Bassist With Benefits

Bassist With Benefits Bandmates and best friends since they were teens Jeremy Kagan and Alan Delgado share everything including men But their brotherly bond was shattered during one incident of mistaken identity in a dark

  • Title: Bassist With Benefits
  • Author: Jenna Galicki
  • ISBN: 9781618454614
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
  • Bandmates and best friends since they were teens, Jeremy Kagan and Alan Delgado share everything including men But their brotherly bond was shattered during one incident of mistaken identity in a darkened bedroom when a line was crossed With boundaries broken and the line of friendship blurred, they struggle to move forward.For Jeremy, that night was a dream come true.Bandmates and best friends since they were teens, Jeremy Kagan and Alan Delgado share everything including men But their brotherly bond was shattered during one incident of mistaken identity in a darkened bedroom when a line was crossed With boundaries broken and the line of friendship blurred, they struggle to move forward.For Jeremy, that night was a dream come true He had been in love with Alan for a decade but had been too afraid to bare his heart and reveal his true feelings Now that the opportunity has presented itself, he s ready to seize the moment This is his one chance to be with the only man he s ever loved Alan, on the other hand, isn t dealing with the incident so well A lot of monumental achievements have occurred in his life, but none were as life altering as a single erotic encounter with his best friend The usual fun loving camaraderie he and Jeremy had always shared is now awkward and uncomfortable Unable to shed the memory of their rendezvous, Alan starts to look at Jeremy in a new light Transitioning from bromance to romance isn t as easy as expected, especially since Alan isn t ready to share their newfound bond with anyone else Stress from keeping their relationship a secret turns explosive as these two battle their passion in private Now they need to figure out if it s worth risking everything, including their friendship, in order to pursue a future together as a couple.

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    1. 3.5 stars Alan drummer and Jeremy bassist at heavy metal band BulletproofFriends from where they were thirteen. And Jeremy in love with Alan from where he was eighteen. Only never told him. He didn't want to loose his best friend.After Alan and Jeremy had a hot and steamy get together with more than five guys in the bedroom, lights out and hot lips and hands and mouths everywhere Alan get the BJ of his life and when he hears the voice of the hot mouth, it scares the shit out of him.Awkward doesn [...]

    2. I did not expect this book to be this good so if you are interested in the dirty trials of rockstars finding love and the groupies that litter their path than this book is going light your senses.

    3. Friends-to-lovers is my absolute jam, so I was quick to jump on this book when I saw it. While this is the third book in a series, it can be read as a standalone. This is my first book in the series as well as my first book by the author, and it can definitely be read by itself.Jeremy and Alan have been best friends since they were teenagers. They share everything from their band to the guys they hook up with. Jeremy's been nursing a secret love for his friend since they were 18, and it finally [...]

    4. Everything I would want out of a M/M novel and more!!! The only reason I can't the story a full 5 stars is because parts of the story did get overly descriptive and repetitive. Other than that it was a really fresh take on a rock star romance. I like that the story was mainly about Alan and Jeremy but the other characters (Brandon, Derek, Cam, & Felix) of the series played a healthy part without overshadowing their journey. I also REALLY enjoyed that this entire series is about a gay rock ba [...]

    5. Alan, the drummer, and Jeremy, the bassist, along with Brandon and Derek, all make up the popular heavy metal band, Bulletproof. They have all been friends since junior high, but Alan and Jeremy are best friends and they share a special bond. When the lines of friendship are blurred one night, will they act on their feelings or will unrequited love destroy their friendship and possibly their band?This is a story about choices and chances. Jeremy and Alan have to make a choice as to whether they [...]

    6. Best friends to lovers. Always a tricky subject to get right. As there's a fine balance between friendship and relationship. You can't have the second without the first, and you should never put the first in jeopardy for the second. This is what Jeremy and Alan realize and go through in Bassist with Benefits. Neither wants to put their platonic relationship on the line, they went through too much together for that, but neither can deny the strong attraction they have to the either. One night is [...]

    7. Bassist with Benefits is now my favorite Jenna Galicki book. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't get enough. Friends to lovers, Jeremy and Alan are wonderful characters. They've been friends since childhood and have always been there for each. From their love of music forming the band to coming out as teenagers they have supported each other. Not only do they share their love of music but they are know for sharing men as well. Their behind close doors action is well know and groupies are plenty. A [...]

    8. Bassist With Benefits by Jenna Galicki is the third book in the Bulletproof Series.Bassist With Benefits is Alan and Jeremy´s story and can easily be read as standalone, but I recommend to read the books in order.Jeremy had an secret crush on drummer Alan for forever. They share groupies and a bed but never their own bodies. Jeremy wants Alan -bad, but Alan has no clue. But then the other shoe drops and Alan doesn´t know what to think and what to do. He´s terrified their friendship is destroy [...]

    9. I love Jeremy and Alan their best friends that do everything together including groupiesJeremy has loved Alan for the better part of a decade and after an encounter in the dark Alan can't stop thinking about his buddyJenna did great with this rock star friends to lovers story and she picked some great songs all the way throughWitty and sexy the Bulletproof guys are one of my favorite fictional rock bands.

    10. Band mates Alan and Jeremy have been best friends since they were 14. Jeremy has been in love with Alan since they were 18, but never said anything because he didn't think he reciprocated those feelings and didn't want to ruin their friendship. Although they never fooled around with or touched each other, they regularly shared groupies while on tour. Until the day of the accidental blowjob, the best of Alan's life. The book is mainly about them trying to figure out their new relationship. Do the [...]

    11. Friends to lovers and a rockstar romance all wrapped up in one? Yep, I’m right there! The fact that this is set in the Bulletproof world, a series of which I’m already a fan…that just made me snap this one up that much quicker. Jenna Galicki sure didn’t disappoint either—there’s heat, angst, tension, excitement and plenty of drama to be found…along with some real feelings and emotion that the characters are not sure what to do with.I adored Jeremy. There nothing quite like a charac [...]

    12. **)4.5 Bulletproof Stars.•.•*) .•*)(.• (.•`*How to ruin a 14-year friendship.The boys are back in town!! Bulletproof is back, and this time best friends Alan and Jeremy are providing the heat. Friends to lovers stories are always tricky, and with so much confusion and secrets, this was was right on the money.Who doesn't love a book about best friends forever, rock bands and more action than they can handle. Alan and Jeremy was all about sharing. Heck, they were legends in their own rig [...]

    13. 4.5 Bassist With Benefits StarsI have been a fan of Jenna Galicki’s for a long time. I think I have almost read everything she has written. So I have been looking forward to this book since reading Cam and Brandon. :) I have to say this story was so touching and scorching, fans self it will knock you off your socks. If you have read the other books in this series, heck even if you haven’t Alan and Jeremy tell their story of falling how in love with your best-friend isn't always easy but it m [...]

    14. I'm voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.Jeremy has been in love with his best friend and band mate since he was a teenager. They have always been involved in group activities in the bedroom, but never together. That was a line they never drew, until it happened one night accidentally. All of their dynamics changed with that one incident, and neither knew how to move forward from it. There was a lot of the stereotypical rocker behavior (drugs, alcohol, and [...]

    15. I love the Bulletproof series and not only do we get to see how the band and their restaurants have grown, we get to see more Cam and Brandon (let’s not forget Brandy) and then we see the story behind Alan and Jeremy. BF since children and bandmates plus sharing men can equal a disaster waiting to happen you can say. Alan and Jeremy have never been together in an intimate way and this all blows up when in a dark room one day. How do you recover from this especially when one of them have hidden [...]

    16. ***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*What would you risk for a chance with the person you love and have loved for years? Would you risk your happiness, a friendship, your heart? I can’t give you that answer because for every person, every relationship that answer will be different. In Bassist With Benefits this is what Jeremy and Alan must not only face but overcome if they want to have a relationship, one that is more than just a friendship.I enjoyed thi [...]

    17. I haven't read the first two books in this series so I cannot speak to their quality or content. I can, however, say that after reading Bassist with Benefits, I went to and bought both books. The premise is not a new one, best friend to love/lover, but the underlying storyline is new to me. I enjoyed the brutal honesty of the dynamics of the life of a heavy metal band. They work hard and play harder. Random, frequent hookups, drugs everywhere you look and the excitement that surrounds their liv [...]

    18. I spent last weekend on tour with Bulletproof and I'm heartbroken that I have to wait a year to get more. I love this band!So far this series so far has revolved around Brandon and Cam. However the latest release, Bassist with Benefits dives into the complicated relationship between best friends, Alan and Jeremy. And it's freaking hot.Sweet Jesus. I just need a moment to fan myself thinking about these two.Ok.  Here's the deal.  Childhood friends and now bandmates, these two have been sharing [...]

    19. 'Bassist With Benefits' is the third book in Jenna Galicki's Bulletproof Series. Reading all three books in a week I think Jenna Galicki is now one of my favourite authors of 2017. I love her writing style, this book as with the others in the series, was easy to read, the characters adorable and chemistry was beyond HOT. There is definately alot of sex, drugs and rock & roll.This is a best friends to lovers story. Jeremy, Bass Guitarist, and Alan, Drummer, with rock group Bulletproof have be [...]

    20. I haven't read much m/m and I'm new to this author as well but I really enjoyed the story. I do have a soft spot for rock stars and this story was full of them. Jeremy and Alan have been best friends they grew up together and enjoy sharing everything from fame to men. We all know rock stars love hot sex and sometimes with more then one person. During a night full of sex and rock and roll the line is crossed and feelings are pushed to the surface. Of course after that everything changes which is [...]

    21. Jenna Galicki Does It AgainA true friends to band mates to lovers story from the Queen of M/M romance. Alan and Jeremy have always been there for each other from their early teens when they came out, to becoming the pulse of the group Bulletproof. While bringing groupies to the bus or back to their hotel rooms for group sex was the norm, interaction with each other was a line that they never crossed, until it happened, in the dark. Following Alan and Jeremy's path to love isn't easy as doubts an [...]

    22. Bassists with Benefits is the third book in the Bulletproof series but it can be read as a standalone. Jeremy and Alan have been best friends since childhood. They share everything, including men. They are known for their wild romps with their groupies. They kid around a lot and make sexual innuendos to each other but they have never crossed that line in the bedroom. One night in a dark room changes everything. Will they be able to transition from best friends to a romantic relationship? This is [...]

    23. This is the third book in the series but can be read as a standalone. I have read all of them and Jeremy and Alan are my favourite couple now. I did enjoy seeing Cam and Brandon. This is a friends to lovers with some drama. I enjoyed the flow of this book. It took a few different sets of circumstances to get them together. I enjoyed the interaction between the two Mcs the laughing the joking and the ribbing. It was good getting snippets of their friendship through the years too. I'm glad it wasn [...]

    24. Bassist with the Banefits is the third book in the Bulletproof Series. This is a friends to lovers about Bass Guitarist Jeremy and Drummer Alan. I loved the interaction between them they were fun and very hot together and Ienjoyed how there relationship developed as they worked there issues out to get there happy-ending.I also enjoyed how the other band members interacted and would love to read Derek's story.Overall A Highly Recommend, Fun, Very Hot Enjoyable story. I will be looking for the nex [...]

    25. Hot friends to lovers This friends to lovers book in a rock star setting is awesomen( and totally hot)Jeremy have been in love with his friend and band member Alan since they were 18, but have settled for being his friend and the threesomes were they share a woman. But in the dark it's hard to see who's who and when they share a mind blowing experience it's hard for Alan to wrap his head around the fact that Jeremy might be something more than his best friend. I really love the dynamic and attra [...]

    26. Friends to lovers. Hot and heavy.The band mates who play together, well, play together. Notorious for sharing men in the bedroom, Jeremy and Alan have never crossed the line with each other. Until one night changes everything. One of them has been in love with the other for a long time, the other has some catching up to do. Confused and scared by these new found feelings, there is lots of pushing and pulling between the two of them.There was an incredible rush and energy in Jeremy and Alan's sto [...]

    27. This was a DNF for me. I adore rock star books, and friends to lovers is one of my very favourite genres, but I gave up - eventually - at 60% I just did not care at all about either of the MCs, and frankly wanted to give them a good slap.Disappointed, and I can see that it gets great reviews from a lot of people, but this was really sloppy imo. I very rarely DNF a book, so I feel bad rating it so lowly, but in all honestly I couldn't do anything else.

    28. What a lovable couple. Both Jeremy and Alan are so thickheaded and stubborn with so many things that when they finally saw the light I cheered. The camaraderie between all the band mates was perfect, especially with all the witty banter you still felt the love they all have for each other. I never read the first two books of this series, but I will correcting that shortly. After reading this book I am now interested in Cam and Brandon, and the wait for Derek's story has me wriggling in my seat.

    29. Brandon, Cam and the boys of Bulletproof are back in this full length novel. They are now on tour and every night is a party. Jeremy and Alan are up to their old tricks on the road of having three and more somes. They touch the other men, but not each other. It's their one unspoken rule. Hands on the extras, and not on each other. They have been best friends since they were kids, and nothing will change that. Or is there something unspoken going on? Find out in this awesome read!!!

    30. Thank you Jenna! You have done it again! I love this friends to lovers story. Jeremy & Alan are great. They're best friend but there is much more going on between these two, then they are willing to admitwell Jeremy has admitted it but when will Alan? Hot & Sexy is all I can say. The banter between this band is amazing. They are fun and extremely hot guys and this was such a great read! I can't wait for Derek's story.

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