Colors In The Dark

Colors In The Dark This is an alternate cover edition for B EBE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Hailey Campbell was raised by her adoptive mother in a home filled with unconditional love and foster children Her biological mother

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  • Title: Colors In The Dark
  • Author: Groovy Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B014443EBE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Hailey Campbell was raised by her adoptive mother in a home filled with unconditional love and foster children Her biological mother, a heroin addict, couldn t keep her her father, a right wing conservative keeps her existence a secret And yet, in her day to day struggles of trying to deal with this kooThis is an alternate cover edition for B014443EBE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Hailey Campbell was raised by her adoptive mother in a home filled with unconditional love and foster children Her biological mother, a heroin addict, couldn t keep her her father, a right wing conservative keeps her existence a secret And yet, in her day to day struggles of trying to deal with this kooky puzzle called her life, the idea of true love will never hold any priority Is there really such a thing as the, quote, man of your dreams , your, soul mate If her only comparison are the Neanderthals she seems to attract, that middle of the puzzle piece will forever sit waiting for a match She attends an important gala, surrounded by expensive tuxedos and glittering gowns and with a prideful lift of the chin, is contented with sampling the high end cuisine and expensive wine alone A man Why bother Love Who needs it No sooner do those pitiable questions cross her mind, when her answer appears from the midst of all those international dignitaries in the form of the most beautiful man named Manley And despite the secrets he s hesitant to reveal about himself, the meaning of love was finally made clear that night But there s a challenge waiting for Hailey in Sweet Tea, Mississippi population 700 That s not counting the Ransom militia compound at the edge of town And if she doesn t get there in time to save eighteen month old Abbie from one of its members, Sheriff Carl, Hailey will lose her behind those thick walls protected by the First Amendment and never see her again.

    One thought on “Colors In The Dark”

    1. I've had this book sitting on my Kindle for months. I won it in a giveaway. When I finally decided to read it, I could see the author's potential. Let me tell you why. There's a simplicity, down-to-earthiness and authenticity in the tone of this novel and in the language as well. I'm from the South, which is where this story is based and that's maybe why I could feel those qualities shining through. The ending was too HEA for me, maybe a bit too flowery for my tastes. Probably because I like int [...]

    2. She never knew her parents, only that they let her go straight into the arms of Big Mama and her gift of love and discipline was the best gift a child could receive. Hailey Campbell has determination, pride in herself and the ambition to be the best she can be while accepting others for who and what they are. When her best friend, Meagan finally is strong enough to leave her abusive and racist husband, Hailey is right there, open arms, a shoulder to lean on and the support she needs. What Hailey [...]

    3. GREAT ROMANCE WITH SUBPLOTS OF DANGER, MYSTERY AND INTRIGUE.This is a romance book. But, inside of the main plot are subplots that bring up hard racial, abortion , abuse and crime issues. The Author, Groovy Lee, handles each issue well and really brings out the problems and, I think, handles them masterfully.The main characters are developed throughout the book but leaves some mystery to keep the story interesting.If you like romance with danger, mystery and intrigue, then this book has it all. [...]

    4. Tremond, CA. Vicente Security Firm. Hailey Campbell & Megan (wife/mother, Hailey’s BFF), were discussing the abuse that she/daughter Abbie (13 months) put up with from Ronnie (husband/father). News flash: The First-Trust Bank (Luca Ave) was robbed & blown up by a bomb.Later, Hailey was in the hospital recovering from a broken right ankle, 2 cracked ribs, a concussion, & bruised right shoulder.Dr. Wilson was attending to her.Big-Mama explained to her the VSF was sabotaged by a bomb. [...]

    5. *I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*The premise of this book sounded pretty promising and I was excited to read it, but I had a hard time with it for a few reasons.Low Points:I try not to judge the content of a book by its editing job, but in this case the editing was so spotty that I couldn't follow the story. There were commas in the wrong places, missing commas, inappropriate parentheses, missing periods, and in addition to all that the tenses changed so of [...]

    6. Hailey had been raised in a home with other foster/adopt children with Big Mama in California. Hailey was of mixed race. She never knew who her mother or father were but she always knew unconditional love from Big Mama. Her best friend, Meagan had a beautiful baby daughter, Abbie, but lived in an abuse marriage with a racist husband, Ronnie. This was an interesting story about a young woman, Hailey Campbell and her crazy, mixed up life. This was a story that dealt with loss, racial bigotry, roma [...]

    7. This was an interesting novel. It made me think of like a modern day re-telling of Cinderella to be honest. I very much enjoyed the main character, Hailey. She went through a great deal but kept herself up beat and positive. The only problem I had with the book was that the narrative didn't flow smoothly. It felt like there were two different story lines and the first came to a dead stop to allow for the second only to randomly pick up again. Still, an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.I was gi [...]

    8. Well, I really loved this book.The way the little mini stories kept popping up. I really sometimes go back and find some.I loved the suspense romance and the hunt. Hailey seemed like a very strong woman and just never gave upI really couldn't put this book down!I recommend someone who likes this sort of story and say go for it, you won't regret itI was given this book in replace for my fair and honest opinion

    9. This book tackled a lot of different subjects under the umbrella of clean romantic suspense. It was a good story, predictable at times, but that's not something that keeps me from reading. From domestic abuse to racism to murder to abortion and fostering and more, so many difficult subjects are touched on that I found myself thinking maybe it was too many subjects, that the author should have focused on fewer and gone more in depth, but overall each subject is handled well and the author did a g [...]

    10. Colors in the Dark by Groovy Lee has everything one would want in a sweet romance - a pretty girl with plenty of spunk and an interesting history, a gorgeous and mysterious man, some intrigue and adventure, and a happy, fairytale ending. I couldnt help but feel as if the author had put some of her own personal warmth and strength into her main character Hailey, and I especially liked how Hailey's past was not written as something that had held her back or become an issue she had to get over. I a [...]

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