Dragons of Time

Dragons of Time An all new anthology of fantasy tales from popular Dragonlance authors focuses on the lives and behavior of dragons of every kind both good and evil in works by Richard A Knaak Jean Rabe Paul B Th

  • Title: Dragons of Time
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780786942954
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • An all new anthology of fantasy tales from popular Dragonlance authors focuses on the lives and behavior of dragons of every kind, both good and evil, in works by Richard A Knaak, Jean Rabe, Paul B Thompson, and other writers Original.

    One thought on “Dragons of Time”

    1. I read this book and found it was alright but I agreed with this review the most. So I had to share.#1 - `Homecoming' by Liz Weis - I am still baffled as to why this anthology started off with this story. I know Margaret Weis is a prolific author, but Liz Weis needs to hone her craft more before having stories released in anthologies like this. For starters, this story has a first person perspective, which to my knowledge WotC doesn't allow, yet for this author they make an exception. This story [...]

    2. There was only a couple of these stories that I really enjoyed. I could only listen to a couple hours at a time without losing focus. Most of the stories just did not hold my attention.

    3. My actual rating is 2.5 stars.This is an anthology set in the Dragonlance world. When I review an anthology, it seems like I always end up with an average rating. I believe this happens because there will be authors and stories you enjoy and authors and stories that you will not enjoy. I hope I enjoy more stories that I do not. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this collection. There were a few stories that were excellent (the reason the rating was 2.5 stars) and should be read but the m [...]

    4. [2 and 1/2 stars]A so-so collection of short stories, saved from being mediocre by a couple of (relative) standouts and a few other reasonably entertaining ones. I'd give kudos also to the care the editors have taken to present a range of stories and variations on the theme of "dragon", as that actually lent some interest to the anthology. While you're never going to be blown away by the Dragonlance books, which are derivative at best, it has to be admitted that a visit to Krynn is always going [...]

    5. Collection of short stories by the Dragonlance authors. Some were very good, some were okay. Not bad for only paying a dollar for the book, but it's one I would normally only check out from the library.

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