Safely Home

Safely Home A soul stirring story of two college friends who reconnect after years One is living life apart from God in comfortable corporate America while the other is living for Christ under intense persecu

  • Title: Safely Home
  • Author: Randy Alcorn
  • ISBN: 9780842359917
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • A soul stirring story of two college friends who reconnect after 20 years One is living life apart from God in comfortable corporate America, while the other is living for Christ under intense persecution in China This challenging book will convict the heart of readers to live in the light of eternity.

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    1. I've seen a number of Randy Alcorn's books around and have read a few of his non-fiction in the past, someone recommended this book which looked interesting. Alcorn's focus in most of his writing tends to be on heaven--one of his better known books is simply entitled Heaven. Although, this is fiction it deals with the same subject from a slightly different angle.Ben (American) and Quan (Chinese) end up studying together in America and become firm friends. They have both made professions of faith [...]

    2. MY REVIEWNever did I think I would say "You HAVE to read this!" about a fictional bookbut neither had I read Safely Home. This book is about two men who were roommates and friends in college but now are two worlds apart and haven't been in-touch for twenty years. When their paths finally cross once again they realize that they are two worlds apart spiritually speaking. As the story unfolds you find your self face-to-face with the persecuted church of China and the amazing love of a Savior and Ki [...]

    3. Fiction, a story of two Harvard roommates; one American, one Chinese re-united to let Randy Alcorn spin out all this wonderful information about what God is doing in the Chinese Church (which seems to be more healthy that the American church).I found myself refering to Jesus as "Yesu" (his Chinese name) after reading this book out of my love and awe for the Lord of the Chinese church. I wanted to follow this wonderful master after reading about his faithfulness to Chinese saints.My copy loaned f [...]

    4. Quite a powerful book and very eye opening. I kept wondering if these things are still going on today in China and other countries. It is one of those books that makes you want to take some time to look at yourself, assess your relationship with God, and make some changes.

    5. This is one of the most impactful books I've read in my life. If you are a Christian and you read at all, or even if you don't usually read, this is one book you must read. It will challange you.

    6. Thank you Jamie for this book. I loved it. It was very well written and the message was beautiful. As Christians we know that in the days prior to the Second Coming of the Savior that there will be persecutions of the righteous. It helps us remember that the fight against Satan is real and that we need to be spiritually prepared for the battle as well as ready and willing to take Missionary work to all nations despite the costs.

    7. I read this book about 10 years ago, and have just finished reading it aloud a second time to my daughter. Generally I would only read a book twice if it were a stellar classic. I cannot say that about this book--- fine literature it is not. But it strips away my complacency on the issue of persecution of political and religious dissidents in China. It is successful in that it will not allow me to forget those imprisoned for their faith, those who desperately need to be brought before the public [...]

    8. Randy Alcorn is one of my favorite writers and I really enjoyed this novel of his. It mostly takes place in mainland China , or Communist China. It tells of the persecution of underground churches by the atheistic government. I used to live in Taiwan and I also understood some of the Mandarin Chinese used by the people of Taiwan and by the mainland. Mr. Alcorn mentions some the Chinese characters which brought back memories of my experience among the Chinese people. It has been more than 20 year [...]

    9. I appreciated the uncomfortable focus of this book on the persecuted church. Never read a novel on this theme before and I was moved and challenged by the end to pray more for those who don't have as many freedoms as I do. As usual, Alcorn's writing is interesting and easy to read, though at times a bit cliche. It was pointed out to me that his characterization of the Chinese isn't quite authentic, but more "American" which I could see as I listened to this story.

    10. Kindle FreebieWake up call to awareness of persecution of Christians in China. I enjoy Randy Alcorn’s non fiction books, Heaven is a favorite. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him with fiction, it was touching and life changing. My emotions were all over the place. Highly recommend!

    11. I did not care for the audio book reader at all. The story itself, however, is compelling. It was heart breaking to see what is going on in the persecuted church and how 'soft' the American church can be. Alcorn gives us glimpses into what could be happening in heaven while Christ's work is being carried out on earth.Listened with my 11 yr old son, Lincoln, while driving to and from baseball practice.2018 - A book with a two word title

    12. Initial thoughts straight after reading this book: This book is absolutely incredible. Gah. I have no words. It's so beautiful, and heart-wrenching, and challenging and awe-inspiring. It makes me realise just how blessed I am to live in a country with very little persecution, and it made me long for heaven. Our God is powerful and mighty and so very loving above all else and he will return for his people! Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quicklyUpdated official review on the 17/02/18: This book. Ga [...]

    13. What do you get when you take the vice president of Getz International, who is an atheist, and drop him into rural China with his old roommate, who is a staunch Christian? In this book, we meet Ben Fielding, who from the outside has the world by the tail. He is the vice president, is on track to be CEO, and has everything that money can buy. What he also has is a divorce, a broken family, and a feeling of desperation. No matter how hard he works, he is never happy. Even when he gets the things t [...]

    14. I didn't know this was Christian fiction when I started reading. It was just some book lying around the house; maybe someone gave it to us or left it here. The cover was very intriguing, and as a former graphic designer, I appreciate the value of a good "face."The description (through plot lines) of religious persecution in China was really interesting - as well as shocking, maddening and depressing. The author seems to be quite educated in this realm - lots of details and history.The story itse [...]

    15. Wow. This book was absolutely wonderful, and very easily one of the best "serious" fiction books I have read in a while. I'm not going to give a whole overview because I don't want to spoil it. While I could see some of the plot twists coming, there were others that I didn't see. The central characters were all well-rounded, and China, the government, etc. all felt very real. The contrast between the American, Ben, and the Chinese, Quan, was quite marked in mannerisms and such. I liked the contr [...]

    16. This book was given to me as a birthday gift when I was at university (as the Brits would say), and at the time, I really loved it. It was during a time when what occupied my mind a lot was doing missions and traveling. It was very well-written and the descriptions of modern China were pretty accurate. This book made me cry a lot, though I do realize after reading it that there was a lot of posed sentimentality in its, which makes for bad literature. This is personal to me, I know, but it made m [...]

    17. I rarely read fiction, except for Frank Perreti books, Alcorn's book, DEADLINE, THE SHACK and this book. SAFELY HOME was very meaningful to me because I have some friends who have actually smuggled American "greenbacks" into China in money belts to help house church families whose husbands and fathers are in prison and I have heard many stories from them of the persecution of saints in China. Also, I had spent time in the military in Asia and knew of martyrs and homeless families due to Christia [...]

    18. This book is absolutely life changing!  One you have to read before you leave this earth.  It will change the way you see things. 

    19. One of my most favorite books I've read. I couldn't put it down and now walk away wanting to be a better person.

    20. This book will give you a heart for the persecuted church everywhere. Warning - you won't be able to put this book down!

    21. "His throne is the throne of justice. How can justice be so long postponed? His throne is also a throne of grace. The grace is not only to the persecuted, but to the persecutors".I think the author does a great job of addressing THE question: why is there suffering if God is good? The story started a little slow, but about a fourth of the way in- it really got GOOD. I have repented of not praying for the persecuted church and am renewing my resolve to remember them and do what I can to relieve t [...]

    22. 2.5+ stars. I have taken less time to read books I have liked less. This took forever. I liked the premise, I liked the biblical accuracy. I had a hard time with how winded the story was. Instead of building up it just got boring for me. Overall I was enlightened to persecution, specifically in China, in which I knew nothing about. That was probably the most worthwhile part of reading this. The end made it a little more worth it as well, but I wish it had kept my interest better.

    23. One of the most profound books I've ever read. Eye-opening. I can't really review it well right now. Wow.

    24. Very powerful and thought provoking. Although the book is fiction, it is based on truth. I found myself wondering how bad the persecution of Christians in China is today.

    25. This was a very thought provoking book. Certainly makes you aware and appreciate the freedom that we have.

    26. Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn is a book that the Pastor of our church recommended one Sunday. He had a couple of copies for sale at our church bookstore and I bought one. It’s a great story that I’d highly recommend, and I will try to pass my copy around. Alcorn’s story of China’s Li Quan and his former college roommate, American, Ben Fielding, as they encountered persecution for the cause of Christ in China was a revelation to me. It made me re-evaluate my own walk in faith. Am I frighte [...]

    27. Here's the thing about Randy Alcorn he is frankly one of the leading scholars on the Biblical perspective (which is the only one that counts or can be trusted) of Heaven. He's not a novelist in the sense that an author of classical literature might be, but his novels read like thinly veiled textbooks on the subject of Heaven, guaranteed to get one fired up if a follower of Jesus. The first time I read Alcorn novels (Deadline and Dominion) I was a little green in two departments: 1) Great literat [...]

    28. This book does help to give one a heart for the persecuted church in China, and I loved the characters of the Li family. I also really enjoyed Alcorn's perspective on heaven. HOWEVER, the character of Ben Fielding really bothered me. For example, how could someone who was fluent in Chinese but not a Christian, not know who Confucius was in Chinese but know all 12 disciple names in Chinese?? Alcorn used Fielding's conversations and questions in order to inform the reader of Chinese culture and of [...]

    29. Did you wonder, during the Beijing Olympics, if the image that China was projecting to the world was just an illusion? If perhaps the truth was that human rights violations and persecution of religious groups exists but is being air-brushed away? Then you may be interested in this novel, which the author claims to be based on true incidents.It's an intriguing situation: An American college student befriends a brilliant Chinese student and casually invites him to campus chapel. The Chinese studen [...]

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