The Forgotten

The Forgotten The thrilling conclusion of The Red Series She s back Running along blue lit streets in the shadow of the watchtower evading the circling spotlight and the guards Red can almost imagine she never le

  • Title: The Forgotten
  • Author: Amanda Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The thrilling conclusion of The Red Series She s back Running along blue lit streets in the shadow of the watchtower, evading the circling spotlight and the guards, Red can almost imagine she never left Optica.Then she finds Meritt And faces the gravest danger yet FINALIST in THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS

    One thought on “The Forgotten”

    1. This is the final book in the Red Series and it doesn't disappoint. It maintains a fast pace and lots of action while at the same time continuing to develop the characters and throwing in lots of interesting plot twists. All in all a very satisfying conclusion to a great series that I will definitely be reading again.

    2. Wrapped up with a bow!Amanda Witt is an awesome writer . I would give her a few more star's if they were there. The Red series kept me guessing. Ending beautifully , but with a twist I had not suspected.Ready for more!!

    3. The Forgotten is the fourth and concluding novel in The Red Series, and it's a fantastic final book.I used to be an English prof teaching lit and creative writing, and I appreciate both "high" and well-written popular fiction. This novel series really impressed me. It's an extremely gripping read from the first pages, and works for young adult on up, with enough meat to the plot and characters to keep readers of various ages satisfied. It's set in a near future after something strange and terrib [...]

    4. The final book in The Red Series! It certainly does not disappoint. I have been reading and reviewing every book in this series and I have to say I’m glad I stuck with it—though it wasn’t hard at all. Throughout the series we’ve been following Red through her struggles to find her family, find her identity, and find a way to stop the dystopian society of Optica from ruining more than just her life. It is a classic story of good versus evil with a psychological twist and action packed thr [...]

    5. What an ending! I was amazed at how the author made all the pieces of this wild plot fall into place. Even with all of the twins and the complex story line, she did a great job of splicing it all together while keeping the story flowing. I enjoyed this series so much I hated to see it end. There is a prequel, but it's very short.

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