A Gift of Time

A Gift of Time Be careful what you wish for it just might come true Jack Taylor learns this the hard way He s a workaholic who wants that highly sought after corner office at the advertising agency he works for and

  • Title: A Gift of Time
  • Author: Jaclyn Osborn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Be careful what you wish for it just might come true Jack Taylor learns this the hard way He s a workaholic who wants that highly sought after corner office at the advertising agency he works for, and he ll do anything to get it even if that means constantly disappointing his fiance, Caden On his way home one Christmas Eve night, he s dreading the argument he knows wBe careful what you wish for it just might come true Jack Taylor learns this the hard way He s a workaholic who wants that highly sought after corner office at the advertising agency he works for, and he ll do anything to get it even if that means constantly disappointing his fiance, Caden On his way home one Christmas Eve night, he s dreading the argument he knows will happen once he walks through the door To make matters worse, he forgot to get a gift for Caden, so he makes a quick stop at a Christmas shop he s never seen before Inside, he meets a mysterious man who sells him an antique clock When he gets home, he and Caden fight, just as he expected, and he ends up sleeping on the couch Fuming from their fight, Jack makes a wish to have never met Caden And it comes true Waking up in an alternate reality around Christmas, Jack has everything he s ever wanted the perfect job, fancy car, and luxurious apartment But he soon realizes it means nothing without the man he loves There s only one way to reverse the wish get Caden to fall in love with him before Christmas Eve or lose him forever.

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    1. I loved the idea of this story, but I never believed Jack learned a lesson. He seemed perfectly happy living the high life with his fancy flat, corner office, and expensive car. It's what he'd always wanted. We were TOLD he missed Caden, but I didn't see it. And Caden was a bit too good to be true. Extra star because the story is very sexy and has a lovely ending.

    2. I had so many hopes for this story! I absolutely love time travel/alternate universe stories. And here I thought I had a 5 star book for sure. But unfortunately I ended up feeling that the story I was hoping for wasn’t executed in the way I wanted.Jack is a shitty fiancé. He loves his boyfriend of 4 years deeply, but he is also annoyed with him. Annoyed with Caden’s need to make Christmas Eve their special night. Annoyed that Caden doesn’t seem to understand how important Jack’s job is [...]

    3. I mostly liked this.I am not sure if I truly feel Jack deserved what he got but I guess he mostly made amends.I guess this was cute.

    4. This is a sweet novella reminding us of the importance of the holiday season. After working in retail and restaurant service for the past 25 years, I can honestly say I hate all things Christmas. It's sweet reminders like this novella that remind me I have more than enough to be grateful for. Rick is a workaholic, and he is obsessed with getting a promotion at work. When he once again prioritizes work over his fiance, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. SPOILER AHEAD. He makes a wish th [...]

    5. I liked the idea -- the whole "your life is actually better than you think" theme is most flourishing around holiday season and I am easily pleased with it. Unfortunately, in here, there are a couple things that bothered me.Usually, we will get to see how life in the alternate universe is less fulfilling, which gives a strong reason for the person to "learn his lesson" and choose his old life. BUT, I felt that in here, Jack actually had better life in this alternate universe. He gets the job he [...]

    6. 3.5 stars rounded up from me. A Christmassy do-over/second chance story, with Jack being a selfish, driven workaholic who is never satisfied with what he's got, and kind of a moron to be honest, and Caden who just has to put up with Jack's grumpy moods and selfish behaviour. I've never seen it [or read any of the books it has to be said], but I would guess this is all loosely based [very loosely based] on 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' with Caden being Cindy Lou's characterybe??One Christmas E [...]

    7. This book3.5 starsAt the beginning of this story I really, really disliked Jack. He was such a selfish jerk that I didn't even want Caden with him. His behavior toward a man he loved was despicable but then one major wish changes everything. I suppose losing the one person you love most can make you see things differently. It can also change a person because when Jack lost Caden he changed for the better. When Jack had to make Caden re-fall in love with him those were the best parts of the story [...]

    8. The story was clumsy and contrived, and the writing was just awkward!! Plus, I didn't like Jack AT ALL!! Things happened so quickly here and while everything did fall into place, it felt forced and out of place!! This was NOT a successful rendition of "A Christmas Carol", in fact it was one of the worst I've come across :-/, and trust me, there are A LOT of renditions out there!! ****************Borrowed from Kindle Unlimited.I will always state when I borrowed something from Kindle Unlimited an [...]

    9. *** My first Jaclyn Osborn story and I loved it. *** What a special story and lesson to learn. Magical ! It wasn't what I expected and it is a pleasant surprise. Jack, 23, advertising wiz, and Caden, Interior designer are engaged. On Christmas eve, Jack stays too late at work, so he stops at the only shop open to get a last minute gift. He fights with Caden at home, and sleeps on the couch. While drifting off he makes a wish, and wakes up in a different world. We see his internal thoughts, and h [...]

    10. Great play on A Christmas Carol. I found Jack to be insufferable and poor Caden was just clueless. The story itself worked in its own way though I never came to like Jack. I think that Ms Osborn could have done much more with the story but it was still a nice read.

    11. 4.4 stars. It was lovely, a cozy short read and perfect for Christmas. Jack is a bit difficult at the beginning but I managed to sympathize with him in end.

    12. A great take on an old Christmas storyI really loved this authors take on a beloved Christmas story. I loved reading about Jack’s transformation. I love the cover too!This author is new to me. I will be reading more from her.

    13. If you’re struggling to get into the spirit Jaclyn Osborn’s Christmas novella A Gift of Time will tug at your heart in all the right places warming your soul and leave you yearning to believe. Thirty-year old Jack Taylor’s devotion to making a name for himself by climbing the corporate ladder for the past seven years has taken a toll on his relationship with his fiancé, Caden. Adding insult to injury he comes home late again on Christmas Eve with a last minute gift for their heartfelt exc [...]

    14. I read this book back in December and just realized I hadn't reviewed it. Rating: ★★★★★Cover: LOVE, so stinkin' cuteHave you ever read a book that just made you feel good? This was this book. The plot was kind of predictable, in the sense of a HEA, but there's SO much leading up to it. It's a fun, fairly low drama read, which is PERFECT. I loved the concept of the clock :) So cute. I loved to see Jack's growth and his love for Caden. I felt the story was so heartfelt. The characters we [...]

    15. So beautifulA gift of time was such a beautiful story I loved it so much Jack and caden stole my heart so much I just loved them so much Following Jack's journey to try and reverse his wish and keep loving caden I felt like I was there with him every step of the way My heart broke at times but also got put back together again and oh my heart it felt so full by the time I finished a gift of time Time and love is such a special thing to have and so powerful like every word and every meaning in jac [...]

    16. If possible, I'd give this book a 3.5 because this light read would be a good TV movie. Recognizing that, I shouldn't be disappointed but I am. Don't get me wrong, I like books wherein a character gets to experience the road not taken and learns to value and treasure what he already has. But for me, there was something missing like a dish that needs more seasoning. Maybe some witty dialogue and a little of Caden's POV would have done the trick. But hey, it's good as what it is, an m/m Hallmark C [...]

    17. No surprises or crazy twists on the classic "I wish my life was different" tale.Jack falls asleep wishing he'd never met his fiance, a week into his new life & all he wants is to win Cay back. He has less than 3 weeks to get Caden to fall in love with himWaking up from the dream magically makes him a better person, it was a super sweet Christmas story, nothing new or extraordinary but a quick read to get you in the holiday spirit!

    18. Santa????This was a great take on a Christmas classic basically. I love how things went and how the plot went. Really smooth transition for all the characters and easy to keep up with everything. Loved Nick and his advice too. Cute book!

    19. 2.5So Logan, who persistently hits on Jack, and continues to hit on Jack even after being told no every time, and even knowing that Jack has a fiance, is really actually a good man apparently. Except that no, good people don't do that shit.

    20. Over the top sweetness, this story just worked for me. A bit like a cross between It's a Wonderful Life and Bedazzled, it hit all the right notes. The "be careful what you wish for" theme is a classic because it works.

    21. Finished with a big smileLoved this feel good story. It plays through all the emotions with Love being the main feeling. I finished the last page with a big smile and just loved Caden $’j Jack.

    22. Great Read!Really liked this book. It was sweet but intriguing too. Jack took Caden for granted but with the event, a big awakening got things back on track!!!! Really enjoyed the book.

    23. Awwwww the feels. A beautiful Christmas love story. Of course I cried a few times Worth it at the end though. Didn't like Jack at first & it changed after a few chapters. Loved Cayden right away. Great Christmas Read!

    24. Super Cute2 things you'll find in your kitchen at Christmas. Sugar and cheese. And this story has plenty of both which makes it a delicious Christmas feast.

    25. Corny-cuteSuper corny and ready to be a Hallmark Holiday Movie :) exactly what you would expect based on the blurb.

    26. Cute, bittersweet story of loveCute little Christmas story. Theme snagged me and reeled me in. The love and magic and forgiveness brought it all together for a Christmas miracle

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