Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught crafts a thrilling tale filled with unrelenting suspense unforgettable characters and powerful undercurrents of greed ambition and desire Leigh

  • Title: Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Author: Judith McNaught
  • ISBN: 9780671037802
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • 1 New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught crafts a thrilling tale filled with unrelenting suspense, unforgettable characters, and powerful undercurrents of greed, ambition, and desire.Leigh Kendall revealed in her stellar Broadway acting career and in her marriage to Logan Manning, scion of an old New York family When her husband finds the perfect mountain prop 1 New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught crafts a thrilling tale filled with unrelenting suspense, unforgettable characters, and powerful undercurrents of greed, ambition, and desire.Leigh Kendall revealed in her stellar Broadway acting career and in her marriage to Logan Manning, scion of an old New York family When her husband finds the perfect mountain property for their dream house, he decides to surprise Leigh with her first view of the site Driving upstate on a winter s night, Leigh is run off the road in the midst of a blinding blizzard When she awakes in the local hospital, seriously injured, the police inform her that her husband has mysteriously disappeared, and Leigh, although obviously distraught, becomes the focus of their suspicions The she discovers about her husband and his business affairs, the less she realizes she knew about Logan Manning Now, Leigh is heading deeper and deeper into unknown territorywhere friends and enemies are impossible to distinguish, and where the truth becomes the most terrifying weapon of all.

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    1. “Of course I believe in fate." She smiled at that, so he continued lightly, "I believe you were meant to give that knight to me. You were meant to be my beacon." I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!!!!!! One of the best books I have ever read!We start the story with Broadway actress Leigh Kendall waking up in the hospital after being in a car accident on her way to meeting her husband, Logan Manning, at a secluded mountain cabin. And from there you get flashbacks, a bit of her life with her husband a [...]

    2. 5 Starsd most of you know I don't throw that out all to oftenThis brilliant author just has it! She can write a book that reads like a movie and there are never any uncomfortable reading pauses her style is flawless. "Someone to Watch Over Me" was filled with grand surprises, grand adventure and out of this world love. From page one you know you're in for a delicious ride. "Michael watched her walk away. Did he mind waiting an hour for her?Not at all.He'd been waiting years for her."The build up [...]

    3. I thought I might type up a review quickly for this one before I start a new book. SoThere are two things you need to know about this book1. I would classify this as crime fiction not romance2. There are essentially two main characters. We read Leigh's story but in between you'll read just as much about Sam (the female detective who is assigned to the case)Before I started reading this I had mixed expectations. The reviews for this book hardly provoked any excitement but because it was Judith Mc [...]

    4. El libro en general esta bien , la historia atrapa y te hace querer saber más sobre elPorque de los personajes , pero la historia ( precipitada de ella) de amor entre leigh y falco Ufff Me ha chirriado mucho, mucho No pasas dd llorar como una loca por tu marido ( aún te los ponga como un reno) a sentir amor ( de bueno) por un hombre al que hace 14 años que no ves (no,no,no)Lo que sí me ha gustado es ver el Punto de vista de los investigadores ( aunque también me ha chirriado el amor entre [...]

    5. I was somewhat biased towards this book due to the endless negative remarks and reviews I read. I ignored it for a long time until I finally decided to leave aside the comments and have my own opinion of book as a priority .Judith Mcnaught once again encapsulated my heart with her unending humor and profound love. My only advice to whoever reads this review is to be flexible, casting aside other's comments, and producing your own true opinion of this book. I did it, and it I was able to see beyo [...]

    6. I love Judith McNaught but I didn't recognised her style here. The beginning was a bit boring and I struggled to get into the story. Moreover the relationship betwen Michael and Leigh took too long to start (almost 200 pages if I remember correctly). Both characters were likeable but they won't be engraved in my memory as Judith McNaught's other couples.

    7. After many years of not reading books regularly, I started reading again and it was sparked by McNaught. I didn't even know she had two new books that had been published - Every Breath You Take and this one. So I anxiously grabbed a copy and read it. I really enjoyed this book!!! This is a murder-mystery and two love stories - many people complain about that in novels, but I actually liked it in this book. The heroine, Leigh, is a famous actress, works in NYC on Broadway. Her husband has gone mi [...]

    8. "Of course, there is one small drawback to being loved by him: It apparently allows the entire criminal justice system a license to spy, to malign, to misrepresent, and to persecute-not only him, but you as well. It allows them to violate every civil right the Constitution promises and that they have sworn to uphold."What can I say? As a novel, as piece of romance, as a stab at social and criminal justice, Judith McNaught's Someone to Watch Over Me has all my heart and soul. It's difficult to re [...]

    9. I was excited to learn of a Judith McNaught book out there that I had missed reading when I ran through all of her stuff a few years ago. I consider her the master of romance, many of her stories have touched me deeply and stayed with me for years. (Many romance novels, even good ones, tend to be forgettable in the grand scheme of things.)The trouble with this book is that it isn't a romance. Oh, there are some couples getting together, but it's basically a mystery novel. And I don't want to jud [...]

    10. When I read this book somehow I can see it play in front of me. How much I hate hate Logan. How tight I want to give Leigh a hug. How much I want to kiss Falco on his cheeks. How hard I want to kick the police team for being such an ass. Maybe in between all the Second Opportunities series, I like Paradise the most because it is the first book I read in the series but each of it.I LOVE IT. Thank you, Judith. Please give us a new book. I heard she will release a new book this year. Good then beca [...]

    11. Fourth in the Second Opportunity romantic-suspense series. The couple focus in this story is Michael Valente and Leigh Kendall. My Take What can I say, it's a McNaught. I love her work. She may be formulaic, but she does write a good story that kept me entranced and racing through the pages. A woman's life is turned upside down and threatened and from the background comes her white knight to save the day.McNaught always has her underdog and in this case, the love of this good woman has sustained [...]

    12. REVIEW OF ABRIDGED AUDIO: FEBRUARY 23, 2014: 2 STARSI liked the book even more this time - 11 years since I last read it! Why 2 stars, then? Because this is an abridged version and missing the secondary romance between McCord and Sam. McCord is the hotshot lead investigator assigned to the Logan murder case and Sam is the newbie cop who is put in his team.I specifically picked this title for my oldies reread because I recall liking the secondary romance very much. If you've never read this book [...]

    13. Wow!!!! Have you ever read a book with absolutely no expectations and it completely blew you away?? Well, this happened with me while reading STWOM. It starts off as a mystery with Broadway star Leigh Manning severely injured and in hospital with no idea about her vanished husband Logan Manning. Both are highly successful in their respective careers and have had a perfect marriage. Or so Leigh thinks. At this point a business associate of her husband, a mysterious billionaire with a highly dubio [...]

    14. The book was a nice one. It's been so long since I've read any good book and I welcomed this one. I'm giving it four stars because the mystery was so obvious. It would have been a better story if the murderer would have been Jason or Eric. It was so obvious that it was Jane, it was mentioned, on like, every page. I liked Logan. Don't get me wrong, I know it's wrong to cheat on people and sleeping with your wife's friends, but there's just something about bad boys.Sam and Mack's characters were i [...]

    15. Judith McNaught is an excellent writer.This book could easily be a movie. It also plays out as a movie in your mind as you read it.There are a few twists and turns that keep you guessing. The only downside is that it's not presently available as an ebook.

    16. I don't know if it was me, the book, or a combination of both but it took me almost 2 weeks to read this one. Usually I give up on books like this but as it was a buddy read with a couple others on Twitter, I felt I had to finish it. I'm going to be honest. The first 250-300 pages or so were a complete snooze fest for me. It was just boring. Very boring. Truthfully, it finally picked up for me once I got to page 334 but even then, I found myself skimming. I don't believe for a second that Leigh [...]

    17. This book had one thing going for it over McNaught's other novels (especially the historical ones): her male lead, unlike Clayton, Jason, Jordan, Royce, et isn't a domineering, abusive cad who "tames" his heroine into worshipping him. Kudos for a hero who treats the woman well for a change.***SPOILERS***That said, this book pushed me beyond "willing suspension of disbelief" into "oh, please, make it stop". The book opens with a lengthy description of Leigh's devotion to her husband, how much she [...]

    18. This wasn't a typical Judith McNaught romance book. In fact, calling it a romance book is a stretch. It was suspense mystery with a wee tad bit of a couple getting together. I am not a huge fan of suspense mystery especially when I was expecting the normal Judith McNaught style, however it was nice to read the author doing something a bit different. Usually there is a grevious misunderstanding between the main couple in the story but this time the misunderstanding is between the police and the c [...]

    19. I absolutely love Judith McNaught's novels so I bought this book without even glancing to see what it was about. I was disappointed to discover that it was more mystery than romance. In fact, for the first sixty pages or so, I kept thinking I should have waited for the paperback version. Fortunately, I hung in there. Once I accepted that this was not going to be one of McNaught's typical love stories, I focused on THIS book and began to enjoy it.The characters were likeable and well developed. I [...]

    20. İlk başlarda konu itibariyle çok hoşuma gitmişti ama ilerledikçe gözlerimi bıkkınlıkla devirmeme sebep olan çok sahne oldu. Bir kere hiçbir karakteri sevmedim. Belki Samantha hariç. Leigh aptalın teki. Nasıl farkına varmaz onca şeyin çok mantıksız. Logan'a diyecek laf bulamıyorum, midesiz. Valente her ne kadar aşık adam gibi gözümüze sokulmaya çalışılsa da bence takıntılı manyağın teki. Hele Leigh'in sapıklık olayını hemen unutması ayrı bir saçmalık. Ka [...]

    21. In order to be a good liar, you've got to have a good memory.- ShraderSome of the most unkind, judgmental people I've ever known go to church every Sunday and read the Bible. I don't know how some people are able to disassociate their own cruelty and shortcomings from their religious obligations and convictions, but many are able to do that.- SamEverything wrong I've ever done has always seemed like the right thing to do at the time.- CourtneyAnger is nothing but self-inflicted torture.- Michael [...]

    22. I read this book a long time ago and I still remember the story. (Thanks to , I now remember the title and author) There are moments in the novel that have stayed with me. That, in my opinion, is the true testament of a book.Leigh is the hurt heroine and Michael sweeps in and takes care of her. I loved the scene where he is sits in the living room, while she is recuperating in the bedroom, unaware of his presence. But he stays just to ensure her safety.Even the secondary characters were remarkab [...]

    23. Excellent read. I really liked that the hero was someone from her past. I felt that it made their story more believable and intimate, as the bedroom seemed a quick transition from her point of view. It showed his POV more in the relationship, which made him one of my favorite heros. Not so much angst as I am used to from Mcnaught in their relationship, that was a nice change. There are few writers that can tell a story like JM.

    24. I can't really stomach contemporary McNaught stories. Having all of the characters be fabulously wealthy, well connected, and without a care works fine in the distant past when the characters are dukes and duchesses and ride in carriages and on horses and there's nothing I'm supposed to relate to. But in the modern stories, I find that I can't relate to the characters and so the story is just uninteresting.

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