The Bully

The Bully Welcome to Bluford High This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging accessible writing and appealing contemporary storylines A new life An new school A new bully

  • Title: The Bully
  • Author: Paul Langan
  • ISBN: 9780944210000
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Welcome to Bluford High This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging, accessible writing and appealing, contemporary storylines A new life An new school A new bully That s what Darrell Mercer faces when he and his mother move from Philadelphia to California After spending months living in fear, Darrell is faced with a big decision.Welcome to Bluford High This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging, accessible writing and appealing, contemporary storylines A new life An new school A new bully That s what Darrell Mercer faces when he and his mother move from Philadelphia to California After spending months living in fear, Darrell is faced with a big decision He can either keep running from this bully or find some way to fight back.

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    1. I really like this book. It was the first book I read in the Bluford Series and it was great. My favorite part was when Darrel joined the wrestling team and at first he couldn't keep up, but he kept working at it and he started to notice he was gaining confidence. I like that part just because if you keep on working at it you can succeed. Throughout the book he was gaining much more confidence he even told his friend Harold to join! I read the book awhile ago, but I know that Darrell ended up wi [...]

    2. this book is about a boy who knew it wasnt a good idea to move to california, but he didnt want to complain to his mother about it but didnt have a good feeling at all about moving away especially since he had really good friends where he lived.When he got there he had the thought of making new friends so when his mother asked him to walk to the store he took the opportunity to make that time as meeting new people and he tried but when he took the chance he got almost beat up for something so pe [...]

    3. This book is about a boy named Darrel Mercer. He moves to Philadelphia to California with his mom. When he gets there he starts getting bullied by Tyray. Tyray is making him pay money to him all the time, he joins wrestling to try to make himself stronger to stand up to Tyray, and he's uncle is always making front of him about how he's so skinny.

    4. test Paul Langan is one of ma favorite authors. He writes a lot of great books. One of my personal favorites is "The Bully". This book is about a teenage boy named Darrell Mercer who lived an okay life in Philadelphia. He was a small boy, very skinny and not very strong. He had a lot of friends and his best friend always fought for him. Every time he got into fight or anytime Darrel needed somebody, he was there. One day Darrel's mom decided to move to California. Darrel was upset because he was [...]

    5. In the book "The Bully" by Paul Langan its about a teenager named Darell Mercer who moves in to California from Philidelphia. He moves in there because his mom finds a good job there, so he has to move in to Bluford Highschool. At first when he goes there he doesn't like it because he misses his old friends, and he is being bullied by a guy named Tyray. Tyray makes fun of Darell and beats him up and Darrel doesn't like it and he gets sick of it. Since Darrell is smaller and weaker than Tyray, he [...]

    6. The book is called the bully it’s about a little boy who’s getting bullied at school and facing his bully and standing up for himself.Darrell one thing i really liked was when he stood up for himself and that’s a major thing in life you can’t let anyone do you any kind of way.One thing i really didn’t like was he gave the bully money. The reason why i didn’t like it was he lived a bad life no one should live afraid.This is a great book. If you are a bully or getting bullied you shoul [...]

    7. To summarize this book, it was about a bot names Darrell who lived in a bad part of Philadelphia and had to move to California. He and his mom didn't have a lot of money and her brother got her a better job in California. He hated leaving all of his friends behind and having to start school without knowing anyone. Since he was sort of a tiny kid, he was shy and got made fun of a lot. Once they were in California, he was bullied by a kid named Tyray and his group of friends. After he gets fed up [...]

    8. if you like problems in life not your life but other people this book is for you what happen in the book is derrall lived in philadelphia and he was having a good time to but his mom fount a new gob in californa and she took it. so derrell is startind a new school an that school is called bluford high. the sunday before darrell's first day at bluford sunday night, darrell had truble sleeping he cept looking at the time he wonted to have so time to rest but he wonted to go to sleep and never wake [...]

    9. Hard Time in SchoolHow dose it feel to be in a school when you bullied? The Bully by Paul Lagan is a excellent book that feels so sad about yourself that you think that they are better than you but they are not. The story is about a boy that lives with his uncle and going to new school. Running away from people that he would not get himself bullied.Darrell Mercer is a thirteen years old boy. Darrell and his mom now live in California with his uncle. Darrell new school is Buford High. He wants hi [...]

    10. Lathan Scott11/3/10Ms. ValentinoSection 4 Book Review on The Bully By: Paul Laugan The Bully by: Paul Laugan was a book that I read in the 6th grade. That realistic fiction book captivated me. The book was so good that I couldn’t even blink. I recommend this book The Bully, because like I said it is so good, and remarkable. If you are wondering the book is about a boy that moves to a new school, and has to deal with a bully that harasses him constantly. He has to make a decision i [...]

    11. Will you ever give your money to a bully? Will you ever fight a bully or tell on him? Will your mom be sad or mad if she finds out you have been giving a bully your lunch money? This is what Darrell Mercer thought about in the book. Darrell lives in Philadelphia and has a friend named Mark who is always ready to help Darrell in a fight. Darrell is short and skinny and not very strong. But Darrell's mom was looking for a job in Philadelphia,then one day his uncle named Jason, told Darrell mom tha [...]

    12. Have you ever been bullied? Felt like there was nothing you could do? That's how 15 year old Darrell Mercer felt when he moved to California. Darrell moved to California during the school year. He was trying to be friendly, but in trying to make friends, he met Tyray Hobbs. This book is very interesting and exciting. That is why I recommend it to most people. It has a good amount of action, but not too much. People looking for a book with a lot of shooting and fighting will be disappointed. Anyo [...]

    13. The 190 page book called "The Bully" is written by Paul Langan. In the story the main charater is Darrell,he is sad/mad because him and is mother is moving from Philadelphia to Califorina. He says that life would not be the same anymore beacuse, he is moving away from his firends, school and neighborhood. Darrell mother is trying to explain to him that when they get out there he will probaly like it, and that he would meet new people. Darrell is upset because his mother is telling him that it wo [...]

    14. In The Bully by Paul Langan, Darrell Mercer faces huge ordeals in his life; from his mom losing her job to there big move to California. Darrell deals with being the new student at Bluford High, and dealing with a new bully. The main characters in The Bully are; Tyray, the new bully, Darrell Mercer, the new kid from Detroit, and Amberlynn Bailey, the beautiful girl both Darrell and Tyray are crushing over.This book is very consuming and realistic, like many others in the series also.There real p [...]

    15. Dear al pacinno, this book i have read, is amazing.Its about a boy named darrel who moves to california in order for his mother to have a better decent job than the one back home, and as he explores his new home, he comes accross a bully, now your probably thinking that ok hes a bully, we all have that in our lives once in awhile, but this guy is down to the core mean, every friday darrel has to give the bully cash for him and his friends, in order for him to not get hurt, in the process of him [...]

    16. Paul Langan’s, “The Bully” was about a kid named Darrell Mercer who has to move from Philadelphia to California because his mom got a new job. He has a hard time finding new friends and is constantly bullied by a kid named Tyray. Darell joins the wrestling team and starts to get stronger. One day when Tyray flips over his lunch tray at school Darell gets mad and fights Tyray. Darell wins and gets respect and finds new friends. Darell was a very small freshman only weighing 110 pounds. He [...]

    17. The Bully was about a boy named Darrell Mercer who had to move to California because his mom got a better job. He had to go to Bluford High School. Darrell was bullied by a Tyray Hobbs, who forced Darrell to give him money until Darrell decided to fight back. In the end Tyray got what he deserved.In the beginning of the book I knew I would hate Tyray. The more he messed with Darrell the more I wanted him to suffer. That’s why at the end of the book I wanted to shout “hooray!” The book was [...]

    18. This boyname darrell is moving to california but he didn't want to because he was short and get bullied.when he around this neighboorhood he doen't because he have friends to back up with so he didn't had to worry. but when he was at the schol these bullies name tyray and his groups started to bully him. asking him for money and lot of things. until one day he started to workout. then one day when tyray spilled darrell lunch on his face. they fought and darrell won the fight. from that day no on [...]

    19. I didn't enjoyed this book that much, because it has a lot of violence but I believe that this is a good book because it teaches young people about the type of friends that they have and to be careful in streets because of gngs and all crazy and bad people. Also it teaches parents to be careful with their kids and pay attention to the people that their kids are being frinds with, and it actually talks about the best places to leave with your familyand to be always ALERT OF EVERYTHING & EVRYO [...]

    20. My Little Sister have been reading these books together, and I found this book especially inspiring. It's about a boy who moves from Philadelphia to California just before starting high school. (cue the music - West Philadelphia, born and raised) The scrawny boy gets bullied, but finds new confidence through reading and building friendships. It's a very realistic story with a cliff-hanger ending.

    21. Personal Response: I read the book,The Bully , written by Paul Langan. This book was really good. At first, it didn’t have a strong attention grabber. I kept on reading it and ended up enjoying the book. I like how this book was short but yet nice and specific. Plot: This book is about a young boy named Darrell Mercer who’s a young, freshman boy. Darrell moved from Philadelphia to California due to his mom getting a job where her brother works. Darrell wasn’t very pleased with the idea, be [...]

    22. The book the bully is about a boy named Darrell Mercer he lived in Philadelphia but he was moving to California and he was going to be away from his best friend Malik and he was also going to a new school called Bluford High, Darrell was bullied by a boy named Tyray and Tyray pulled a knife out on Darrell but one Darrell stood up to Tyray and Darrell was never bullied by him. My opinion about this book is that Tyray just wanted to be cool by bullying Darrell. Another opinion I have is that Darre [...]

    23. The bully was very good! I think this is my favorite out of the Bluford High series. It tells a story of triumph and courage. It made me feel proud and emotional at the same time. I was so happy that Darrell faced his fears and stood up to his bullies. I had tears from the beginning to the end of this book! Recommend this to everyone to read.

    24. Grace Seok5th hourEnglish 105/12/14Critical Reading ResponseWhy do you think people should or should not read this book?- People should read the book “The Bully” because behind the story there is a meaning. It’s a life lesson and it’ll probably bring people confidence.What questions would you like to ask the author of this book?- Did Tyray and his friends continue to bother Darrell or did they look up to him?What surprised you about this book?- That Darrell was able to take down his bull [...]

    25. Personal Response-I just finished reading the book “Bully” by Paul Langan. The book was really good, but I wish it would have carried out more to the story in the end. The author always does good writing these stories to make it feel like you are the main character. I will for sure continue to read books by this author. Plot-The story first took place in Philadelphia. Darrell lived with his single mother. They had to move out to California because his mom made more money at her new job with [...]

    26. The book I currently finished is called "The Bully' by Paul Langan. This book mainly focuses on one character, you don't know much on how the other the other characters are feelings or thinking. It is very detailed on how the main character is feeling. You feel like you're in his shoes. There is a series of this book (Bluford High). The whole series is connected to each book in one way or another and they're very interesting because students our age can really understand what's going on because [...]

    27. Personal Response: This book overall was a really good book. I didn't expect Darrel to join wrestling in school. Darrel is a lot like me, because at first I never expected to join wrestling and then I did. He did not quit, but I did. I could feel the pain and emotions of Darrell getting bullied. I like how Darrell worked through being bullied. Plot: The Bullyis about a teenager that is about to be a freshmen in high school. When his mom said they had to move from their house in Philadelphia to C [...]

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