Blowfish Blowfish is a fast funny and irreverent take on the overhyped pursuit of passion in a country where flashy cars and posh bungalows remain the only lasting symbols of success and happiness Summary Muk

  • Title: Blowfish
  • Author: Siddharth Tripathi
  • ISBN: 9789386643315
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blowfish is a fast, funny and irreverent take on the overhyped pursuit of passion in a country where flashy cars and posh bungalows remain the only lasting symbols of success and happiness.Summary Mukund and Chaddha spend their days comfortably ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regrets that make for good conversation Mukund, in a fit of bravado resigns to pursBlowfish is a fast, funny and irreverent take on the overhyped pursuit of passion in a country where flashy cars and posh bungalows remain the only lasting symbols of success and happiness.Summary Mukund and Chaddha spend their days comfortably ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regrets that make for good conversation Mukund, in a fit of bravado resigns to pursue his calling the only hitch is that he doesn t know what it is yet Chaddha is fired and seeks solace in shooting pigeons at point blank range Mukund s life spirals out of control when Colonel Harpal Singh, the housing society secretary, finds in him a reflection of his estranged son Harpal places Mukund under house arrest , puts him on trial in a kangaroo court and coerces him to fight a ludicrous duel Constantly under threat, and running out of time and money, Mukund is about to go back to being a man with bad dandruff, a small car and even smaller dreams, when he meets Suman, a girl who, like him, is trying to figure out what life is all about.

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    1. Full Review @ecstaticyetchaotic.wordpress.|4.0 stars|The typical lives of most people, especially people who wanna pursue their ‘calling’, because the world cares more about your job and your life than you ever did. Blowfish is a witty take on the double standards of the society and the irony of certain everyday situations.Imagine you are frustrated because you finally got a job but you don’t know what are you doing. Your Co-workers infuriate you further because they are equally clueless. [...]

    2. Follow my blog for more posts: hjbookblogSet in Gurgaon, this book is very much relatable to this generation who find themselves working all their energy off chasing money and not their passion. It addresses that chasing passion has become a luxury when flashy cars and posh bungalows are the only lasting symbols of success and happiness.Cover: Blowfish has a very vivid and bright cover that makes it even more appealing to read. It undoubtedly plays an important role pulling the readers in!Plot a [...]

    3. The book is the story of three friends told from the point of view of Mukund. Mukund is a frustrated lad in his late twenties. His job sucks and personal life is no good. And that is why he is so relatable!Mukund has a numerologist for a therapist. But the numerologist has just one solution to all of Mukund’s problems. If Mukund changes his name to Muklund, then all his problems will go away. He is reluctant to do so, for obvious reasons!There is Chaddha. He is Punjabi. He eats chicken and lov [...]

    4. The story revolves around Mukund , a middleclass , ordinary guy who works in a 9-5 job. After hearing to a prediction by his astrologer , he leaves his job and chases his dreams but things don’t always turn out to be how we want them.Blowfish is a fast paced and witty read with a very clear portrayal of the Indian mindset – huge pockets filled with cash , fast cars and luxurious mansions ; which these days is the definition of a SUCCESSFUL PERSON. The narration is simple and lucid which will [...]

    5. The book feels relatable on so many instances a different shade of the reality that every millennial must be facing; incidences depicted over blown at some places brought out the laughter with the empathy that is gained slowly with the characters evolving in the story. An easy read with some reflective words. A modern read that I would suggest to all in their twenties.

    6. Initially, I had my doubts about how good this book might be, but when I started to read I got involved in the story. It has a very contemporary plot that unfolds in a linear manner. Not at all complicated and very relatable, Blowfish has to do with a man named who decides to finally quit his job in order to take a break and do something meaningful. The moment he takes this course of action, his life is swept away by a torrent of events that force him to get involved in issues that open his eyes [...]

    7. Detailed review coming up soon.EDIT:Took me long enough, but here I am, sharing my detailed review of the book.Blowfish, for me, was a very Catcher In the Rye type read (not comparing the books but the general narration), where things just kept happening. There was a good flow maintained throughout, which made it a gripping read for me. However, at one point i did feel like like since so much was happening, nothing really happened. Towards the third quarter of the book, when things go really out [...]

    8. Read other reviews like this on my blog :dsr21.wordpress ” Why should I be afraid to talk about something that I am so immensely proud of? I blurted out, ‘I wanted to do something, I mean, I wanted to create something I could call my own.’ “Blowfish is the journey of Mukund and his friends. He is a middle-class man with a passion. Author has particularly focused on the part of life when Mukund searches for something more than an average paying MNC job. The book is divided into 5 parts an [...]

    9. Blowfish addresses the main case of people running after high paying jobs, especially of those working in MNCs, towers with those flashy reflective mirrors and don't forget the people clad in black, clicking shoes, the computer taps! Our ears have been accustomed to our parents' reiterated phrase time and again, "good education, then a good job, then of course a family". There's no way out of this goodness, for most of us. And amidst sticking to this "policy", often times we forget to give time [...]

    10. Title: Blowfish Author: Siddharth TripathiPublication Date:20th September 2017Publisher: Bloomsbury India Binding:PaperbackGenre: FictionPages: 296ISBN: 9789386643115Blurb Mukund and Chaddha spend their days comfortably ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regrets that make for good conversation. Mukund, in a fit of bravado. resigns to pursue his “calling”; the only hitch is that he doesn't know what it is yet! Chaddha is fired and seeks solace in shooting pigeons at point-blank range [...]

    11. 296 pagesPublished : September 21, 2017ISBN13 : 9789386643315 Mukund is every other guy in India. After completing his education, he has landed himself a job in one of the MNCs in the concrete jungle of Gurgaon. Few years into the job , he has earned himself a considerable bank balance, a WagonR and a paunch to make him a respectable member of the 9 to 5 society. Despite having a cushy job where he does the bare minimum and still manages to have his salary reach his bank account, he is unsatisf [...]

    12. Written in a first-person perspective, Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi takes you on a journey which will help you get a reality check on Indian’s society, where an over-hyped pursuit of passion is all about owning a flashy car, posh bungalows, high paying salaries and how it remains the only lasting symbols of success and happiness.Going by the cover, it is safe to say that the book will attract reader with its colorful illustrations. The book narrates the story of three different characters- M [...]

    13. "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST"This quote relates too much with the life of the Protagonist of the book. Mukund Bhandari, a young man living in the Gurgaon city,  having a good job,  a good vehicle "Caribbean blue wagonR" and a really good life. The Protagonist Mukund Bhandari AKA "BHANDARI" gets confused like "what is he doing with his life at the moment?  Why is he living a life which he never wanted to?" Bhandari is bored with the sameness of his life, his daily routine. One fine day Bhandari d [...]

    14. Read full review at diaryofabookgirl/2017/1I read a well written Indian fiction book after a long long time and I will pick this book any time to lift up my mood. I remember reading it while in an auditorium full of people, and the book enraptured me. I was so engrossed in the book that I forgot about the time.First, let me talk about the characters. Mukund, Chaddha and Sampu are the perfect representation of the typical working youth of today. I would readily hang out with them any day. Mukund' [...]

    15. Following are excerpts from my review. For a complete review, please visit nehagargblog.wordpress/2017/10/27/br-blowfishIf I had to describe the book in one word, the word would be Funny. The book is a hilarious take on the priorities and mindset of people involved in today's rat race.They work in MNCs and live splendidly but are unsure about life at so many levels. Their lives are messy. Broken hearts and difficult families are so very common. For a lot of these people, intoxication becomes the [...]

    16. If I had to describe this book in one word it would be "witty". Written is a funny tone this book tells us the story of Mukund and Chaddha dwelling in what is otherwise a normal world we all are a part of. Starting with the cover, the book has managed to grab attention with its bright and colourful tone and a unique title.Blowfish is a fish which has the capability to inflate itself. Used in a metaphoric manner, the title aptly suits the storyline to the T. If all this wasn't enough, the blurb s [...]

    17. The story does not try to be preachy, harping about why one needs to follow one’s heart and how jobs and mundane lifestyles are for the weak-hearted. And that’s what makes it an interesting read. After I finished the book, the only thing I had was a smile on a story that was written well. No layers, no lines to read between. In my opinion, this is a story from the author’s heart meant to reach the reader’s heart. And that it does.A simple vocabulary and interesting characters, like Bumbu [...]

    18. Somewhere between then and now, there came a generation, a hunchback generation, on whose shoulder sat the old and the young discussing country's future with beer and peanuts while the hunchback kept walking unable to make his mind whether to continue carrying them forward or shrug them off his back. Mukund and his friends belong to that generation. He wants to break free from the stagnation. But he feels held back. He's confused. So are his friends. Their friendship is a mix of that old kind of [...]

    19. Tripathi’s contemporary storytelling methods used in Blowfish is definitely a treat to read. Especially with his witty and comical use of the language which almost makes the reader visualise the scenes in front of them. The best part of the novel is that the characters are very relatable and so are their decisions, well maybe Chaddha can be unpredictable sometimes, but that is the essence of his character! You can read the full review at: subhadrikasen/2017/10/24/b

    20. you find yourself in every page of this book. things you have always wanted to say, do or feel is all lying open in each conversation. it takes you back to a life you have once lived and wish to live again.

    21. Its a good read. Has a smooth flow which lets you read it in one go :)I liked it better than Virgins as found the story more relatable

    22. It's a witty read. The story focus on Mukund who works in MNC and stays with his friend. with good salary and lifestyle that every young generation wishes for. It revolves around how the life of people working in MNCs is. One fine day, Mukund decides to quit his job to find his talents, he wants something of his own and not this 9-5 job. He then decides to focus on writing which he feels he is good at. Mukund decides to leave a job, while on other hand, his friend Chaddha got fired. The story ha [...]

    23. This book is about two guys living the in the fast-paced world and surviving it whilst proving the typical Indian mindset wrong.To find out more, Please go to this link theforeverreader/blowfish-

    24. It's a good light read, funny and resonates with my present situation - I need to earn but I detest the corporate job. The language is simple. There's nothing flashy about this book, there's nothing Woahhhh about it. But a reader also needs a lazy read among the heavy duty books, with deep meaning, or mind-boggling action.

    25. Pasting excerpts from the first review of the book - MenXP's take on Blowfish (read full review here - mensxp/culture/arts/39)"It's easy to relate to the protagonists; for the simple reason that the protagonists are a reflection of the reader. Through most of the scenarios that the author takes you through in Blowfish, you'll be able to find some incredibly relatable instance of your own life glaring back at you. And that's why you should read Blowfish, Because nothing will relate and connect wi [...]

    26. The book was funny and revolved around a young guy struggling to find his calling, feeling stifled in his regular day job. The protaganist of the book is very relatable and the plot unfolds in an easy manner. Blowfish is about this young man who decides to quit his job without giving it another thought and dreams of writing his first book. He follows a regular routine post his hasty decision to quit job, going through the mundaneness of life and finally blowing up big time to land in a soup.It i [...]

    27. Witty storytelling about characters and situations that seem all to familiar from your own life. A story about pursuit of your inner calling told through a relatable character Mukund within an hilarious setting. A beautiful read!

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