In God's Name

In God s Name Multicultural nondenominational nonsectarian A modern fable for parents and children

  • Title: In God's Name
  • Author: Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Phoebe Stone
  • ISBN: 9781879045262
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Multicultural, nondenominational, nonsectarian A modern fable for parents and children.

    One thought on “In God's Name”

    1. This is one of my favorite children's books, with a very serious adult message about the name(s) of G-d. In a gentle way, in a non-judgmental style, Sandy Sasso, the first woman rabbi in the Reconstructionist movement shows how there are many names for G-d, often times based out of our own experience. So for instance, "The farmer whose skin was dark like the rich brown earth from which all things grew, called G-d, 'The Source of Life'". The illustrations are bright, charming. This book is approp [...]

    2. One of the deacons read this to the children (and adults) during an evening service at retreat.I liked the series of names that different people gave God based on their own lived experience (though looking at the illustrations later, the attempts at multi-racial-ness were at times a bit awkward -- "the farmer whose skin was dark like the rich brown earth" was illustrated as just light brown; and "the girl whose skin was as golden as the sun" genuinely shows up throughout the book with her shiny [...]

    3. Perhaps the best young child's book I've ever read. Non-denominational, non-judgemental, and inspiring. A group of people search of the name of Godd find it. I won't spoil it, find it read it, you'll want a copy, too!!!

    4. Beautiful art and wonderful story. Long and short: everyone has a name of God that means something to them, Healer, Father, Giver of Light, but they couldn't agree and thought their name was the best. It's an interesting look at a very spiritual topic that I think works well for children.

    5. Wonderful!!This book is a lovely way to talk about God being one even if people see God differently. We can be united in the one God even among the differences. Fantastic book!!

    6. This one of my favorite childhood books! This book is about how we each experience God differently. It is illustrated beautifully.

    7. I love everything that Rabbi Sasso has written. This is no exception. A beautiful ecumenical message about the diversity and unity of God.

    8. This is not my very favorite Sasso book, but I like it a lot. AND it is the only one I've found in Spanish so far. People give different names to God, and then fight about which is true.

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