Batman #24

Batman Aftermath Gotham City is at peace but a war is coming Armed with the terrifying knowledge gained from the mysterious button Batman prepares for the coming storm by making a proposition to one of his

  • Title: Batman #24
  • Author: Tom King Jordie Bellaire David Finch Danny Miki Clay Mann Seth Mann Danny Miki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aftermath Gotham City is at peace but a war is coming Armed with the terrifying knowledge gained from the mysterious button, Batman prepares for the coming storm by making a proposition to one of his enemies one that will change everything for the Dark Knight and his allies

    One thought on “Batman #24”

    1. Batman faces is biggest fear. and I didn't see that coming, like was that ending even real?? Was I dreaming??? Is the biggest dream of my life (about this two) becoming canon????? oh my god I didn't think I was gonna live to see this!Bruce did THAT, and I hope Selina do THAT too, it is about time. Don't play games with me, DC!Oh my god.

    2. If you ever got a chance to read New 52's Batman and Robin #18 written by Tomasi, read it. That is a silent masterpiece, a requiem and an aftermath of an event that broke (not the Bane-broke one) the Bat. Now, Batman issue 24 of DC Rebirth era does not have the same beats as Batman and Robin #18, but it is also a masterpiece. It is a careful study of what it is like as the Batman.This issue doesn't have a villain. Everything is peaceful in Gotham. That makes Batman 24 very special. It is also be [...]

    3. DAMMIT MAKE-OUT ALREADY :) :)Even if the marriage wont happen(I hope It will) or maybe getting a divorce for some reason in the future(hope not) simply thinking about Bruce Wayne settling down and finally thinking about his personal happiness is POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST STEP ON BATMAN'S STORY EVER.

    4. Bruce faces his greatest fearBatman faces greatest fear and it is not one the crazy-ass, super powered freaks that are trying to take Gotham. I didn't see that coming.

    5. This issue should come up with a manual on how to handle your feelings, and how to survive until the next one. Still unsure what made me sob the most between those holy last panels*, or Bruce admitting he's terrified TWICE including once to the only person (apart from Alfred) I truly want him to be open&comfortable&himself with. And now, excuse me while I go send prayers to the gods of DC comics in the insane hopes they're not toying with us and that they'll truly let Selina&Bruce be [...]

    6. Some of these panels were just amazing. There was a lot of emotional depth in this issue and that next to last page and last page was amazing.

    7. BEST ISSUE EVER!Also: Knowing that Sarah J. Maas and Marie Lu will write the YA adaptations of these two? It makes this couple of DC rival Superman and Lois!

    8. It May not be truly a 5 star book , but Screw you ! I LOVED THIS . So basically the book features Batman and a healthy again Gotham Girl talking , talking about happiness , why Batman does what he does , is Batman happy? , Does Batman deserves happiness ? and it all culminates in a stunning last page , that I won't give much away (that is if you haven't already seen the countless spoiler images doing the round on internet) but it's something that every Batman fan had wanted to see happenfor a lo [...]

    9. I usually don't review individual issues of comics, but I had to make an exception in this case. I'll try my best to review this without spoiling it. Basically, Batman takes a huge step forward in his emotional development, and comes to realize that there is something that he must do. This was all thanks to Gotham Girl's conversation with Batman on what to do in life. It turns out that Gotham Girl was the counselor that Batman needed. My hope is that the events put into place in this issue devel [...]

    10. I don't understand the good review from the last two issue. It just make not sense to me. Batman became a love story without action our villain. And the prelude to the ending the writers seem to have no clue what to do next and they kind of wasting some time to bring them self back on their feet but they need to do it fast!

    11. I could say this came out of nowhere and that King's dialogue continues to walk a tightrope between baroque and asinine, but this is everything young me ever wanted so I'm just going to enjoy it.

    12. What is the greatest fear of a guy like Batman? He has defeatedthe fear itself- Scarecrow , so what could be that makes Bruce Wayne, a guy that uses fear as a weapon, fearful? You would have to read this issue for the answer. Tom King's writing is as good as it has been in his better works (Vision and The Omega Men) and the art by David Finch and Jordie Bellaire shines out, but the greatest thing about this issue is the direction in which current development could take Batman's mythos to.

    13. This is my very first Batman comic and I admit I only bought it because the Dark Knight got down on one knee. I had to laugh at the ending. Now I'm hooked, I'm eager to read the next issue to find out what happens next.

    14. Oh my god ! . Bruce wayne faces his greatest fear , and that's not any villain , that's what is Bruce really scared of . Great issue and awesome ending , can't wait to see what will happen next , i think war is coming and the Bat has to suit up.

    15. This won't last. Things like this never do. But, man, it was fun.The Bat and the Cat. Something I've wanted to see since Batman the Animated Series and all that delightful banter in the early '90s. This is good stuff from King.

    16. Gerçekten Batman'in en büyük korkusuna ve O'nunla yüzleşmesine şahit olmak. Uzun zaman sonra Gotham'ı bir geçici sulh döneminde görmek. Etkileyici bir sayı idi. Ve evet fırtına öncesi bir sessizlikti. 8.8/10

    17. PerfectIt could not be better. Batman/Bruce realizing his happiness finallyNicely done. There is not much more to say. One

    18. Dang, King does it again! This issue was so good. I loved the dialogue between Gotham Girl and Batman and the art was phenomenal! I am officially in love with this run of Batman.

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