Betrayed Completely blind and terrified Heather confesses her involvement with Loki to Gaia Meanwhile Tom and Natascha return home with important news but Gaia is nowhere to be found Fearing she has gone to

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  • Title: Betrayed
  • Author: Francine Pascal
  • ISBN: 9780743449335
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Completely blind and terrified, Heather confesses her involvement with Loki to Gaia Meanwhile, Tom and Natascha return home with important news but Gaia is nowhere to be found Fearing she has gone to confront Loki by herself they rush after her.

    One thought on “Betrayed”

    1. yooooooo shit is finally HAPPENING in this series!(view spoiler)[Loki knocked out of the game (but lbr, he'll be back). Tom suddenly poisoned - I saw you, Natasha, with that wine bottle! Gaia and Ed back together just in time for Sam to return from the dead, lmao. I'm not a fan of either of those fuckboys, but it'll be interesting to see which one she chooses. (hide spoiler)]

    2. I've read this series over ten years ago. But I remember it being very good. For the first 18 books. After that the more it lasted the worst it got. I stopped at book 32. These days I wouldn't give it more than 20.Back to the good stuff. I found that Gaia was a good strong, pretty but still flawed character. She was special without being annoying. It's just that once the author stopped looking over the shoulder of the ghost writer. Things went down the drain pretty fast.Last note. The series may [...]

    3. ughhh. why couldn't the series end with this book?? it was already perfect - loki is beaten, gaia reunites with ed, tom with natasha and then they just HAVE to prolong it. they just HAVE to bring stupid, selfish, weak sam back. i feel like not continuing with the trainwreck that is book #25-36 because i know it'll just go downhill from here. really stupid decision, guys.

    4. I read this book after a looong break from the Fearless series, and I had to skip about 10 books or so. I missed a lot in those in-between books! My impression of this book is that it's very emotional. I'd forgotten just how emotional it all seems, as the reader sees the inner workings of several characters. Pretty good, a fast read.

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