One thought on “The Diaries of Hans Christian Andersen”

  1. Excellent bit of real history you won't read in other books.Beloved Danish Storyteller and writer of The Little Mermaid,The Snow Queen,Thumbelina,The Ugly Duckling.ny more,Hans Christian Andersen,tells of his later school days,his many travels abroad and life at home.A painfully lonely and insecure Man,he never the less was summond by kings and queens to read his stories and was a friend of quite a few celebrities of his dayHe offers interesting information of the likes of Jacob and Wilhelm Grim [...]

  2. Translation seems fine (not that I know more than a few words of Danish), but it's just a bit frustrating because the translator picks and chooses which dates to cover, and you don't know if you're missing good stuff or can just trust her that the missing parts are boring. Interestingly, she includes some stuff that strikes me as TMI (e.g. "loose stools today ") I really wish there were a complete English translation of the diaries, but haven't been able to find one so far.

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