On the Way to Wedding

On the Way to Wedding Unlike most men of his acquaintance Gregory Bridgerton is a firm believer in true love he is just biding his time until the right woman comes along But when she appears in the rather lovely form of L

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  • Title: On the Way to Wedding
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780749936907
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unlike most men of his acquaintance, Gregory Bridgerton is a firm believer in true love he is just biding his time until the right woman comes along But when she appears in the rather lovely form of Lucinda Abernathy, Gregory is dismayed to discover that she is set to marry another man.

    One thought on “On the Way to Wedding”

    1. Being the one of the youngest of the famous Bridgerton family, Gregory is laid back, charming and a romantic. Believing in love, he awaits for the day when he finds his soul mate. When he’s knocked off his feet after meeting a beautiful woman , he knows it’s love and goes out to win his lady love, only to find out she’s in love with someone else, and to make matters even more complex his lady love’s best friend tries to help which ends up even more complex When Lucy Abernathy ends up fal [...]

    2. Rename this book "On the Way to Too Much Internal Dialog"Read this as part of a personal challenge to actually finish series this year rather than going from book to book and forgetting deetsSeries: Yep and it' the last one! I did it. I feel a party coming on. Sexy times: Barely. As in super barely. As in really super barely especially for a Julia Quinn. As in this is the least sexy times of the entire series, I believe.Plan on reading more by the author: Oh sure.Synopsis: Gregory sees the love [...]

    3. I must be weird because I liked it more at the beginning, while Gregory was in love with Lucy's friend. I liked their easy relationship, their friendship, their openness. But I didn't feel any chemistry between them to make me long for them to become a couple. Gregory was just not hero material for me and though Lucy was grounded and straight-forward, I didn't care for her much. And I felt that it dragged a lot towards the ending. The whole 'oh, we can't be together', 'no, I'll find a way, love [...]

    4. Reading this book was so bittersweet because I knew it was the end to the Bridgertonseries, yet at the same time, I simply had to read it! I’ve been putting off the last two books, not wanting the series to come to an end, but I just had to see how things ended up for Gregory, too. After finishing It’s In His Kiss which I adored, I had such high expectations for this book, maybe too high, because unfortunately,On the Way to the Wedding just didn’t quite live up to them. Don’t get me wron [...]

    5. Ok, I am only slow at updating this because I needed to find a way to be nice about this book. But really, I shouldn't have waited because I almost forgot what this book was even about. Goes to tell you, this ain't that great.Gregory, the last of the Bridgertons, believes in love - true love, all-consuming love, love so strong that you wouldn't even be able to breath without their reciprocation. Which makes it really crazy when he falls for Hermione, a woman who has already lost her heart to her [...]

    6. E com isto digo adeus a família bridgerton, estou triste sim, pois é o último de uma série que gostei muito, e finalmente é o fim eu tinha este livro na estante desde que ele saiu cá em Portugal, mas estava sem coragem de ler, eu não queria dizer adeus aos bridgertons queria continuar com as histórias até com os filho deles, mas infelizmente isso não vai acontecer. Então lá consegui tomar coragem e iniciar a leitura, eu tenho um problema sempre que leio um livro da Júlia Quinn, as p [...]

    7. shamelessromancereviewsspOn the way to the wedding is about the last lone unmarried Bridgerton Gregory. I was lucky enough to literally stumble across this series when a GR friend did a review on book 6 in the series.Gregory, the true romantic. And why shouldn’t he be. After seeing his 7 brothers and sisters all famously wed with disgustingly happy love matches – it is only to be expected that he to would expect no less. And when that happens he in convinced that is going to be a ‘boom’ [...]

    8. I really liked it. It was a sweet story. Maybe I didn't buy that the hero and heroine had some grand, larger-than-life love, as the story tried to convince us of near the end, but it was heartwarming and a lovely read. Now that I've finished the entire series, I'm going to rate the Bridgerton novels in order of how much I enjoyed them. I was going to recommend all but the final two books on my list, but I supposeThe Duke and I, which I don't like, is a must-read as it's the very first Bridgerton [...]

    9. Opsss I skipped Hyacinth's book Shame on me!For me this was the worst one I couldn't for the love of me like neither the hero nor the heroine, even if I liked her better but still I dodn't enjoyed this book as much the first few of the series.Both Gregory and Lucy were too juvenile, sometimes too stupid. Greagory couldn't decide what he wanted, or, better, who he wanted! I hated this! First he was creazy in love with Hermione (by the way, I couldn't stop immaging her like Hermione from Harry Pot [...]

    10. What the hell did I just read? Besides 300+ pages of utter nonsense. Why Julia Quinn, WHY?I wish I could say I enjoyed SOMETHING about this book, but I can’t. Even the Bridgerton family cameos offered little relief from the madness of the plot and the blehness of the main couple. Although, okay, I will admit to laughing my ass off when Gregory tied Lucy up and hid her in a water closet. Yes. That is a thing that actually happens. Don’t even get me started on how everyone fell in love with th [...]

    11. On the Way to the Wedding is the final book in Julia Quinn's Bridgertons series. Unfortunately this book did not have the same magic for me as the others in the series had. Usually the Bridgertons has some kind of quirky opening that hooks you from the first few pages. Here it had an interesting prologue but after that it's all about Gregory and his obsession with a young woman after viewing the back of her neck. Granted it sounds kind of sweet but really the further you get into the book, the m [...]

    12. 4.5 starsI went into this book wary. Wary because Gregory is the Bridgerton brother that I knew the least about as he was hardly ever in the other books, and I had a bad experience with Francesca for the same reason (and because I just didn't like her). But, I ended up really enjoying the book. It was not without its flaws, of course, but I still liked it.Gregory is the youngest Bridgerton male and the seventh of eight children. As I said, I did not know him very well at the start, and it didn't [...]

    13. Bueno, ya he finalizado esta serie (a falta de algún que otro epílogo y creo que un libro nuevo de esta saga que pronto se publicará) y me ha encantado. Este último libro ha sido el colofón final y puedo decir que uno de los mejores, le daría el primer puesto junto a la novela de Colin y el segundo puesto sería para la novela que tiene como protagonista a Eloise.“Buscando esposa” es el libro más romántico de la serie como su protagonista Gregory Bridgerton, un hombre que cree en el [...]

    14. 3.5*Review completa em: pepitamagica/2016/Full review: pepitamagica/2016/()Este livro deixou algo a desejar na maioria do tempo, apesar de ser bom voltar a ver personagens que se tornaram tão queridas para mim ao longo do tempo. Aqui, Gregory, o homem mais novo dos irmãos Bridgertons (Hyacinth é a mais nova de todos os irmãos), anda à procura do amor que todos os seus familiares conseguiram encontrar. E pensa que quando isso acontecer, vai ser como se um raio o atingisse e puff!, ele e a su [...]

    15. I liked this book -- but -- it isn't my favorite of the Bridgerton books. This one is about the last unmarried Bridgerton -- Gregory. He is the one who believes wholeheartedly in love because he's seen all of his brothers and sisters find it. However -- for someone who has observed the phenomenon so often -- he appears very, very naïve about it. Most of the characters weren't well fleshed out.

    16. Realmente aún estoy en duda de si dejar una estrella o dos ya que el libro me ha decepcionado muchísimo. Para mí, personalmente, no ha sido un buen cierre de serie y no sé si es que los personajes no me hacían tilín, Gregory no me convencía su caracter o al ser el más pequeño y el que menos hemos conocido durante la serie pues casi que me daba todo igual (?)He echado en falta esa autora que tanto me gusta con sus diálogos tan divertidos y unos personajes que tienen una labia con la que [...]

    17. Gregory Bridgerton, um romântico incurável, sempre soube que encontrar o amor era apenas uma questão de tempo nunca lhe passou pela cabeça foi que, quando encontrasse a mulher da sua vida, ela poderia não corresponder Já Lucinda Abernathy, bem mais pragmática que o nosso herói, não está interessada nos disparates do amor até porque, como tantas (!) vezes nos faz saber, já está praticamente noiva Mas quando Hermione, amiga de Lucy, deixa Gregory com o coração destroçado ela decid [...]

    18. I'm sad that I just finished the last Bridgerton book:( I tried to wait as long as I could because I just didn't want this series to end. And now it's done.e the tantrum.Well, it's no secret by now that I LOVE the Bridgertons. So it comes as no surprise that I loved this one starring Gregory & Lucy. Gregory was just a child during the other books so I didn't know what kind of man he grew up to be. Not that I expected anything less than lovely, sarcastic, fun, handsome, etc he is a Bridgerton [...]

    19. Still an absolute 5-star read the second time around!! Original review (from 2014) below: This is the eighth and final book in the Bridgerton series (well, apart from the epilogues) and tells the story of the youngest son, Gregory. After seeing all his siblings so successfully matched, Gregory has grown into a true romantic, believing that true love exists and conquers all. He patiently waits to meet his one true love, convinced that he would "just know the one" the instant he sees her.JQ explor [...]

    20. OH no. no more Bridgertons for me, what will I do know? I really loved this series. Each of them were unique and special for me.This book had a slow beginning, even a bit annoying. It took me a lot to get to the good part of the book, maybe half the book. But the second part was really intense. That's why I can't give 5 stars to this book, but if it wasn't for the beginning I would definitely have because it was a terrific story.Gregory was an ass at the beginning but then he was so sweet and ca [...]

    21. I've been dreading to reading to read this last book in one of my fave series of all time. I love the Bridgertons especially their mother, Violet. :) Anyway, I've read poor reviews for Gregory's story that's why I was dreading to read it but then I know I have to pick it up eventually. And thus eventually came.I understand the reviews. The first half of the book was totally frown-worthy. Gregory Bridgerton seems like a starnger to me. Where was the guy I met in the previous books The guy who was [...]

    22. 4,5 stars for me :))illekitap/2013/04Ve Bridgerton'ların son kitabı Bu seri bitti diye cidden çok üzüldüm çünkü gerçekten çok eğlenceli ve keyifli bir aileydi ve dolayısıyla çok da güzel bir seri olmuştu.Bu kitapta tek evlenmeyen kalan kardeş Gregory'i okuyoruz. Kişiliği kitabı eğlenceli hale getirmişti hele ki Hermione, Lucy ve Gregory üçlüsünün bulunduğu sayfalar muhteşemdi. Ancak son bölümde kahkahalar attım. Yazar dört yüz küsürlük sayfanın sanki bütü [...]

    23. Gregory is hit by love and he totally embraces it. He may not have been expecting it right at that moment, but it's what he wants in his life. I loved the interaction between Gregory and Lucy as he tries to win Hermione's affections. But at the same time I wanted to shout at him-- Helloooo look beneath the surface. I feel that Ms. Quinn's focus is the love story and the relationship between the 2 main characters. Because of that I felt the circumstances behind Lucy's marriage to Lord Haselby wer [...]

    24. 3.5 stars, good but not as kickin' as the previous books. Love Julia Quinn's writing, as always, but this one is not exactly my favorite. Mostly because the lack of drama and the wittiness that I always expect from the heroine of this series. So yeah, overall it's a good book but definitely could be better. Look forward to read more from Julia Quinn!!

    25. I had this book on my kindle since January because I purchased the whole series around the same time. I couldn't bring myself to read it due to three reasons.1. The quality of books in this series devolved in descending order by that logic this would be the worst of the series. 2. The reviews mentioned that the romance does not begin until about 50% of the book.3. This was the last of the Bridgerton series and I love this family because it is a mirror image of mine and I didn't want part with th [...]

    26. What happened? I love the Bridgerton family! They are witty, funny, sharp. However, it seems that Quinn wanted to just hurry up and be done with the series and move on. Unlike the rest of the siblings, I found Gregory to be an undeveloped character. I didn't feel like I got to know him at all. And Lucy fell a bit flat too. When the H/h fall in love, it's not very convincing and a little hard to trust. I also found myself skimming a bit through the self-narration. I NEVER do that with Julia Quinn [...]

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