Starry Eyed Inside

Starry Eyed Inside I finally understood why it was called a crush it was difficult to breathe It s the summer before freshman year and Rory Shepherd s doing what she always does having sleepovers and epic beach days wi

  • Title: Starry Eyed Inside
  • Author: Rochelle Allison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I finally understood why it was called a crush it was difficult to breathe It s the summer before freshman year, and Rory Shepherd s doing what she always does having sleepovers and epic beach days with her best friends Life in their small, Florida town is sweet, but totally predictable, until Rory lays eyes on Skyler Nolan at a concert one night No one sends her intoI finally understood why it was called a crush it was difficult to breathe It s the summer before freshman year, and Rory Shepherd s doing what she always does having sleepovers and epic beach days with her best friends Life in their small, Florida town is sweet, but totally predictable, until Rory lays eyes on Skyler Nolan at a concert one night No one sends her into a tailspin quite like Skyler Cute, naughty and just a little bit dangerous, he s hard to attract and even harder to figure out Rory s determined to trybut are bad boys like that even worth the risk

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    1. "I finally understood why it was called a crush; it was difficult to breathe."High school. First crush, first kiss, first love. Can Bella tame unattainable Edward Cullen? Or will she just get hurt trying?Innocent and young Bella. Girly frienships. High school experience. This story made me miss my teenage years and simple problems I used to have. Edward was really aloof in this story and it took me long to figure him out. But I like this kind of mystery when it comes to reading romance stories a [...]

    2. Love it!Brings back memories of my youth. The unknown, the low and high of emotions.This story was fabulous!Rochelle is a terrific writer and I look forward to reading more of her stories.

    3. Starry Eyed Inside is, for me, the kind of book you can come back to time and time again without really ever getting sick of it. It's the kind of story you can pick up when you need a little warmth, or read a few pages when you need an escape from the mess going on outside. Considering I've read versions of this story maybe half a dozen times over the last 5 years (?), you might think that I didn't *need* to read it again. Except that I did, because why the heck wouldn't I? Starry Eyed fits perf [...]

    4. First Crush All Over AgainRochelle Allison never fails in the summer romance department. If you're into feeling nostalgic and remembering all the flitter-flutters of your first love and all those fun times you had back in the day, then this is the book for you. Starry Eyed Inside embodies the perfect fun and feel-good summer romance.

    5. 4.5*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a review*Ok so I read this as a fanfiction as well a few years ago, but since it has been a while I only remembered the main plot. There aren't any drastic changes as far as I remember and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I read the fanfiction.4.5 stars because this wasn't my favourite fanfiction of hers. I hope the best is yet to come and I can't wait for more books of hers.

    6. 4.5 starsI’ve been a Rochelle Allison fan for several years now. I really enjoy her writing style. While others use highfalutin prose, chock-full of lengthy inner-musings and complex dialogue, the simplicity of Rochelle’s prose is so refreshing. Ro writes the way we actually think, speak, and feel, which makes it so easy to gobble up her words. Starry Eyed Inside totally embodies this same style. SEI is an emotional coming of age story, following a girl and her friends through high school. T [...]

    7. This book! I love everything about it. Rochelle can't write a character I won't love. I always love her female leads, but this book Skylar has my heart. He's young and flawed and I just love it. When he comes back I love him even more. This is one of those books you can read 2000 times and still have the feels each time. I received an ARC for my review and I am still purchasing this book today to support one of my absolute favorite authors. ❤️

    8. Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence Books.*I was provided a copy of Starry Eyed Inside by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*Coming of age is never easy, and it’s especially difficult for Rory Shepherd when she falls for bad boy Skyler Nolan. Starry Eyed Inside takes readers on a journey of exploration through the high school years, following Rory through first love and heartbreak and learning to live for herself. One of my favorite t [...]

    9. Starry Eyed Inside is everything! If you're looking for a story that will lodge a swell of anticipation in your chest and keep it there, this is it. Skyler is aloof enough to keep us wondering his intentions to the point that we're hanging on his every word. Then, when he finally starts giving us some signs of his true feelings, he's ripped from us all in the most sudden of ways. But life goes on and Rory trudges forth, doing a little maturing of her own in the process. But not enough to prepar [...]

    10. I loved how beautifully Rochelle Allison captured first love. She gave me the butterflies and the tingles and just endless thought on the characters. I couldn't get them out of my head. Excellent storytelling.

    11. ***I received an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review***There’s nothing quite as sweet as the first taste of love, and Rochelle Allison captures it perfectly in Starry Eyed Inside.Rory is your typical teenage girl. Somewhere between lazy summer days spent lounging on the beach and her first day of high school, she crosses paths with Skylar, a hot—and seemingly unattainable—upperclassman from another high school. Rory falls for Skylar immediately, and what follows is a beautiful tail [...]

    12. The first time I really became aware of Rochelle's work was for the Fanfic version of Starry Eyed Inside. I fell in love with the story and her words and just had to read whatever else she wrote. Imagine my surprise when I saw her previous stories, particularly Volition, and realized I was already a fan of her work.It was during that time I just favorited her as an author and read whatever she wrote. Not only did I read it, all notifications of an update to ANYTHING she wrote, I would stop what [...]

    13. **Copy provided by Author, in exchange for an honest review**Skylark and Rory’s story is what being a teenager and in high school is all about. The peer pressure, the first kiss, first love and first time. The first half of the book is all about doing stupid things and being obsessively in love with a boy. While the second half is all about growing up and being responsible. Rory changes and does a lot of growing throughout the book. There were times when I wasn’t too happy with her decision, [...]

    14. “Just seeing him made my mouth go dry my heart pound my stomach clamp up. The world spun faster, leaving me dizzy and desperate. It was fantastic.”These are the sage words of fourteen-year-old Rory Shepherd, and truer ones have never been spoken. Especially if we’re talking about her all-consuming, sweat-inducing crush on Skyler Nolan. Because not for nothing, the boy's got everything a proper crush should have—swagger, aloofness, and unforgettable eyes. His happen to be gray.And miracle [...]

    15. Rochelle Allison was an unexpected find for me. While reading Heavenly Bodies, I quickly realized what a treasure I’d found in the blogging book world. So when the opportunity to read Starry Eyed came up, I snatched that ebook up and devoured Allison’s words until the very end. One of the things I love about Allison’s stories is while she takes you to a place and time in your life your remember emotionally, she also transports you to another place entirely. From the books that I’ve had t [...]

    16. Starry eyed inside is how I felt after reading Rochelle Allsions newest book of the same name. Starry Eyed inside tells the story of Rory and Skyler amidst the backdrop of Florida beaches,school, great friendships and family.Rochelle is able the capture the emotion and feelings of all the characters such that I felt everything along with them. From first crushes, to first kisses, dealing with insensitive boys, and choices that teenagers must face every day she writes thoughtfully and factually i [...]

    17. This was a simple read and love story, I really liked it, never read it as a fanfic but I can see myself gushing over it if I had found it back then, never the less it was a good and easy read, nothing complicated no major character "drama" or complications just life, simple path of life.I think it left me wanting more, maybe more complex development. But I really liked Rory's confidence you find yourself reading sometimes this stories where the main character lacks self-esteem and is kind of an [...]

    18. Of course I loved this book. Rochelle’s writing is so great and so relatable. I love that Rory took control of the relationship once Skylar came back. He was an ass to her in the beginning, so kudos to her for standing her ground and protecting her heart. This book took me back to high school, remembering all those times of hanging out with my friends at the mall and each other’s houses. Having those first crushes, first heartaches. Feeling like your life was over when you were grounded.I’ [...]

    19. There are books where the characters draw you in and when it's over - you want to know about the rest of their lives. Not because you didn't get enough from the author, but because you feel invested in them - this is that book! There's an honesty in the writing which I loved. I may not have lived my life like Rory, but I would have liked to. She's easy to identify with, sympathize with and love along with. Skyler is "that" boy and he becomes so much more as the story progresses. I felt this book [...]

    20. Loved it!I loved this story the first time I read it and I love it just as much now.Rochelle has a way with words and while my high school experience is so COMPLETELY different than wat she writes, her story just takes me back to those feelings I had when I had a crush. It reminds me of those simple days as a teenager when my biggest worry was if the boy I liked even knew I existed, to spending time with my friends, and worrying about my school work. When life has me stressed, I know I can read [...]

    21. Lovely and sweet. Brings me back to everything that makes love glow. I just spent the night reading this. I didn't mean to, really I didn't. But I was lost back in high school and sucked into all the feelings. To me this was not your typical formula romance, but a slice of life that is actually everything a romance should be. That feeling of your first crush, then the sadness and fear that you will never feel that way again. This book was a magical view into all those feelings. Wonderful. Just d [...]

    22. Starry-Eyed InsideRochelle Allison can write. She knows how to set up a story, and she knows where she wants to go. But more importantly, she can make you care. You won’t just observe the story from above, she pulls you inside, like the title says. Not only will you feel the story, but you’ll also remember the starry, complicated, often bewildering experience of first love. Character development is her forte. Just a darn good story is Rochelle’s signature. Don’t miss this one.

    23. All the high school feels!!! While I didn't have the same experiences as the characters, the author was able to tap into that nostalgia. Best friends, boy crushes, shenanigans, first like, more shenanigans, first love, parents being parents, graduating. I love getting to follow Rory through her journey. Beautiful story as always from Rochelle. I definitely see myself picking this one up again for a reread.

    24. Rochelle knocks it out of the park again! I loved watching Rory grow through her high school years. So much reminded me of first love, first experiences-from going to high school, first kisses, sex, and just enjoying the teen years with my girls. If you ever think of continuing with them seeing their college years would be amazing. :)

    25. I thought this book was amazing. It brought me back to my own high school antics and first love. I hope there will be a part 2. Her writing always brings you to a place that's so visual because she describes things so perfectly that I can see them right as I'm reading it. If you want a nice light summer beach read, this is it!

    26. fantastic book. could not put this down. loved these characters. made me smile, made me cry- Rochelle has an incredible way with words-I could picture everything Rochelle was describing. a definite must-read!

    27. A 5 stary night young love romance!So good to see Rory and Skyler evolving romance! I’m nastalgic for this kind of young love story because I met my husband when we were 14&16. 30 years later it’s still fun to look back to where it all started. I see these two doing the same!

    28. Love this story tremendously. One of my all time favs. My only hang up is that it's set in high school so the mom in me can't help but feel anxious at reading sexual activities between teenagers. But Rory and Skyler have stole my heart and I truly love their story!

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