Magie spojuje

Magie spojuje olda ka Kate Danielsov v a moc dob e e magie v Atlant po Zm n je nebezpe n Ale nic s m se kdy p edt m potkala ji nemohlo p ipravit na tohle Kate a b val P n elem Curran Lennart kone n hodlaj sv j

  • Title: Magie spojuje
  • Author: Ilona Andrews Hana Vrábelová
  • ISBN: 9788073983949
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • olda ka Kate Danielsov v a moc dob e, e magie v Atlant po Zm n je nebezpe n Ale nic, s m se kdy p edt m potkala, ji nemohlo p ipravit na tohle Kate a b val P n elem, Curran Lennart, kone n hodlaj sv j vztah stvrdit i ofici ln Ale na cest k olt i budou muset p ekonat p r hodn velk ch p ek ek Roland, Katin otec, unesl poloboha Saimana a te ho pomalu nec olda ka Kate Danielsov v a moc dob e, e magie v Atlant po Zm n je nebezpe n Ale nic, s m se kdy p edt m potkala, ji nemohlo p ipravit na tohle Kate a b val P n elem, Curran Lennart, kone n hodlaj sv j vztah stvrdit i ofici ln Ale na cest k olt i budou muset p ekonat p r hodn velk ch p ek ek Roland, Katin otec, unesl poloboha Saimana a te ho pomalu nech v vykrv cet ve sv v n honb za moc V t rna arod jek p edpov d la, e pokud si Kate vezme mu e, kter ho miluje, Atlanta sho na popel a ona ho ztrat nav dy A jedin osoba, kterou by Kate mohla po dat o pomoc, je d vno mrtv Vyhl dky jsou beznad jn Budoucnost vypad temn Ale Kate Danielsov nen z t ch, kdo by hr li podle pravidel

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    1. 9/13/17 - B/c I am an I D I O T, I'm just now realizing that there was a live recording of the book launch at NOLA StoryCon last year, AND I'M IN IT (0:44). B/c mariachi elephant line. Robin is too, in the last like 5 seconds. OHMAGAWD: facebook/ilonadrew4.5 starsNon-spoilery list of things you can look forward to in MAGIC BINDS:1. Finding out once and for all whether or not Roland is a Bad Guy.2. Kate struggling with her Dark Side.3. A character from the past who you thought was gone for good i [...]

    2. Actual rating: 20 million stars. More or less. Give or give a few millions.There are no words. Okay, so there might be a few words, but they're refusing to come out right now. So I'll just leave you with these few choice gifs for the moment:I shall return. Maybe: Roman the Riveting Russian Rake is mine. Barabas is mine. Christopher is mine. Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler (not her real name) is mine. And yes, Roland (aka Daddy Dearest) is also mine. So don't be getting any silly ideas into your silly li [...]

    3. 11/4/16 The audio is on sale for $4.49 on audible amazon link who knows how long that special deal will last. Official Release day.I'm so excited to read this with my crew at Ilona Andrews AddictsTHIS WAS FAN-FREAKING-TASTICI never in a million years would have guessed at even half the stuff the Andrews came up with to put in this story.Kate and Curran – Love them ALWAYsFavorite side character – Roman…. The priest of the God of Evil and Monsters gets some great page time and adds to every [...]

    4. This was what I looked like when I picked the book up from the library.Except I'm a brunette. *cough* And about 30 years older.But other than that, EXACTLY the same.Are you a Kate Daniels fan?If so, I really don't need to convince you to Give This Sucker a Shot. snortYou're already aware of what an amazing writing team Ilona Andrews is, and you'd probably read a grocery list if you knew they were the ones who wrote it. Hell, I would!However, if you've neglected to pick this series up?You MUST Gi [...]

    5. It's saying something when the 9th book is one of the best of the entire series. Yes, this was AMAZING! I couldn't get enough.There was just so much win. I admit that I didn't really like the previous one, but this was the shizz! The story, the pacing, everything was spot on. It was a real joy to read. I mean, everyone who is reading this probably knows what has come before and what everything is leading up to. There is a lot of Roland is this book, Kate's Bad Daddy. Their interactions were epic [...]

    6. "So far I had the god of evil and the god of terror on my side. My good-guy image was taking a serious beating. Maybe I should recruit some unicorns or kittens with rainbow powers to even us out."If you’re an Urban Fantasy fan who hasn’t read the Kate Daniels series yet, you need to remedy that soon. At the 9th book the series is still going strong and doesn’t look like it’s losing any steam. In fact, in some ways it’s even improving. The book opens a few weeks before Kate and Curran t [...]

    7. "Only two kinds of people drink their coffee black: cops and serial killers."What do you know I just found what me and Kate Daniels have in common - see above. I have a lot of friends who love the series with all their hearts. So before some of them de-friend me for such a low rating while others gather a lynching mob to nicely explain me the errors of my way I have to say that the book is good. Some of the previous installments raised the plank very high and this one could not quite reach it. M [...]

    8. Can I borrow some stars from someone? I don't have enough to give this book.How does a series keep getting progressively better? It was soooo freaking good that I feel like I need to lower every other rating I've ever given so that this 5-star rating has more meaning.Kate & Curran are getting married and as an early wedding gift, the witches give Kate a prophecy in which everyone dies if she marries Curran - and everyone dies if she doesn't. Huh. That's a below-average wedding gift. They rea [...]

    9. The books in this series blow me away. Every. Time. I don't just say that because I'm a total fangirl who thinks Ilona Andrews can do no wrong. To be fair, I am a total fangirl, but there is a REASON for that. Kate Daniels rocks my socks off. This book is the most satisfying and entertaining thing I have read all year. Books like these are why I read. I didn't want to stop reading to go to bed to go to work to feed my kids. (You get the idea.)This is the book where Kate and Curran are finally su [...]

    10. 1.) Magic Bites ★★★★2.) Magic Burns ★★★★3.) Magic Strikes ★★★★★4.) Magic Bleeds ★★★★★5.) Magic Slays ★★★★★6.) Magic Rises ★★★★7.) Magic Breaks ★★★★8.) Magic Shifts ★★★★8.5) Magic Stars ★★★★“So far I had the god of evil and the god of terror on my side. My good-guy image was taking a serious beating. Maybe I should recruit some unicorns or kittens with rainbow powers to even us out.”Being back in this world felt so [...]

    11. Re-read 12/1/18After re-reading the whole series, I have just one thing to say. Kate better not die at the end of this or I shall be enormously upset. Also I really hope they do a spinoff with Derek and Julie because they really deserve a HEA with each other. +5 StarsI fail to find words to describe how much I loved this book! Definitely one of my favourites! If you have not read this series and these authors, you are seriously missing out!

    12. There can never be enough Kate and Curran! Final review, first published on Fantasy Literature:Note: Some spoilers for earlier books in the seriesIn Magic Binds, the ninth book in Ilona Andrews’ KATE DANIELS urban fantasy series, Kate, a mercenary with awe-inspiring sword-fighting and magical abilities, and Curran, her shapeshifter mate and the former Beast Lord, have decided to officially tie the knot. After dealing with several obstacles to get to the home of their friend Roman, the priest o [...]

    13. "It's is not too late to turn back.""It's is always too late."The book has five main themes:A) The Wedding: Kate is choosing cake flavors, flowers, decoration, wedding dress while her whole world is falling apart and she needs to be focused. Roman will be her wedding priest and he has also taken the role of the wedding organizer. Roland is invited and he is not happy with the menu. (Personal note: Next time I read this book, I should do it without my husband trying to sleep next to me. My const [...]

    14. I'm a huge Ilona Andrews fan. There's nothing I've read of theirs that I don't like, and most of it I absolutely love and adore. But the Kate Daniels series  holds a special place for me. It's my favorite Urban Fantasy series, ever. EVER. It would take something massive and amazing for anything to supplant it.This makes it so hard to review. It's hard to say anything other than 'I LOVE IT' - and I did. I loved nearly every moment of it. This is the moment just before the end (with only ten book [...]

    15. If you are not reading this series, you should be.I slowed down when I got close to the end so I could enjoy it longer. Doesn't that say it all ? How can they keep writing books that I can't wait to finish and hate to finish at the same time ? The side characters really came into play in this book, everyone was fantastic, interesting and unique.There were a couple side characters that held my attention and have me dreaming about their futures. Roman, dark, and handsome. He is so interesting, uni [...]

    16. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.The first thing that pops into my head whenever I finish a KATE DANIELS volume is that Ilona Andrews can’t possibly top what I just read. Ok, so maybe there’s a whole lot of EGAD-GAH-OOOH-WHEE-ZOWIE-EEP-OMG (!!!) that precedes my first coherent thought, but then a year goes by, I pick-up the next novel, and the author duo blows the previous installment out of the water. I’m not usually a book hugger however, MAGIC BINDS evoked such strong emotions in me that they b [...]

    17. I'm bowing down and sending huge thanks to Netgalley for this one because it is totally awesome sauce! The Andrews have surpassed all my hopes here and if honest eased my fears because I just wasn't sure how they could start bringing this series to a close that would make sense. Yes I'm quietly sobbing at the thought of losing these characters but justice must be served and the unexpected twists and allies here when I think about it really do make sense.My favourite couple are finally getting ma [...]

    18. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.This book. I don't even know if I can even come close to putting my love for this book into words. This book was easily my most anticipated release of 2016. I actually was trying to save a vacation day just so that I could stay home and read this book just as soon as it became available. To say that I went into this book with high hopes would be an understatement. This book was better than I could have even hoped it could be. Once I started t [...]

    19. Magic Binds, the ninth (and apparently second-to-last) installment of Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series is quite possibly this author’s best work to date. At this point, it’s very difficult to separate, compare or evaluate each individual book, but Magic Binds challenges our beloved characters in all new ways and adds a lot to the already spectacular characterization. The sheer quality of these books sets them apart from anything even remotely similar. Kate is pushed to her limits in Magi [...]

    20. 1st Read - July 20162nd Read - September 2017Full ReviewI honestly don't know Ilona and Gordon Andrews do it but the Kate Daniels series just gets better and better with every book. We're heading to the end of the series now (just one more book to go *sob*) so everything is building up and falling into place ready for the big finale and the only word to accurately describe Magic Binds is epic. The stakes are higher than you could possibly imagine, the confrontation between Kate and Roland is clo [...]

    21. This book is not just a return to form for the series, it kicks the whole thing to the next level. It's funny and epic and exactly right. That's all i'm going to say, it needs nothing more.

    22. GAH!!!! SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!! Non-spoiler video review posted HERE ---> youtu/-zSPVi-KM5oOne of my favorite times of year! A new Kate Daniels book!There is so much packed into the phenomenal read I honestly don’t know where to start. I will say it was one of my favorites of the series thus far. And that’s saying a lot! (Book four will always be my fav) So here's the quick and dirty details.Surprising events:New character developments, (OMG!)A new(ish) coupling that has me super excited!!A [...]

    23. Awwww, it was soooo good!Action, action and only action. It's a rare thing that this series keeps being awesome, even after 9 books.I love all the characters, even the villains. Roland is such a great character. His conversation with Kate was worth the read.There was so much fighting and so many battles, so very well described, so magnificently done and the war is still coming. Can't wait for that epic final battle, but I also don't want this series to end. Christopher is such a surprise. I want [...]

    24. (view spoiler)[And the long wait starts once again! You better give me more Roland on this one IA!!!There's a snipet! A snipet involving Roman!!!! (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    25. “The future is fluid. But when it’s this close and this certain, you have to do something really big to change it. Something that will alter everything. Something nobody would expect.” Kate and Curran’s upcoming wedding should have been only a cause for celebration, but a dark cloud is threatening the happiness both of them deserve: one of the Witch Oracles keep on predicting that Curran will die and that Atlanta will burn if they marry. Kate will have to think out of the box, do the une [...]

    26. When I think about Kate Daniels books, I feel like drinking macchiato. So tasty and energizing , beautiful and multilayered. Mmm….It’s a pity that the next book will be published only next year. *sighs*I liked the race through KD books a lot and “Magic Binds” didn’t slow or killed my fangirlism. Quite on the contrary. So, let’s begin.Kate Daniels. The legend of awesomeness. Once upon a time there lived a powerful magical warrior princess…When alone in a dark forest waiting for an a [...]

    27. My head is still trying to grasp all the things that happened in this book and more importantly the question of "What happens next??” As for the question, I don't know and trying to guess what the authors will come up with would be the textbook definition of "exercise in futility".OK, to get things started and to raise the stress level of the reader, we get an oracle who sees all kinds of horrible things in Kate's future and almost no way to avoid them which sets this book off on a series of s [...]

    28. First off: this book made me so happy I could burst!This 9th and apparently penultimate volume begins shortly before Kate's and Curran's wedding. The problem? Well, there is a reason said wedding has been a long time coming. In this case (as in some before), daddy-dearest is invading Kate's privacy and Atlanta, which she claimed. Julie still has contact with him too and when he can't irk Kate enough, he's doing it to the people around her so as not to have to break his promise, but to make the o [...]

    29. This is a more mature tale from this great Husband and Wife team, easily, and the relationship between Curran and Kate reflects it. I can't be happier.When it comes to plot, of course, we have one hell of a string of previous novels to build and explode all over these pages, too, and the surprises are generally both horrific and pleasing.Unfortunately, I can't gush over all the wonderful characters who return or who are developed or the other subset of characters who are wonderfully missing from [...]

    30. Everything*I loved absolutely everything* about this book. Curran and KateJulie and Derek (Even if IA doesn't give me the scene I've been asking for!)Roman EVERYTHING*RolandDid I say Curran and Kate? Man, their relationship is rock solid. The ending. The cliffhanger.Book 10 is so far away D:* About that EVERYTHING, I forgot JIM. I don't like Jim. Jim is poop. I remembered just now how infuriating he can be. To be honest, I never liked him, really. And now, he's dead to me. That's not a friend. T [...]

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