My New York

My New York A young New Yorker writes to her friend from the Midwest to tell about the things they will see in the city when Martin comes to visit her

  • Title: My New York
  • Author: Kathy Jakobsen
  • ISBN: 9780316927116
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young New Yorker writes to her friend from the Midwest to tell about the things they will see in the city when Martin comes to visit her.

    One thought on “My New York”

    1. Detailed folk-art illustrations and letters written by a fictional young girl convey the vibrance and diversity of New York City.Recommended for ages 4-8If you plan to visit New York with your child, if you are from New York and want to share your nostalgia for your hometown with your child, or if you simply want to enjoy what is wonderful about the city without actually going there, this is an ideal book. Kathy Jakobsen's charming and mind-blowingly detailed illustrations show what it looks lik [...]

    2. This is a really incredible book. I have read it with my little cousins who live in New York. The pages are extra long because the illustrations are beautiful paintings of different areas of New York City. It's almost like a Where's Waldo book - the little girl who is new to living in the city talks about her new life there and all the places she goes in the city - Times Square, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, museums, Broadway, etc. This is a great book to read with kids so t [...]

    3. My New York is written from a girl's perspective who is writing to her friend who is about to move to New York. She tells him about all the things to do and see there like the subways, the zoo, Central Park, Chinatown, the Empire State Building and many more. She talks about how excited she is for him to move there and experience every thing too.This story includes a lot of details about New York and what there is to do there. I would use this book in my classroom as a lesson about other big cit [...]

    4. Picked up a slightly battered used copy of this book at Savers recently. (Only thing that needs work is the beautiful centerspread with the Tree at Rockefeller Center, actually.) We saw the newer edition at the NY Public Library gift shop and it might be nice to take a look at it but, for now, we've got this one! Beautiful, beautiful artwork and an excellent souvenir of a trip to the city. I look forward to taking my baby granddaughter there when she's old enough and giving her a copy of this bo [...]

    5. What I enjoyed most is that it is from a child’s perspective and feels authentic. It sounds like what a child would share while being informative at the same time. The illustrations are stunning in their attention to detail and the foldouts are so cool. The book concludes with a bonus Fun Facts about New York and a Reader’s Challenge. The author does a spectacular job capturing the cityscapes as well as sharing the sights and sounds of NYC.

    6. This is a cool book, and I really enjoyed it because I've been to NYC. The pictures are illustrations, but are well done. The book is written in a letter format, so it could go with a letter writing unit. I think I will be teaching young children, and I do not plan on teaching anywhere near New York, so it wouldn't be used for a field trip pre-read or annoying.

    7. I love New York so I had to read this book. It is so accurate.The pictures are amazing in it. It is exactly how New York City looks and I like how some of the pages fold out to become much bigger. It is a great way to show kids what New York City is really like. I will be buying this book for my classroom!

    8. I bought this for Sophie and Fynn from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop in New York when we were there this past few days. I love this book and everything about the city! It's a great book for kids to help them understand the magic of the city.

    9. We loved this book. It was long and very informative and the pictures are amazing. We own several NYC books, but this one has been, by far, the most detailed and descriptive.

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