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  1. (4.0) By the time 'Big Picture' was published, Everett had established himself as an up and coming figure in contemporary literature with Suder and God's Country. With 'Big Picture', he shows us his niche with the short story; exclaiming that I'M HERE AND MY BEST IS YET TO COME!This group of stories shares several themes including:A man in touch with his surroundings. A man questioning not only himself, but the colors that make up the universe; not only in abstracts, but also in himself, his col [...]

  2. I truly think this was the best decision i could have made as a reader this year to read one of my favorite writers this year until the next until i have read all his works and to keep up with the new books he has coming. I am getting to know him in a way i only thought i loved now i know i love one of my favorite writers. I will have to keep my thoughts of these short stories and his books to my notes until i can make a wrap up of my reading for the end of each quarter. I truly feel inspired to [...]

  3. A really fantastic collection of short stories, my favorites being "Cerulean" and "Wolf at the Door."Everett's writing style here is spare, sparse - haunting and haunted. More often than not, the drama is in the quiet lack of drama. I am definitely excited to seek out more from this author.

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