If He Only Knew

If He Only Knew It s and love is in the air in the small coastal town of Cambridge California Donna Peterson the preacher s daughter has her entire life ahead of her and the future looks promising But things

  • Title: If He Only Knew
  • Author: Michelynn Christy Brandi Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9781940492261
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1968 and love is in the air in the small coastal town of Cambridge, California Donna Peterson, the preacher s daughter, has her entire life ahead of her and the future looks promising But things aren t as they seem in Cambridge A tangled web of secrets threaten to destroy the lives of each person involved Donna, her boyfriend Bobby, and Rick, Bobby s best friend.It s 1968 and love is in the air in the small coastal town of Cambridge, California Donna Peterson, the preacher s daughter, has her entire life ahead of her and the future looks promising But things aren t as they seem in Cambridge A tangled web of secrets threaten to destroy the lives of each person involved Donna, her boyfriend Bobby, and Rick, Bobby s best friend Will the truth make them free, or will they lose their friendship forever Christian FictionPrologueIt happened many years ago, in 1968, to be exact I d just turned eighteen and Bobby and I were so in love Or, so I d thought.I was the good girl The one who always followed the rules and obeyed Momma and Daddy My sister, on the other hand, was a different story While she certainly wasn t the worst sinner on the block, she did manage to find her share of trouble many times dragging me into it But, of course, Daddy always knew I was the innocent one

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    1. This read happens back in the sixties and a different time and place, but the heartbreak is the same. The author shows us some of the anguish these young people go through with their decisions, young and sewing wild oats, maybe, but there is more, and some of these split-second choices cause a life long suffering.Getting to the point of forgiveness is a difficult road, secrets abound, and there are a lot of hurts, but all things are possible with God, and all need to find their way to the right [...]

    2. First of all, can we talk about that gorgeous cover?!? That’s totally what drew me to this book in the first place. It’s just stunning.This peek into the late 60s is peppered with nostalgia and interesting tidbits of life in that era – an era not seen too often in Christian Fiction. Donna and Bobby and Rick are a complicated love triangle, made even more so by the Vietnam War and events back home. The preacher’s daughter aspect to Donna’s character adds extra dimension as well.If He On [...]

    3. Before I struggle through this review I want to put a disclaimer out there. This book, while very much strongly Christian fiction, does deal with some heavy topics. Premarital sex, abortion, still-birth, miscarriage, and the Vietnam war. None of this is heavily detailed but these are the major themes of this book. If any of this is potentially triggering or upsetting for you this may not be the best option for you to pick up and read. That being said, lets struggle through this review together.T [...]

    4. If He Only Knew is an Historical Romance set in the 1960s that tackles a lot of the issues we face today. Issues you wouldn't think that happened a lot in this time. The 1960s is portrayed as a time when things were quiet, everyone knew each other, and there wasn't a lot of drama that happened. No time is perfect, the movies and TV shows have done a great job letting us believe the time was perfect. In If He Only Knew, its 1968 in Cambridge, California and love is in the air. Donna Peterson is [...]

    5. This was a wonderful romantic story with a bit of a twist. Is the good daughter really the good daughter. Donna loves Bobby. These characters are very likable. There are problems that arise and must be dealt with. Donna has to make some very hard decisions and she must grow up quickly. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

    6. I found this book a very emotional read and teared up often, reaching for the tissues. Ths storyline covered the subjects of cheating, pregnancy, and abortion. It was about the struggles of Donna, the daughter of a minister who was sinking in guilt for a sin committed and kept secret and two best friends pared against each other, in love with the same woman.The main characters were well-developed and I found myself connecting to each one in a compassionate way. Each character had been wounded de [...]

    7. A beautiful love story and a can't put down book! I enjoyed the book and the characters in it. There wasn't really nothing that I didn't like about the book. It was all very well written.Everyone does wrong. Not just the preacher's kids. Hurt does not go away it just gets buried and festers until we can't stand it no more. It can make or break a relationship depending on whether or not you can forgive that person. Oh yes, forgiveness is hard! Very hard but, it can be done. As Preacher Peterson s [...]

    8. My review is 2.5 StarsIf He Only Knew by Michelynn Christy, Brandi GabrielI really appreciate when an author is willing to write about difficult topics and present them in a Biblical perspective. The characters in this book had hard lessons to learn about forgiveness and forgiving, and the authors were very clear about the forgiveness that comes only from Jesus. This makes it very hard for me to write this review, because I know it was a labor of love. And my opinion is apparently in the minorit [...]

    9. “If Only He Knew” by Michelynn Christy and Brandi GabrielWhat a truly apt name for this engaging and enjoyable novel. Stories of love lost and love gained. One woman’s choice that may, and eventually does, change the trajectory of so many lives. A secret she has carried for so long, that when it comes out it is a relief and a burden. If he only knew how his affair prior to marriage changed not just his life but that of his ex and best friend. If only he knew, he would have made so many cha [...]

    10. I just received this for free to review. I finished this story the very same night. I couldn't put it down. I was completely surprised how the book turned out.It was so sad that Donna couldn't talk to her Dad about what happened. If she did she would have been saved years of guilt, shame and sorrow. Donna tried so hard to be the "good" girl as though that was the way to heaven. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. GOD is a forgiving GOD. She didn't have to deal with her pain all alone.This book [...]

    11. "If He Only Knew " is a novel set in the late 1960s. The book deals with family relationships, loyalty, friendship, love, and loss. The main topic is somewhat controversial in nature, but we won’t mention what it is lest we spoil the story for readers. (This is from the guest from my blog post so I encourage you to read the guest post,) "If He Only Knew" by Michelynn Christy, Brandi Gabrie is a great story and a reminder that God forgives us even when we can't forgive ourselves. I really liked [...]

    12. The story is set in 1968 but it is one that is relevant even today. I related to Donna because like her, I was a preacher’s kid. I felt like everyone was watching me just waiting for me to mess up. For some reason preacher’s kids are held more accountable by others. What people don’t realize is that anyone can sin no matter who they are or what their upbringing is. I walked on egg shells around my dad praying that I wouldn’t disappoint him. My childhood was quite different than Donna’s [...]

    13. My PerspectiveThis was an interesting book. The characters were realistic to me, as was the setting and the circumstances. What I enjoyed about the book was that it showed how human we can be. Not one of us is perfect. Not one. And as much as we do not deserve it, Jesus loves us anyway. That was shown throughout this book, weaved into several parts of the story line. It was a beautiful theme and one that needs to be read.It was a difficult storyline in that the problem the main character had is [...]

    14. This story features the themes of love, loss, forgiveness, faith revived/truly lived, and family unity. The title is apt, the story believable if not expertly written. These young authors have tackled challenging subject matter and presented it in an accessible and easy to digest manner.Kudos to Michelynn Christy and Brandi Gabriel for their willingness to shed light on human frailties that were not uncommon for the era in which this story is written but in our current times as well. Suffice it [...]

    15. This is the first book by Michelynn Christy and Brandi Gabriel that I have read. It’s an interesting book focusing on grace and forgiveness of God and the grace and forgiveness that the people of Christ can extend. The book deals with some tough issues in the 1960s that are still relevant today. The storyline is intriguing with some well-placed surprises and twists. Though the main characters Donna, Bobby, and Rick are well-meaning, imperfect, real characters, I unfortunately didn’t connect [...]

    16. If he only knew This is definitely a amazing book about forgiveness. It is one that leaves you feeling good at the end but also I never guessed on how it would end. It is set during the 1960’s when the Vietnam war was. It is not about the war directly but the war did have indirect affect on the characters. I loved how all the characters were written. There is Donna and Bobby, Rick their friend, Pamela who is Donna sister and Danny. Donna and Pamela Father is a preacher and a widow. A lot of co [...]

    17. In a time where things happened that wasn't what one would consider normal, secrets that were hoped to stay secret are revealed. Completely opposite of how issues are dealt with now. A story that reminds me how easy it is to become blind, complacent and accepting of situations that are opposite of God's teachings. But we serve a forgiving God who reaches down in our desperate times to love us.Blessings, KarenRating: 4*I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

    18. My ReviewGet your tissues ready for when you read this one. I enjoyed this book. This story involves a preacher's daughter . It is also how sin and mistakes made years ago can still affect you years later and also with forgiveness and the bitterness that can come with unforgiveness buried in your heart. All the characters and their experiences seemed so real. The authors did a good job of writing this one and handling heavy hard issues. Good read. Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of [...]

    19. A good girl, a pastor's daughter no less, makes a mistake. Thinking she's doing the right thing she stays quiet, and keeps a secret that is killing her on the inside.The characters were real and relatable. The story was believable and had a thread of suspense that I wasn't expecting, which was fun. My only complaint was that the faith thread woven through the story seemed very preachy to me. I did enjoy the story. It was fun being able to go back in time. Overall it was an enjoyable book.

    20. A TOUCHING, HEARTBREAKING BUT WELL WRITTEN STORY!!!‘Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revellers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.’ ~ 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NKJV)Two sisters – Pamela, the wild one and Donna, the good girl everyone would want to claim as being their own. It’s frightening [...]

    21. What an awesome read! This story is based on a situation in the life of a young preacher's daughter and the ending results pulls you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Oh the pain and guilt and struggles of the young woman because of her secret sin and how it affects her throughout the years and everyone else connected. Then the hurt of her husband when he finds out the secret. The young man who fathered the aborted baby is also full of pain. It also affects the would [...]

    22. Donna's story is truly amazing. When Bobby starts cheating on her Rick is there for her. What Donna goes through after Rick leaves is so sad. Watching Bobby and Donna get back together again is special. The tragedies they suffer because of a previous mistake is really sad. The characters in this story are very special people. You will feel God working throughout this whole story. I reviewed this book for a honest review for the author. The review is my honest thoughts and reaction to this book.

    23. Emotional and moving, this book was a reminder that even those that are deemed to be perfect in public eyes, may make human choices that don’t agree with society or family. I found that the setting in 1968 to be unique and not always sought, it certainly peeked my interest.

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