning and some of McKayla's work felt too short or the ideas underdeveloped for this. Having said that, some of McKayla's poems really explored her relationship with nature around her and the imagery of pain and growth here was strong. For me, poems in the collection lacked detail in imagery, but overall this is a strong collection with beautiful illustrations and a carefully considered theme throug [...]

    16. A really lovely book of poems. There were some that wanted a little more refining, but many that were achingly lovely (to the point where I may get a line from here tattooed on me) and left me wanting more. I can't wait to see what this author has in store next.

    17. I don't think this is my type of poetry, to be quite honest. It's riddled with metaphors and similes, so much they felt like they were shoved into my face. The imagery of bones, flowers and garden were present in the whole collection and it was a bit much for me, to be honest.However, there are some beautiful passages and, like it's said in author's note, all these poems were written after heartbreak, during a rough time of the author's life and I totally agree with the message she conveys. Basi [...]

    18. This book is truly beautiful and follows the theme of brokeness begetting bloom. “Bones in the Garden” is full of emotion and imagery that will forever flower in my mind. I truly recommend it.

    19. Oh wowWhat a beautiful, heartfelt and wonderful collection of poems that make you feel emotions you forgot and feelings you buried away. amazing writing

    20. This was short and definitely not sweet, but very raw read about being consumed with another person so much that they undeniably become a part of us, and then the heartbreak comes where we are forced to evaluate who we are before, and who we are after. It had moments where you sense the poet's epiphany about letting go of and wrapping herself up in the beauty and strength that is her. Lovely. I enjoyed the illustrations that went with this collection. I had several favorites (my grey sky, Home C [...]

    21. I was really excited to read this book, as McKayla had been sharing so many little excerpts on her social media which always makes a reader excited! Such a tease for our eyes. And, she did not disappoint. There was a mixture of love, loss, empowerment, self-love, kindness, bravery and much more. I loved that the poems revolved around the theme of bones and flowers. It's definitely a book to read while you sit outside, letting all the words flow through you like the wind. McKayla leaves you wanti [...]

    22. I don't really get modern poetry . . . It just seems like nicely phrased sentences? But hey, at least there are some pretty ones in here. I'm going to refrain from rating because I don't really have one? ? I have some nice words and some nice imagery with deeper meaning in my head now, and I don't feel like plastering a star rating over it.

    23. A rather wonderful read. You can feel the author's emotions through the writing and a few pieces stuck with me personally. Definitely worth adding to a reading list.

    24. Oh, I wanted to like this way more than I did. This will probably appeal to people who loved The Last Time I'll Write About You, but it also had some of the same issues for me. As was the case with The Last Time I'll Write About You, some of the Bones in the Garden poems read more like ordinary thoughts broken up by rather randomly inserted line breaks to make them sound deeper than they actually are. The words in these poems are also frequently italicised. Sometimes this works and they put the [...]

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