Curveball Mystery and romance weave together in a set of fast paced sports romance novels Follow the Barlow sisters as they negotiate the perils of forbidden love while finding their place at a new school in t

  • Title: Curveball
  • Author: Jordan Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mystery and romance weave together in a set of fast paced, sports romance novels Follow the Barlow sisters as they negotiate the perils of forbidden love while finding their place at a new school in the troubled town of Armitage CURVEBALL Barlow Sisters 1 Maddie Barlow is used to being in control So when her father uproots their family to the small, troubled town oMystery and romance weave together in a set of fast paced, sports romance novels Follow the Barlow sisters as they negotiate the perils of forbidden love while finding their place at a new school in the troubled town of Armitage CURVEBALL Barlow Sisters 1 Maddie Barlow is used to being in control So when her father uproots their family to the small, troubled town of Armitage, just six months from her high school graduation, she s struggling to cope Worse yet, he insists the coach makes room for all of his daughters on the boys baseball team The close knit Armitage Pitbulls don t want three girls messing up their season, and they re going to do everything in their power to make sure the girls don t make them look bad especially Holden Carter the smooth, good looking captain of the team Maddie takes one look at him and knows he s trouble In spite of her instant attraction she s determined to put the arrogant jock in his place, which is made doubly hard when her younger sister starts crushing on the guy In an attempt to protect her sister from getting hurt, Maddie puts herself between them, only to face a curveball she never saw coming Her attraction to Holden is not supposed to turn into and when it does she s caught between hurting her sister and turning her back on the first guy she s ever really fallen for But a forbidden romance is not the only curveball Maddie and Holden have to dodge, because things aren t what they seem in the quaint town of Armitage and they re about to work out that discovering the truth can be way dangerous than living a lie Grab your copy today and escape into a small town where trouble lurks around every corner and romance is just a heartbeat away OTHER BARLOW SISTERS BOOKS Strike Out Releasing Oct 2017 Foul Play Release Nov 2017

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    1. (view spoiler)[I absolutely loved Curveball! The book is about the barlow sisters, twins Maddie and Max, and their young sister Chloe, and how their life is changed in an instant. Not a super bad instant, like a death in the family. Oh no, I mean that their dad got a new job as a sheriff and they have to move. They have to leave their friends, boyfriends, and sports teams (which was a huge thing for them by the way).I feel like since they moved a lot has changed between the sisters as well. Ther [...]

    2. I've already fallen in love with this new series. These three sisters are tight and this book mainly focuses on the eldest Madelyn. Maddie and her sisters are starting over in a new school without a women's baseball team so they join the boys.ah that goes down well.Holden (think arrogant jock. least on the surface) is intrigued by Maddie so to annoy her goes after her sister. Will it be sisters before misters or trouble? What's going on in this small town with thefts and assault on the school gr [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.I was so curious about this new series by Jordan Ford and quickly after I received my copy I started reading. I like the set-up for this trilogy with each book focusing one a different sister and after finishing this one I can only say I am even more curious about the other two sisters books. We got some glimpses of what they are up to here and I even have guesses about who they'll end up with. Curveball was a great [...]

    4. Curveball is the first book in the Barlow Sisters series! With only 6 months left to finish High School, Maddie and her twin, Max and along with their one year younger sister Chloe, gets pulled from everything they know for their father's new job as a police chief in a town that they know nothing about. With the three girls loving baseball, the close-knit Pitbulls and their captain, Holden Carter don't want them on their all-boy team and they will do anything to mess them up while playing. As Ma [...]

    5. *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*I generously received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review…Bring on the BARLOW SISTERS! After reading Jordan Ford's last trilogy (The Brotherhood) I think it was only fitting for her to explore into the world of sisterhood! Ever since she first announced her plans for this trilogy several months ago I've been hooked on her concept of three sisters learning to navigate in a new town while finishing out their high school baseball [...]

    6. The Barlow Sisters have a great life in Columbus. Twins Maddie and Max, and younger, by a year, sister Chloe. They are not only sisters, but best friends. They are also gorgeous, kick-ass baseball players. Maddie is the tough sister, protective and strong. Max is easy going, focused on her baseball. Chloe is sweet beyond words. Everything changes in the blink of an eye when their dad takes a promotion as sheriff in the little town of Armitage, California across the country. Obviously the girls a [...]

    7. Simply Brilliant. This new YA standalone starter in the Barlow sisters trilogy had me addicted from the very first page. Maddie, her twin Max and their slightly younger sister Chloe have just moved to Armitage for the final six months of their senior year. They are all baseball players and they immediately throw a spanner in the works when they are added to the line up of the all boys team. Holden Carter the captain is not impressed, however as annoyed as he is, he cannot fight his growing attra [...]

    8. ~~I received this in exchange for my honest opinion~~When your dad uproots your whole life 6 months before you graduate high school, you don't want to be happy. You don't see the opportunity that may lay ahead, all you see is your girls baseball team moving on without you, your friends at your previous school forgetting about you. All you want to do is finish your 6 months and go to college. Maybe play baseball as well for the new school, that is, if the boys will let you. Jordan hits it out of [...]

    9. When Jordan Ford says she's writing a new sports series, you get excited, because she does it so good that you don't care if you're into that sport specifically, you just know the story and the romance are going to be top shelf. She thows in a little mystery and some drama, giving us an all around fun read. The characters are lovable and relatable, making you wish they were real friends. I'm excited to read the sisters' books.

    10. Jordan Ford did it again. I was absolutely captivated by this book and read it cover to cover without a break. I’m hooked on the Barlow sisters! I loved reading about Maddie and Holden fighting their attraction for each other and trying not to hurt Chloe in this situation. Armitage has been facing some small town robberies and even an assault on school grounds. Is it obviously the boy from the bad family in town? Or is someone else pulling one over on Armitage?I also can’t wait to see what M [...]

    11. I have loved everything this author has written in her NA and YA Genre and couldn't wait to read her new Barlow Sister's series. Curveball is first book of the series. This is Maddie & Holden's story. All three of the sisters are best friends, Maddie, Max and Chloe. Maddie & Max are twins & Chloe is a year younger. The sisters grew up playing baseball in Columbus but in their Junior & Senior year, their dad had received a promotion and so he moved the family to Armitage Californi [...]

    12. Absolutely LOVE Jordan Ford!! I don't know how she came up with this story of amazing sisters, but to add the twists and turns here and there is great!The Barlow sisters are taken for a whirlwind ride when their father uproots them to the only home they have known in Columbus, Ohio to this somewhat run down town on the other side of the country. Things seem a little off when they get there and not everyone is who they appear to be. There are untold stories, facades, and dirty little secrets lurk [...]

    13. The three Barlow sisters have their world turned up side down when their father accepts a job as police chief of Armitage, California. Six months before twins Maddie and Max graduate they are halfway across the country attending a new high school. Unexpected attraction and a crush will cause a rift between Maddie and Chloe. Holden Carter, the cause of the rift, will find out that his best friend isn't the person Holden thought he was, and Maddie will become his confidante. Maddie and Holden are [...]

    14. I really liked the start to this new series. I appreciated the attitude of Maddie towards her sisters. She wanted to put them first and cared about them but she also wanted to allow them freedom in their lives as well. Holden was a great guy in general however I feel his hide who I really am personality was never really resolved. I'm hoping we see that clear up a bit more in the following books. I liked that the girls were real athletes however none of them had to scream girl power from the roof [...]

    15. Curveball was a short sweet read with lots of baseball and a touch of mystery.I really liked the sisterly bond in this book. You can really see how much the girls really care for and look out for each other.The mystery element introduced was a great edition as well. That really kept me on my toes and I was able to predict the culprit in the end.My favourite part was when the Barlow sister showed the all boys team that girly can play just a hard as boys can (and sometimes better!)I'm curious to s [...]

    16. Small town loveI give this 3.5 stars. Maddie and her two sisters move to a small town and they are immediately the girls who become a threat to the baseball team. These girls know baseball and love to play. They are also beautiful and catch the attention of the star pitcher Holden. Holden figures out a plan try to keep them on the bench for their season. Unfortunately things don't go his way. Between the girls actually knowing how to play and the thefts happening in their school and around town, [...]

    17. I've always loved the idea that girls should be able to play on a boys team when it comes to certain sports. Do I think they should be on a football field? Really depends on the girl and what position, but baseball? That is definitely one where I think girls can excel. As such, I was really excited to read this. A story of three sisters raised to play ball on a girls team who move to a new town and shake things up in more ways than one. As expected, the boys are not thrilled with the idea of gir [...]

    18. Oh my!!! This book is amazing. If you want a great book this book is well written and the characters are amazing.

    19. I was privileged enough to receive a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.I love Jordan Ford's books and I absolutely fell in love with the Barlow sisters. The interaction between Maddie and her sisters in on point. Holden is a typical teenage guy. He does stupid things. but I love Holden and Maddie together. I loved how Maddie tries to deny herself to keep her sister happy but in the end Chloe doesn't hold it against her. I was glad the little mystery was solved but I can't wa [...]

    20. Curveball is the first book in a new series called Barlow Sisters. As you might gather, this trilogy involves three sisters - not triplets like they get mistaken for. Instead, Max and Maddie are twins, with Chloe being a bit younger. They have been uprooted and driven across the country, but they are still there for each other. Their relationship is as close as you could want - sisters before misters. However, a spanner gets thrown in the works in the shape of Holden Carter. Not only does Chloe [...]

    21. When reading one of Jordan Ford's books I know I can always look forward to something exciting. I absolutely love her writing style and how she allows for a sweet romance but a realistic romance at the same time. I also love that she puts the characters through real dilemmas. A Key fact I have noticed from book to book is the boy's protective nature of the girls they love. I always look forewarning to seeing how she will present it as each of them may posses this general trait but in each story, [...]

    22. CURVEBALL is book one in the Barlow Sisters series and is a young adult (no sex, a few curse words), sports related romance between two high school seniors whose initial animosity towards each other quickly becomes so much more. Although the YA genre is not my first choice in reads, I always enjoy reading it if it's written by Jordan Ford! The characters are pretty realistic and her stories always have that "feel good" vibe intertwined with a touch of mystery and a dash of angst. Maddie and Hold [...]

    23. 4,5 stars ☆☆☆☆What a great start to this new Jordan Ford series. The writing is once again really intriguing and enjoyable with loveable characters that feel like friends immediately ♡"Curveball" combines sports, mystery and teenager love in an emotional story about three sisters who have to move to a new city because of their father's job and in this book the focus is on Maddie.I loved the sisterly bond these girls share. It‘s more than family, they‘re best friends and they prove [...]

    24. >Book Review - Curve Ball>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the first in the Barlow sisters series and ends with an HEA. The three Barlow sisters are uprooted for their dad's job and moved cross country to a more crime riddled town than they are used to. Mr. Barlow is the new Police Chief. The 3 girls played baseball on a unique girls team back home. In order to convince Mr. Barlow to move, his girls were promised spots on the boys high school baseball team. As one could probably [...]

    25. I received a copy from the author.Curveball is the first book in a new young adult trilogy about three baseball loving sisters, Maddie, Max, and Chloe. The sisters move to a new town when their police officer father lands a new job. They soon join the all boys baseball team, much to the chagrin of the most popular boy on the team, Holden. After a rough start, Holden and Maddie grow close amid thefts around school, the threat of ruining her relationship with her younger sister Chloe, and family s [...]

    26. I love this trilogy. You don't very often see teenage girls who play baseball and are good at it, as well as who and up playing on an all boys team. What I also love about this trilogy is that you get to see the story unfolding, told through the eyes of the main character and their love interest. In Curveball, we start out learning that the family is moving to another city in another state, away from everything the girls have known and are comfortable with. Eventually, once the family settles in [...]

    27. I'm suspicious to talk because I love this author's stories. And, again, Jordan Ford presents us with a wonderful story.Maddie is accustomed to being in control of things, and when she is forced to move to the small town of Armitage, things don't go exactly as she planned. And when her father interferes so that she and her sisters are on the baseball team, things get a bit ugly.Holden is accustomed to being the center of attention at school, and having everything he ever wants. But when he and M [...]

    28. I couldn't give this book less than 5 stars! So well deserved!I loved Curveball from the start. The whole idea of three sisters sticking together and stand their ground is amazing, specially when it comes to baseball and they had to get in the boys team and prove them how good they were.This first book is about Maddie Barlow, the older sister, and how she deals with moving to a new city with her family and going to a school she doesn't want to be in. She also has to be the strong sister in order [...]

    29. I loved this!Another winner from Jordan Ford, Curveball knocks it out of the park. The Barlow sisters are transplanted, in the middle of twin Maddie and Mac's senior year. Sparks fly, and not in a good way when they try out for the boys baseball team, with Holden Carter leading the pack on not wanting girls on his team, no matter how skilled they turn out to be, or cool under pressure.Chloe, the sweet sister, takes to him right away. But it's Maddie, who makes no bones about not liking him one b [...]

    30. Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh! I'm completely in love with new YA series. I'm so estatic to read the other books in this series. Curveball is the first book in this new fabulous series based on The Barlowe Sister's. A flawless piece of writing that is brilliantly composed. The antecedent is intriguing & the beginning draws you in & keep's you tied to your kindle. I love this authors writing as each novel exudes an unrivaled style & characters come alive & jump right off the pages. A [...]

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