One thought on “A Problem in Prague”

  1. This was nice and fast read. However, I had originally taken this book out for reading on holiday in Prague, and I wasn't satisfied with the description of the city at all. I even wonder whether the author has ever been there or looked at a map. Mostly the MC crossed some undefined bridges over the Vltava and that was it. There was a tiny scene at the castle - the only concrete spot described a fountain and a cage.I stopped taking the writer's research seriously when a Czech man with a woman's s [...]

  2. This was the best Jonathon Gaunt book I have read. The author did a magnificent job of circling several suspects around a central plot. Skillfully, he moving each character toward the resolution of the problem at an even, equal pace. The central plot is focused on Jonathon Gaunts investigation of a British tax agent who may be cheating on her taxes. (EXECUTE HER!!!) The setting is Soviet controlled Prague and contains just enough espionage like intrigue to keep the story line credible. There als [...]

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