The Panda That Learned to Ignore

The Panda That Learned to Ignore Have you ever been bullied How did it make you feel Budding young author Samuel E Pierre tackles bullying in his debut picture book for kids Cuddles a young panda learns how to handle being bullied

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  • Title: The Panda That Learned to Ignore
  • Author: Samuel E. Pierre Lauren Isabelle Pierre
  • ISBN: 9781973723561
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever been bullied How did it make you feel Budding young author Samuel E Pierre tackles bullying in his debut picture book for kids Cuddles, a young panda, learns how to handle being bullied at his new school Features discussion questions, bullying prevention tips, and a fun how to draw activity by the illustrator Suitable for ages 5 8.

    One thought on “The Panda That Learned to Ignore”

    1. This is really a cute book and I encourage all to read the bio's at the end of this tale that tells about the author and illustrated. When you read this you will see what a great accomplishment this book is.Readers are going to also love the story of overcoming bullies, something everyone deals with. Great story and fun illustrations make this a good story to grab.

    2. I loved The Panda that Learned to Ignore. It has a great message about someone who is being made fun of. I am a Teacher and my students are 3 & 4 and I would definitely read this book to my class. I also love the discussion questions at the end. A great way to start a discussion with young kids about bullying.

    3. SweetAs soon as I downloaded this cute book, I shared the link with friends and family because we all know someone who can benefit from its simple and sweet lesson. Thanks for making it free so it can be easily shared!Toni Mariani Author

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