Lady Lures The Earl (The Abbey Brothers)

Lady Lures The Earl The Abbey Brothers Lady Madalene Kay doesn t fit into the mold of the ton so has declared herself finished with SocietyAfter getting her heart broken she becomes a spinster and a teacher at St John s School for Girls

  • Title: Lady Lures The Earl (The Abbey Brothers)
  • Author: Eleanor Meyers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lady Madalene Kay doesn t fit into the mold of the ton, so has declared herself finished with SocietyAfter getting her heart broken, she becomes a spinster and a teacher at St John s School for Girls in Bath.She ll go where her mission for good takes her even if that place is in the lair of a villain Marshal Pengross had been called many things, but the title of Lady Madalene Kay doesn t fit into the mold of the ton, so has declared herself finished with SocietyAfter getting her heart broken, she becomes a spinster and a teacher at St John s School for Girls in Bath.She ll go where her mission for good takes her even if that place is in the lair of a villain.Marshal Pengross had been called many things, but the title of murderer was what had him thrown in jail.Accused of his father s death, he suffered a short imprisonment before he d been cleared of the charges Sadly, he d been left to bear a scar that rendered his face ugly The only gift in life that he d been able to keep was his daughter Lilias, and he s not willing to let her go.But in less than a day, Madalene finds that the earl, though quick to anger, is not who everyone claims him to be They re both unconventional, but can an improper lady and a beast of an earl learn to trust again

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    1. I have loved every book in this series, but this one is extra special. I think it is because the heroine's heart has been wounded, but it is full of love for children, especially those that deserve a chance for an education and happiness. The hero's heart is wounded because of a failed marriage and being thought a murderer. Both of these characters quickly found their way into my heart.Ms. Meyers has written a book that will stay with the reader for quite some time. With her words, I could clear [...]

    2. STORY-LINE LADY LURES THE EARL BY ELEANOR MEYERS:In Lady Lures The Earl, the reader's treated to a romp through Regency England. Madalene Kay, teacher and confidante to her charges at St. John's School Of Girls in Bath, does not follow the strict regulations of the headmistress, Miss Joseph. Madalene's forward-thinking and believes in nurturing and loving the girls. As well as, mixing the social classes together for play and schooling. In order to bring into the school a sponsored girl of lower [...]

    3. Every time I pick up one of Eleanor Meyers books I think surely she cannot write a story better then her last one but she does. I loved this book. Lady Madalene Kay has declared herself finished with Society, after getting her heart broken she becomes a teacher at St. John's School for Girls in Bath. Where she tries to help and show love to as many girls as she can no matter what their position in the world.  Marshal Pengross was accused of murdering his father, he was thrown in jail where he w [...]

    4. Lady Madalene Kay doesn’t fit into the mold of the ton, so has declared herself a spinster, a teacher and finished with Society. After getting her heart broken, she becomes a teacher at St. John’s School for Girls in Bath. Marshal Pengross had been called many things, accused of his father’s death, and he was given a short imprisonment before he’d been cleared of the charges. Afterwards, he was left with a scar that left his face ugly. He has his daughter Lilias, and he’s not willing t [...]

    5. Love this seriesThe Wardington series has become one of my favorites. The entire family and friends are all connected in some form to Martin, Duke of Wardington who is involved in everyone's business !We have the Earl who was accused of his fathers murder and a fellow prisoner slashed his face causing a scar which of course caused him to limit his time in society. This was a time when freckles were considered hideous so a scar would have caused fainting! His wife was given the rare divorce and l [...]

    6. Could read " Unconventional Lady meets Killer Earl"I have come to look forward to Ms Meyer's delightful Wardington Park series. I was so happy to read Madelene's story. Note: this can be read as a standalone book but it is so much better knowing all the details of such an illustrious family and all the characters that weave through it! I thought it was unfair when she was sent away in an earlier book but now that all the details are out it has worked out so much the better. She was indeed vindic [...]

    7. Friends or loversMadeline and Marshal had me laughing, rooting for them and even yelling at them to get it together. With the side story of " The Moonflower Princess" alongside Madeline and Marshal's had me hooked from the beginning.Eleanor Meyers is a wonderful author that has brought her books to life with how her main characters interact. Even the side characters are involved to a point that you're wondering if she's going to write their books next.I really thought one character was the one w [...]

    8. it was a good story as many of the other books have been. However the editing left much to be desired. Many times I noticed wrong words being used up instead of us for example. Wrong names being used and the quote at the begining of the chapter nowhere to be found in the chapter. Also the Family tree really needs to be updated as several characters that had gotten married in previous books still not shown as married. I guess when you are putting out a book most every month you start to get slopp [...]

    9. I get very frustrated by these books because when I finish with the newest one I have to wait for the next one to come out. I love these books and I think the author is doing a great job, obviously, or I wouldn't be up at 5 in the morning finishing her latest book and writing this review. I like that all of the books are different and the characters are connected so after each couple's book is finished you still get to hear about them. I love that these books are clean, a few passionate kisses b [...]

    10. Lady Lures the Earl is a regency romance that has a very likable heroine. Even though she is a daughter of a Duke, she is very down to earth and works for a girl's school as a teacher. She loves what she does. The hero, who has a huge scar on his face has a daughter who attends the school. He at first sight comes across menacing and dangerous. There are definitely sparks flying in this book. It's a clean book with some spicy kissing scenes.

    11. Lady Madeline Kay has lost trust of men so she becomes a teacher. She loves helping the girls that she teaches and cannot see doing anything else so she decides to not marry. Marshall Pengross has lost faith in women after his wife left him and divorced him but left their daughter with him. His family want him to send his daughter to school but he is against it. When Madeline and Marshall meet, swords fly. Can they come to terms with each other and maybe renew trust?

    12. A book reviewThis story has engaging characters, suspense and a believable plot that keeps the reader moving to the conclusion. Some word choices do not work and the editor needs to review once more to correct the many misused subject verb tenses. These errors almost ruin an otherwise enjoyable plot.

    13. Amusing Lady Madalene has been disappointed in love so she shunned society and turned to being a teacher at a girls school in Bath. Marshal Abbey, Earl of Pengross has been damaged, both physically and emotionally by events in his life. The two meet and sparks fly, but can they overcome events in their past?

    14. Madalene and Marshall Madalene is cousin to the Duke of Oakley. Marshal the Earl of Pengross has a cousin who is married to Oakley. Madalene works at a school for girls. She learns of Pengross' daughter and visits asking to include his daughter. His mother thouht she needed to meet other children. Another great story of the Wardington family.

    15. Typical romance This was an average run of the mill kind of regency romance novel. There wasn’t anything about the story that made it unique or outstanding. But there wasn’t anything about that made me dislike it. It was just predictable. Which also made it an easy read. It did have some grammatical errors which I always find distracting.

    16. And the story continue!You got to love this author she has the imagination to keep this whole series going I don't know how she does it with all the characters but I've just love this series! You can't help but root for her characters you want everybody to end up with somebody and she reads you right into the next story can't help but enjoy these get it while you can!

    17. I really enjoyed this book! It was slightly different from your standard Regency Romance - more down to earth. It continues the story and characters found in previous books, but adds in new characters and starts a new series.

    18. Lady luresI absolutely love this series! I have enjoyed them all. I have waited for the Earl' s story and was not disappointed. I love Eleanor 's characters. The women are strong and the men let their loves be who they are. I recommend this book.

    19. Marshall and Madaline's story captured my attention from the start with two unlikely characters quickly becoming attracted to each other. Each had a part in previous stories. Glad to see their love story unfold. As always, looking forward to the next story by Eleanor Meyers!

    20. AMAZING! But after reading Margaret's story I and I purchased this book I felt I had read this before but not under Abbey Bros but under the duke of Wardington book about his 1st wife's family duke of Oakley enjoy it was great

    21. My first Eleanor Meyers novelGreat storyline, unique to any historical romance I have read to date. This is great for fans of Stephanie Laurens or Elizabeth Hoyt who don't necessarily require the steamy sex scenes. Quality writing with a less graphic design.

    22. What a fabulous book! Every book I read of Eleanor Meyers I just love. I think her books just get better and better! Madalene and Marshals story was an absolute joy to read! Your emotions are all over the place, I did a lot of laughing and smiling! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    23. LovelyI didn't realize I was reading a sequel until the second chapter but actually liked it better than the first book. I was so taken in by the story that I had completely forgotten about Lillias mother. Great book.

    24. I very much enjoyed the story line of this book, and could not put it down til I finished reading it.I very much enjoyed the story line of this book, and could not put it down until I finished reading it.

    25. A must read series Every book in this series gets better. Ms. Meyers creates the most interesting characters, people you'd like to meet. From the moment Madelene picks up the sword you know you're in for a ride. Read and enjoy.

    26. Eleanor has surpassed herselfEvery page of this story delighted me. Both leading figures are very real and very much people I would enjoy knowing. Do yourself a big favor and get this book.

    27. Wonderful storyA tale that prove society does not regulate everyone and the most important rule is to be true to yourself! Love these characters and the realness of the stories. Feels like a visit with old friends. Don't miss this latest installment of the story!

    28. CuteThe plot was a bit simplistic. Everything fell into place a little too conveniently. Very light reading, no thought necessary.

    29. GoodYour books are in terrible need of spell check and grammar correction. It had a tendency to throw off the reading our flow.

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