Ford There are three things Ford Garrison wants than anything to build to report to no one and the chance to live his life without the prying eyes of the good folks of Eagle s Ridge Having spent ten year

  • Title: Ford
  • Author: Samantha Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: ebook
  • There are three things Ford Garrison wants than anything to build, to report to no one, and the chance to live his life without the prying eyes of the good folks of Eagle s Ridge Having spent ten years in the Navy as part of their construction battalion, he was able to live out most of that dream Two out three wasn t bad, right Now that he s out of the service, thThere are three things Ford Garrison wants than anything to build, to report to no one, and the chance to live his life without the prying eyes of the good folks of Eagle s Ridge Having spent ten years in the Navy as part of their construction battalion, he was able to live out most of that dream Two out three wasn t bad, right Now that he s out of the service, things aren t falling into place quite as easily as he hoped and he ends up back home with all eyes on him.It wasn t as if Callie had gone out of her way to end up in Ford s path, but somehow that happened all on its own and the town gossips were having a field day Could she help it that she was living in the house Ford had hoped to claim as his own or that the work on his grandmother s ranch meant they were living not fifty feet away from each other Ford was determined to come home, do a job to help his grandmother and leave Callie James is a distraction and she represents everything he has spent years running away from Now he s at odds with his friends, his family and himself about where his home and future are going to be Could he walk away from Eagle s Ridge a second time

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    1. Favorite Quote:Chocolate ice cream. A girl needed to have some premium dessert items on hand when she was spending all of her nights alone.My Review:I struggled some with this novella, as Ford was a difficult character for me to appreciate. Ford was pretty much a selfish, cranky, tedious and whiny jackass. He should have known this as his amusing and clever friends had told him so, and he also had a few brief moments of uncomfortable insight. He had fled the gossipy small-town of his youth as we [...]

    2. 4.5 starsFord by Samantha Chase is the final book in the 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers, and what a sweet and heartwarming read Ford's book turned out to be.I loved Ford and Callie together, they were likable, endearing characters and I found myself easily connecting with them. Watching their relationship unfold had me turning the pages late into the night. I needed to see how this was going to end, Ford was so determined he didn't belong in Eagle’s Ridge. Sigh Ford you stubborn, beautiful man, how c [...]

    3. This story had all those little touches everyone loves in a romance journey A dash of sweet. A sprinkle of warmth. A dusting of laughter. And a good dose of heart! I love when all these ingredients are woven together into a journey and cocooned with lots of love!This story wasn't just about a romance journey. There's a lot of individual growth happening here and it made for the HEA so much more appealing. I not only was rooting for Ford & Callie as a couple, but I was rooting even louder fo [...]

    4. Samantha Chase continues to showcase what a treasure she really is. Ford is realistic, simplistic and complicated. It's amazing that a subject that is so simple can breed so many complicated emotions. Ford has spent his life running. From home, from responsibility and mostly from himself. Callie has spent her life wishing for a place to belong to. A home of her own, people who love her and a life that makes her happy. Ironic isn't it that both were searching for the same thing. Acceptance. A pla [...]

    5. I love a book that tugs at the heart strings, made me laugh out loud and swoon with a sigh. This book does all of that in spades. Samantha Chase has a writing style that I love, and this story grabbed me and took me on a heck of a trip. Ford's story, his history in Eagles Ridge, is suffocating until he finds himself in bed with a beautiful girl totally by accident!! Callie a kindergarten teach might be able to change his mind, will he consider staying, take on the ranch, the company, will it be [...]

    6. Five Amazing StarsReturn to Eagles RidgeI was just absolutely thrilled to read this most exciting seventh book from the Seven Brides for Seven Soldiers. Written by by the most wonderful, Samantha Chase. I so enjoyed this moving and emotional book. Absolutely romantic to the fullest one I just couldn’t down even once!Ford Garrison had finally returned back to his Grandmothers home, the ranch. His poor Grandmother had previously been hurt with a injury from a huge tree falling. Margaret was alwa [...]

    7. FORD ( 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers #7 ) by Samantha Chase4 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 12, 2017There are three things Ford Garrison wants more than anything: to build, to report to no one, and the chance to live his life without the prying eyes of the good folks of Eagle’s Ridge. Having spent ten years in the Navy as part of their construction battalion, he was able to live out most of that dream. Two out three wasn’t bad, right? Now that he’s out of the service, things aren’t [...]

    8. Originally reviewed for buriedunderromance FORD, the seventh and final entry into the Seven Brides for Seven Soldiers series, is a delightful look at a man who is inexplicably drawn to home and family despite his efforts to separate himself and start a new life on the opposite side of the country. This series is an unusual collaboration between seven different authors, each with their own style and their own following. Best-selling author Samantha Chase was charged with the enviable albeit diffi [...]

    9. Shucks, who doesn't love a small town romance with all the townspeople getting all up in the couple's business? Well, Ford Garrison for one, hates all that stuff . . . hates all the sharing of details, most of which are twisted and turned and so far from reality. Hates it so much he planned to never return to Eagle's Ridge for longer than a quick visit with his grandmother or his friends.But when tragedy strikes, Ford drops everything to return home to help his beloved grandmother out, he's plan [...]

    10. Samantha Chase never ceases to amaze me with her wonderful words and the way she evokes so many different emotions from me. Ford is such a sweet and heartwarming story about a man, Ford Garrison, who left his small hometown for the navy and basically never looked back. Sure he went back home to help his Grams whenever she needed him to, but he he never stayed long and didn't want to. He left the small town problems of everyone being in your business or their misconceptions and expectations becau [...]

    11. The end of a series that brings a lot of romance, friendship and self-discovery.Ford Garrison had a great connection to his grandfather, Ben. Together they talked and worked on small and large projects. His grandfather was the founder of Garrison Construction.But if there was one thing that Ford detested was the way of living in the small town, where everyone knew everyone's life, and they had a mania for gossiping. So when he got a chance to get away from it, he did.Ten years later, and five ye [...]

    12. Sweet Easy Read This is the first time I’m reading a book from this series but this can totally be read as a stand-alone. However, now that I’ve had a glimpse, I know that I’ll be going back to read the others.I have to admit that Ford wasn’t the easiest character to like. He was so bitter and angry about having to be back home and feeling pressured into taking over her grandfather’s business but it felt like the person putting the most pressure on him was himself. He spent so much tim [...]

    13. I loved reading Ford’s story. Small town boy who could not wait to leave town and does not like to go back very often or for long periods of time. Ends up having to come home due to a family emergency. When he meets Callie someone he knew of when he was younger but didn’t really know. He is instantly attracted to her but tries to stay away not wanting to get involved with a small town girl. And Callie is definitely a small town girl, who lives Eagle ridge and does not want to leave. I love t [...]

    14. Sadly the last book in the series. I love this town of Eagle Ridge. Ford never wanted to come back to Eagle Ridge, especially to live. When a tree fell on his Grandmother's porch, Ford finds himself back to fix things. One fix leads to another. When he arrives in Eagle Ridge in the middle of the night he decides it's too late to find a place to stay and his Grandmother's house may not be stable so he decides to stay in Grandmother's guest house. Ford goes to the guest house strips to his boxers [...]

    15. Ford by Samantha Chase proves that you can come home again and when you do, you might find exactly what you’ve been looking for.Ford Garrison left Eagle’s Ridge as soon as he could. With a small town, everyone knows everyone’s business and that’s exactly what he wanted to avoid. Now he’s back because his grandma had an accident and her ranch needs to be fixed up. What Ford didn’t expect was finding Callie James.Callie has had a crush on Ford for years and now that they are living clo [...]

    16. I got this book in exchange for me honest review. Like a ways I fell in love with Ford and Callie's love story Samantha is so talented with her writting that it leaves me wanting to read more about the characters

    17. All Ford wanted was to help his grandma out and then go back east away from the town he thought was up in his business. But then he shows up in Callie's life and it all changes piece by piece. I'm glad he got his HEA, and that Callie was able to show him how he could fit in in his small home town. I loved the reference to another of Ms. Chase's books in the middle of the book - I love when authors do that!

    18. FORD: Book 7 in Series of 7 Brides for 7 A very sweet and heartwarming book. Laugh out loud moments. A moment that moved me that grabbed my heart. Ford’s whole reason from coming to Eagle’s Ridge was to help his grandmother. What he found when he came back was another story. He didn’t not expect to find someone in his bed. No idea who she was at first. Callie James got the shock of her life when Ford Garrison climbed into bed with her. She was renting the guest house from his grandmother. [...]

    19. This is the final installment of this 7 book series. Wonderful premise from the start and I was looking forward to reading the final chapter so to speak. Ford comes back to Eagle's Ridge to help out his Grandmother. In an adorable meet cute, Ford and Callie James become reaquainted. Turns out, Callie is renting the cottage on Ford's Grandmother's property. They hit it off as friends and things develop into more. Ford holds back, though for most of the book. He is almost stubbornly annoying about [...]

    20. “That’s today’s lesson, Ford. Expect the unexpected.”Ford learn the lesson his grandfather taught him the hard way. That’s the only way strong intelligent men like learning, isn’t it. Ford is the last book of the 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers series and it didn’t disappoint at all. Ford Garrison is from the good part of the city, but he has always felt under the microscope… small town and all that. As a Navy SEAL, he used the skills he learned from his grandpa in construction. And even [...]

    21. Not having read any of the other books in this 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers set, I was not quite sure what to expect from Samantha Chase’s character or story Ford. I knew I loved her other series and characters, so I was excited to learn about Ford and Eagles Ridge, but I was not expecting to fall in love with so many new characters!Immediately upon starting the story I felt like I was a member of Eagles Ridge and could feel the small-town love and history with each conversation and anecdote. Ford [...]

    22. I DID IT! I read all seven books in the 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers series. This final book by Samantha Chase was another decent read. Not great, but not bad either. Like most of the books in this series, it was a sweet, entertaining story.Ford Garrison grew up in Eagle’s Ridge, WA. His family was well known and, paired with the antics of the small-town townspeople, made Ford feel like he was living in a fishbowl. His grandparents and parents had expectations for what Ford would do when he grew up [...]

    23. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandFord left his hometown of Eagle's Ridge as soon as he could. He couldn't wait to get out of his small town and the prying eyes of everyone that lives there. He hated how everyone knew everything you did. He wants his privacy. So he joined the military and now he lives across the country and only comes home when he has to. And his trips home are quick in and out type things. He doesn't want to catch up with everyone and have everyone stare at hi [...]

    24. 5 Finding Home Again Stars!!!I absolutely loved how this book started! We learn a lot about Ford Garrison and an important lesson about life. It wasn't necessarily the lesson he wanted, but it held true for him for the rest of his life.We next see Ford when he's forced to come back to Eagle's Ridge and he first sees Callie James in what could be one of the most surprising meetings possible. Let's just say that neither of them were expecting to see each other again and not in his grandparent's gu [...]

    25. Super bummed that this is how the series ended. I was hoping for something more intense, and this just didn’t deliver the impactful ending I was hoping for. Ford was not a bad book, it was sweet and light, and Callie and Ford were endearing, it was just too light for me. This series has been up and down for me, and I was hoping the final book would be a high, so that expectation certainly influenced my rating.Ford is the seventh and final book in the Seven Brides for Seven Soldiers series. Eac [...]

    26. FordSamantha Chase🌟🌟🌟🌟I'm not sure I've ever read an author who can do romance quite like Samantha can. They are always sweet, with that little steam to make you keep turning the page. Ford is no exception. Ford Garrison left Eagle's Ridge to join the marines and his intention was to never return, with the exception of holidays. But one phone call and a horrible accident with his grandmother has him returning to survey the damage. After a long trip, it's very late, he's extremely tir [...]

    27. Ford is book 7 in the 7 Brides for 7 Soldier Series. Each book in the series has been written by a different author. What I find so amazing is that you would never know that. Each book links with the other books seamlessly. This can be a stand alone but I do think you'll get a better appreciation for the series as a whole if you read the books in order.Ford has no intentions of ever living in Eagle Ridge again. Having grown up there he knows that there is no such thing as privacy. Everyone knows [...]

    28. One thing I always find myself enjoying about books written by Samantha Chase is that they are easy and light reads. Even when our characters experience something unpleasant, the books never turn to the dark side and I appreciate that. Our story starts with Ford returning home, after years away. His grandmother's house is in disrepair after a bad storm and while he normally avoids coming home, this time, he has no choice. But coming home can bring up the past and it's really clear that Ford has [...]

    29. Fifteen years ago, seven young men were sentenced to detention together. They managed to forge a bond that has kept them close as they have left Eagle's Ridge to live their lives. One by one, they have been pulled back to their hometown & established their future. Ford is fighting this with every measure of his being. He is determined that he can never live where everyone knows everything he does & how he lives. Now, in a storm, a tree has crashed down on his grandmother's house & sh [...]

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