Betrothed to the Badman

Betrothed to the Badman COMING October Devyn O Neil princess of the Irish Mob was raised to know her place Marrying a man of her father s choosing has always been her fate Yet she never imagined that one day she d

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  • Title: Betrothed to the Badman
  • Author: Hayley Faiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: None
  • COMING October 23, 2017Devyn O Neil, princess of the Irish Mob, was raised to know her place Marrying a man of her father s choosing has always been her fate Yet, she never imagined that one day she d play the part of a pawn between men on the verge of war She never dreamed she d be betrothed to a Russian badman.Timofei Vetrov, son of New York s Bratva king, grew up toCOMING October 23, 2017Devyn O Neil, princess of the Irish Mob, was raised to know her place Marrying a man of her father s choosing has always been her fate Yet, she never imagined that one day she d play the part of a pawn between men on the verge of war She never dreamed she d be betrothed to a Russian badman.Timofei Vetrov, son of New York s Bratva king, grew up to be a bad boy prince Taking for granted his life of privilege, he scoffed at the rules and did as he pleased When the Irish murdered his mother, her death changed everything He never dreamed he d one day be king He never imagined such a loss would thrust him into the role of a real man A marriage, meant to unite the Irish with the Russians and forge a bond of peace, soon becomes much The fathers that bind them together cannot foresee the strength that Timofei and Devyn can uncover in their union Together, their love has the potential to change the game entirely yet it is a force that can only be reckoned with once found Recommended for readers 18 due to Language, Sexual Content, and Violence

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    1. Eight volumes in and I'm just as hooked on these Badmen as I was in book 1!! Devyn is young, a bit naive. She is unsure of expectations, but has the strength to tell Timofei what she wants. On the surface it seems that she was the princess of the Irish mob, but things are not all they seem.Timofei is hardened, but has a soft side. He is patient, and knows how to coax her strong side out from behind her shyness! Much like Devyn it seemed he was the prince of the Russian Mafia, until a tragic inci [...]

    2. I can't believe we are getting to the end of this series!! I have loved every single story and this one was no exception. Devyn was so young but she had a good head on her shoulders. She knew what was expected of her and she followed the rules for the most part. What I loved about her was that she did stand up for herself while still trying to be the wife she thought was expected of her. Timofei was instantly attracted to her and he was so good for her. He encouraged her to speak her mind. I tho [...]

    3. Raw, Intense, compelling, widely-delicious, no one writes sexy hot alpha asshole mafia men like Hayley review to come!

    4. This is Timofei’s and Devyn’s story. I’ve “watched” Timofei evolve throughout the series. He’s matured so much since his days of running around and partying! I could hardly wait for his story! With everything this kid went through (seven prior stories) in this series, I expected a stronger tale. He deserved a stronger story. His heroine is on point. Perfect for Timofei. But I don’t know this Timofei. I expected a darker element in his personality. I expected a bigger and darker “ [...]

    5. I've been reading the beautiful, & brilliant Hayley Faiman since the very first book of the Russian Bratva (and actually I was reading her before this series), and have LOVED EVERY ONE OF THEM! And even though I can't help but to fan girl gush about one of my favorite authors at the top of my list, I do have a point, which is I've been waiting for Timofei's story since he first made an appearance in the series, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! Timofei Vetrov is the son of the very [...]

    6. Love and passion.4.5 starsI have not read any books by this author before and have clearly missed a treat since this is the eighth book in this series. fortunately it was not necessary to read the previous stories to understand the plot but I suspect the same characters feature throughout the course of the series and for that reason alone I wish I had started from the beginning The writing is fluent and expressive.d the world in which the characters interact feels realistice two main characters [...]

    7. Even though Devyn was so young at eighteen she was definitely more mature than some previous women in this series. It did help that she has known a little of the mob life and what is expected of her. That made her perfect for Timofei. And while Timofei is as arrogant and controlling as all the Russian Bratva men, he seemed to be a bit gentler while dealing with his young wife. The storyline of Timofei taking over, dealing with his crazy father and Devyn's crazy father, was brilliant! I couldn't [...]

    8. Do you FLOVE sexy badmen who are devoted to the women in their lives? Yes? This story is perfect for you then. This book is an amazing bratva/mob book. What will you find in this book? A sexy as hell hot bratva leader, a sassy and sexy female to match him, some explosive and sensual scenes, mystery, and tons and ton and did I mention tons? Of heat! If you love mafia/mob romances as much as I do, then don’t hesitate to pick up this book. This book is a standalone in the series. I have only read [...]

    9. Hayley Faiman has done it again Betrothed to the Badman is one fantastic read , can be read as a standalone but I'll suggest that you read Forever my Badman before you start this or you can read all of the Russian Bratva series you wont regret it . After the last book I was so excited to see Timofeis story and to see him finally take his father down and to see how he'd react to his betrothed in person. When these two are faced with one another they feel an unexpected spark and a attraction that [...]

    10. Rating: 4.5 StarsAuthor has posted a copy of a contract which was an interesting way to start off this book.Timofei “Fei” Vetrov is not happy with his current situation. Devyn “Devvy” O’Neil is a little apprehensive about her current situation. Our author is very good at creating the frustration that Devvy must feel about the whole thing. She’s also very good about showing how the men in their world have a hard time in shutting off the outside when their business seems so much a part [...]

    11. Timofei and Devyn was arranged to be married by their father. Devyn was only 15 and Timofei 24. He couldnt give a shit about her and continues fucking their wedding planner. Once he saw her at their engagement party, dressed like a slut, he kissed her hard and he kept her dick in his pants for her only. Seems like the asshole has been enthralled by her huh. They get married and went to France for their honeymoon. He was hot then cold with her. Fucking her against the railing of their apartment l [...]

    12. I got so hooked on this series, it's not even funny. This book was SO. GOOD!!!I'll start by saying that, even though you could probably read this as a standalone, you'd be really missing out on an awesome story line if you do. This is book 8 in the series and it definitely continues what happened in the previous books. This is the story of Timofei, Russian Bratva crown prince, and Devyn, his Irish princess child bride. We knew from couple of books ago that their respective fathers had drawn a co [...]

    13. Well I expected nothing less than the best from Mrs. Faiman and she definitely didn't disappoint with this book. I really couldn't wait for this book. I've kind of been waiting for this book since back in book four or five. I really enjoyed Timofei and Devyn in this book. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with their relationship. I wasn't quite sure if I would love or hate them together. Especially since they didn't know each other at all. But I really liked them together. Timofei has a lot res [...]

    14. Betrothed to the Badman is AMAZIN! I don’t ever want to stop reading the books that Hayley Faiman takes out, each book is so different, each book has its own story, and each book is just really good.Betrothed to the Badman is about Timofei and Devyn. From the moment that Devyn was 16 she was (by her father) engaged to Timofei, Timofei isn’t very happy about this arrangement he doesn’t want to marry someone who he just simply is a “child” and someone who he doesn’t like. But when Timo [...]

    15. Betrothed to the Badman is AMAZIN! I don’t ever want to stop reading the books that Hayley Faiman takes out, each book is so different, each book has its own story, and each book is just really good. Betrothed to the Badman is about Timofei and Devyn. From the moment that Devyn was 16 she was (by her father) engaged to Timofei, Timofei isn’t very happy about this arrangement he doesn’t want to marry someone who he just simply is a “child” and someone who he doesn’t like. But when Tim [...]

    16. Didn't finish itWhat a polite mafia prince we had here "eye roll". He asks people for lifts and hires bodyguards. "More eye roll". I thought I'd give another book in this series one more go (since it's free on unlimited) and because the plot always sounds interesting. But it's nothing but betrayal and suspicions amongst each other. I prefer to read mafia books that show absolute loyalty with each other and let the war/action be with other organisations. I also like to see the power and respect t [...]

    17. I haven't read Hayley's mafia series and I am left wondering why? I absolutely loved this book. The characters and what they were going through kept me completely engrossed in this book. I really didn't want to put it down until I found out what was going to happen. This book was dark, gritty and left my emotions completely raw. Everything they go through leaning about each other and what they have been through, especially Devyn, made me want to find out if she will ever find happiness, if Timof [...]

    18. All Good ThingsLove this book and series! This book takes you on a whirlwind ride, secrets at every turn, deception, people are not who they appear to be and bombshell surprises. Hayley does this well, a plot driven storyline and characters that are strong and complex. I love the transformation of Timofei from feeling entitled into a confident, consequential man that is ready to lead out of necessity and birthright. Devyn flourishes, gains confidence, takes her control, gets revenge to take her [...]

    19. Betrothed to the BadmanBy: Hayley Faiman⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie KA dark and sinfully decadent treat from the incredible Hayley Faiman…Those of us entranced by Ms. Faiman’s dark and sexy stories will not be disappointed with Betrothed to the Badman. With a deeply ingrained mob storyline bridging from the Irish mob to the Russian bratva, this story and it’s characters burrow deep in your soul, demanding nothing less than your full attention and all the heart and emotion [...]

    20. Raw, gritty and compelling those are just some of the words that I would describe Ms. Faiman’s writing. Devyn is promised to Timofei at the ripe old age of fifteen. Their arranged marriage doesn’t take place until she is eighteen years old. She is instructed by her father, the head of the Irish mob on Staten Island, to be meek and submissive in her marriage to Timofei as he would expect her to be. Timofei’s father is the head of the Russian Bravata in Brighton Beach. Both of their fathers [...]

    21. On the outside looking in, Devyn O'Neil is an 18 year old Irish mob princess but looks can be deceiving . Timofei is a 28 year Russian prince with an exterior as hard as granite and no worries in the world, again looks are deceiving. Devyn is contracted on her 18 th birthday to wed Timofei to join the Irish with the Russian mob, but that wasn't all that was intended. Between his father and her father their are other agendas.Both Devyn and Timofei learn to trust each other and together hurdle ove [...]

    22. This story was crazy!!! Fei and Devvy Their sick arranged marriage by two demented parents was doomed from the start but somehow these two end up falling madly in love and over coming all kinds of unbelievable obstacles. Timofie is a different person in this installment he's no longer the spoiled Bratva prince and some of the things he's done will shock the crap out of you. This story has tons of plot twists and turns that will blow your mind. be prepared for disturbing underlying story lines. A [...]

    23. This is the 8th book in this awesome series. Devyn is the Princess of the Irish mob, and Timofel is the son of the Bratva King. Together their betrothal was meant to forge peace and unite the Irish and the Russians. Can their love survive the twists and conflict? No spoilers; this is a must read, you will not be disappointed!Once again Hayley has written an all consuming storyline, which had me hooked and intrigued from the beginning. I highly recommend this authors’ work for all readers, and [...]

    24. Amazing SeriesFei and Devvy are another super couple in this Badman series’s hard to believe only one more book left. sad this story, Timofei signs a contract to be wed to Devvy when she is only 15 be carried out on her 18th birthdayhoping to bring the Irish and Russians togethere terms, history and storylines are all on point in every book of this seriese sex scenes are all different and not cliche well not overpoweringa great blend of sexy times and story telling

    25. omg hayley faiman has done it again and made me fall in love with another bravata man. i loved this story. Timofei has the weight of the world on his shoulders butso does devyn. they are contracted to each other and when they meet there is intsant sparks. they are determined to make it work even though so many forces are trying to break them apart. they stand strong and united and defeat all odd. they are fei and devvy and i absolutely fell in love with their story

    26. First offat cover is just put it nicely NOT APPROPRIATE.I wish she had just had a suited guy from neck below with simply the book's title because this cover is just I can't even look at it. The model is no way near any way remotely close to what Timofei is said to be. Ahhh why why dear author why. Now the story it started off good but then it's sex sex sex sex rude ahole demonstration then sex sex and that's it.

    27. Holy Cow!!! What am emotional ride through family betrayal and love.This was my first Russian Bratva story and now I am mad at myself for not reading them before. I loved Timofei and Devyn's story so much that I read it in one sitting. I am going to read the rest of the series and cannot wait for what's next.An ARC was kindly provided in exchange for a honest review by Patrizia's Book Blog.

    28. his book was amazing. in this series, I waited a really long time for this book to come out. their story intrigued me from the very beginning. their story about brings two families to get her and I think that is an amazing thing. there is so much that happens in this book. the main girl is a badass and I would go crazy too if that happened to me. I can not wait for the next one in the series. must read this book.

    29. Nyet, it can't be over?! 😭Now what ---I can't wait til February 😂🤦🏻‍♀️On a serious note---I've thoroughly enjoyed each & every book in the seriesjust when I think I have a favorite I think no way they're ALL so good. The men are hot. Their possessive/alphaness is hote sex is hot-duh! But overall this book really said it all---the bratva women are strong! I love my fierce heroines--- although not on the Melody Callahan (ruthless people series) level I still dig it. Until nex [...]

    30. I really enjoyed this one. Timofei was so wild in the earlier books, I could t wait for a woman to settle him down and Devyn was perfect for it. I liked the instant attraction now that they're both adults and I really liked seeing how the whole area developed and changed with the differ t families. Great story! Can't wait for the next one.

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