Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Jane is determined not to take swimming lessons

  • Title: Swimming Lessons
  • Author: Betsy Jay Lori Osiecki
  • ISBN: 9780873586856
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jane is determined not to take swimming lessons.

    One thought on “Swimming Lessons”

    1. Jane's mother has decided Jane will learn to swim. Jane disagrees. Both characters are disrespectful. Jane's mother says "it's very important that (Jane) know how to swim, because everyone else she knows who is (Jane's) age--or has ever been (Jane's) age--can swim." ****Well that's a ridiculous reason in my opinion.*** Another reason Jane's mother inserts for necessary swimming ability is, "What if Uncle Frank tries to throw you in the pond at the Fourth of July picnic?" "(Jane) didn't say anyth [...]

    2. I like this book. I enjoyed how it was written by the character and she just chatted her opinion and thoughts as random as they werebut it was like you were in her head, and it really helped you feel connected to the character and all of her thoughts and fears about swimming. So it made the end where she changed her opinion about swimming seem all the more victorious. And left me and my four and six-year-old smiling.

    3. This book is cute with fun pictures. I like the message it has to offer about swimming safety. It even has a short blurb National Safety Council.

    4. An all right story about a little girl determined not to go to swimming lessons, but in the end she does and finds that she really enjoys it.Kinda groovy illustrations.

    5. This book was written as an assignment for a senior English class. The teacher encouraged the author to publish her story. I'm glad she did.

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