Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

Feast Food to Celebrate Life Nigella Lawson Gourmet magazine s It Girl New York Times Dining In columnist and bestselling cookbook author is celebrating life and you re invited Feast Nigella s most festive book yet offers s

  • Title: Feast: Food to Celebrate Life
  • Author: Nigella Lawson
  • ISBN: 9781401301361
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nigella Lawson, Gourmet magazine s It Girl, New York Times Dining In columnist, and bestselling cookbook author, is celebrating life and you re invited Feast, Nigella s most festive book yet, offers savory, spicy, and delicious recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Eid, New Year s, Passover, Easter gatherings, and any time you want to celebrate food and life.Nigella Lawson, Gourmet magazine s It Girl, New York Times Dining In columnist, and bestselling cookbook author, is celebrating life and you re invited Feast, Nigella s most festive book yet, offers savory, spicy, and delicious recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Eid, New Year s, Passover, Easter gatherings, and any time you want to celebrate food and life This book is filled with festive recipes, and in it, Nigella offers tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will ensure you dine with ease, style, and fun Feast also includes some surprising gems, like Nigella s Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame, and her best cheeseburger And like her other cookbooks, Feast is a cookbook that will be treasured all year long.

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    1. I own one Nigella Lawson book, called "Forever Summer."I enjoyed "Feast" much more--it is much broader in its scope, and you get a better feel for just how funny Ms. Lawson is. She is a woman who has faced adversity, losing a husband and a sister to cancer. She loves food and is not afraid to admit standing in front of the fridge, eating something straight from the carton, juice dripping down her chin.This book covers celebrations of all types and includes a chapter on Funeral Feasts. Fabulous.I [...]

    2. My wife saw the tail-end of Nigella's Christmas Special on TV and was entranced I was detailed to go pick up the book at Waterstone's when I went in to town the next day. I had never read any of her stuff (deep-rooted suspicions about celebrity chefs) but I have to admit it's very good. The recipes make sense, and she writes in a clear and amusing style.We followed her advice on roasting our turkey and making the gravy, and the general consensus was that it was probably our best yet in both depa [...]

    3. I am a long time fan of Nigella Lawson. One night I could not sleep so I turned on the tv and there she was at 2 AM making up the most delicious pot of mashed potatos with nutmeg and refering to them as comfort food. Between the jazz music/ food visuals and charm of that domestic goddess I got up and made myself a pot of mashed potatos and ate the whole thing then promptly went to sleep! Just laugh! Anyhow. I have been a fan ever since! I have a Kindle and what I love that they have done w/ this [...]

    4. I picked up this book to cheer myself up a bit at the end of the winter season. Little did I know that I'd be finishing it during a Blizzard.Anyway, mission accomplished; I am inspired and reinvigorated. I love this book because it is multi-ethnic and multi-religious and covers all of the major feasts.I, of course, found a couple of recipes to try. You will as well.Highly recommended.

    5. I devoured this book from cover to coverd now I'm hungry and I've developed a gloriously odd English accent!Here's my complete review:scandaliciousbookreviews.c

    6. Nigella is my original muse, she single handedly got me back into the kitchen and cooking when the days of making cookies with my grandmother passed and I had to start doing it on my own. I have all of her books and honestly they are something one can actually cook from, my shelves are bending from the amount of cookbooks they house but only half are being used to make dinners and cakes, others I look at for inspiration and for pictures but Nigella's recipes are worth every penny one spends on a [...]

    7. Probably my favourite Nigella book. I love to read and read cookbooks from cover to cover and Nigella is especially readable. I haven't much watched Nigella, but her sensuous kitchen manner is well-reported so I won't comment on that. She's a highly privileged, posh and successful woman. And these books are not just about Nigella's food, but about Nigella herself, I find. And yet, despite the huge gap between our lifestyles, I find her food and her writing highly palatable. It's difficult to esc [...]

    8. I've been reading Feast for months and months it seems; I just keep renewing it from the library. Feast has everything I love in a cookbook, namely:-glossy, vibrant, mouthwatering pictures-cheeky write-ups to accompany the recipes, as only a Brit could write!-recipes organized by meal, instead of the typical poultry/veggie/fish sections. This is helpful for someone like me, who doesn't intuitively think of recipe pairings and is often left wondering if your meal "goes together."-it's HUGE (over [...]

    9. I love Nigella's chatty writing style, not just in introducing the recipe but throughout the instructions. And I love that I can practically hear her voice as I read. The recipes I most want to try and believe I will like the best are the chili and the cheesecakelets with balsamic glazed strawberries. (Two recipes I remember watching her cook and that looked/sounded especially good.) Butwhat I have tried is the honey chocolate cake. I no longer remember why I was most inspired to make that one, [...]

    10. Hi. I moved. I have a big new kitchen. And roommates that fix things if I promise them baked goods. Which this book has. Along with a chapter titled 'Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame.' But it also has things like ham in cherry coke, which I probably won't make because I'm not big on the pork. Unless it's in the form of bacon. Or little baby smoky sausages crocked potted in A-1 Sauce. And um This is my first grown-up cookbook. Does Betty Crocker count? I don't think so I really can't count any book wi [...]

    11. Suki's been reviewing cookbooks, so I thought I'd give a shout-out to my personal domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson. This cookbook, full of her favorites for every special occasion imaginable, from every major religion's high and holy days to your new boyfriends "first night over", has a permanent place on my bookshelf even though it belongs to the library. (They're so nice at Glouster Branch: no late fees and seemingly unlimited renewing.) Someday I will make an honest cookbook out of it and buy [...]

    12. The Domestic Goddess offered a look onto celebratory food such as for Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Eid, Birthdays, Easter (you get the idea) and brace yourself for a moment: the book even included the food for mourning/funeral. The last section on a glimpse, perhaps should not be included in a book that says Food to Celebrate, but I must admit having gone through the whole book, that the recipes for the funeral leans towards remembrance and celebrating the life of a loved one.In this offering, M [...]

    13. ahhhh. Nigella her books are exactly like watching her on her shows there is no one quite like her. She has been a very reliable cooking mentor to me over the years. I have a handful of Nigella's recipes that I use quite regularly for example, I make her her One-Pan Chicken and Sausage Bake (with lemon and sage) at LEAST once a month and have done so for the past 5 years my family never grows tired of it :)This book was such a great read - I spent the entire weekend reading it and enjoyed every [...]

    14. Awesome read! I have only made one recipe from this book, but it turned out great! I wanted to add this book to my cookbook collection, but I just spent a bunch of money on another one of her cookbooks, which was worth every penney spent! Anyway, I kept picking it up and putting it down several times at the bookstore, imagine my surprise when I came across it in the clearance section on my way out of the store. I got a 35 dollar cookbook for $7.99!! It must have been meant to be. I immediately c [...]

    15. A good read, if only for the complete "Britishness" of it! Nigella Lawson's descriptions are very luscious indeed, and she manages to make even the most mundane activities sound interesting. My only quibble is with her suggestion that plastic wrap can go in the oven.Second-hand experience from my daughter has proven otherwise, although perhaps it depends on the type of oven, gas or electric, one has. Also, while preparing the Griddled Zuchinni, which was, admittedly, delicious, my kitchen was fi [...]

    16. In 'Feast,' Nigella Lawson takes you on a tour of her recipes in a way that reads like many travelogues tell you about places - with stories, rich description, and colourful events. You feel like Lawson is chatting with you about her food and recipes, rather than just listing them for you, and the result is a book that even a non-chef like myself can enjoy. The recipes themselves have hit our dinner table (courtesy of my husband, who can actually cook) on many an occasion now, and this is defini [...]

    17. ***THIS BOOK IS NOT VEGETARIAN ADAPTABLE*** (for any friends who might be interested). There is a vegetarian section, but the author definitely feels that, for her, meat is an essential part of holiday feasts. That said . . . The thing that I love about Nigella Lawson's work is her philosophy of life—basically, that exercise and health food are fine, as long as someone else is doing them. Eating should be first and foremost a pleasure, and if it isn't then you're doing. It wrong. This is how I [...]

    18. Nigella strikes again! What a beautiful book, and what lovely recipes. It is mighty interesting to see a Brit's idea of Thanksgiving dinner (the tip of roasting the bird breast-side down is a KEEPER--never made a juicier bird in my life!). Have yet to make a bad recipe from one of Nigella's books. Nigella's sensual writing, her love of food AND words, and, best of all, her focus on truly enjoying the cooking AND eating process, is second to none. She makes cooking fun, and sexy, and enticing. So [...]

    19. Lots of good recipes and photos. I got pretty tired of her pontificating on holidays and religion (a lot of nonsense, coming from someone who's just a plain old hedonist). I stopped reading those parts and just read the recipes.I saved some to try: Tunisian lamb meatball stew with couscous, chilli chocolate pudding, lemon meringue cake, pasta primavera salad, quadruple chocolate loaf cake, apple cheesecake with butterscotch sauce, mughlai chicken (curry), chocolate gingerbread just to name a few [...]

    20. Probably my second favourite Nigella Lawson cookbook (after How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking. There's a recipe here for almost every occasion. Some of the recipes in this book I've used so often that I know them off by heart and could probably do them in my sleep. (Chocolate Honey Cake, I'm talking about you!)

    21. Feast is divided up into different occasions that might call for a feast: Christmas, Passover, Easter, Funerals, Kiddie Feasts, etc. And then the portions are usually large so it is great when you're cooking for others.I love Nigella's writing and her recipes. I have read this cookbook cover to cover because I enjoy her writing so much. This is my favorite cookbook of hers. I made her Buche de Noel this week and I think the chocolate frosting might be the best I've ever had and so easy. I also e [...]

    22. Feast-Truly celebrates !!!!!! A cross section of varied collection of recipes gathered from around the world, giving a Brief on the festivities and their Food specifics. The Food writing once again mesmerises and inspires to know more about each community/Religion and their beliefs this time in FOOD. How important it is to each one and community. How Food and a specific Kind of dish is made for each occassion, be it the 'Passover', 'Esater' or 'Rosh Hashanah'. This book is very educative and tra [...]

    23. Though I did not read every word, I am surprised how many recipes I copied in this book. I found it charming and what I did read of her story, very enjoyable. I copied a lot of recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The cover of my book was red and sang of holiday. This cover looks a bit everyday. I would read the red covered book. :) To whet your whistle: allspice gravy, Christmas bubble and squeak, gingerbread muffins, apple horseradish sauce (for pork), baci di ricotta, chocolate rice puddin [...]

    24. Ever since watching Forever Summer reruns on Food Network I have loved Nigella. Her lyrical descriptions that dew you in and warm you show she is not your average cook book writer, she is an author. I can read her cook books like a novel. Her recipes have all turned out perfectly for me and are among my go to standards (Pasta with Ham, Peas and Cream; Hatchipuri, Guinness Cake). This book is primarily a recipe book but she tells why each dish and holiday is important to her. It even had holidays [...]

    25. It's taken a while, but I'm about half-way through cooking all the recepies in this book. And unlike a lot of other cook books out there, I find that the Nigella books need no extra ingredients. With other books, I'm too often adjusting the amount, or fiddling with the ingredients because it's otherwise too flat. That isn't the case with Nigella. Her recepies are exciting and inspiring. They look just as tasteful in the book as they do on my plate. Every recepie is exciting and really a celebrat [...]

    26. I have a hard time knowing how to rate cookbooks. I adore Nigella Lawson and love the concept of this book and hearing her thoughts about the recipes chosen for each feast or celebration. I was pleased to see I've already made one of the recipes featured- the Rosemary Remembrance Cake. But I'm not certain how much I'll use this as a reference in my own cooking and gave it 3 stars as a result. It's a good cookbook but I walk away from it not feeling overly inspired to tackle the recipes it contai [...]

    27. Good, but not quite as good as Nigella's How to Eat. For starters she re-uses some of the recipes from H2E in this (for which she does apologise). This is (as the title suggests) a little more overblown and just doesn't quite satisfy as much as other books. Having said that, her lentil and frankfurter soup is to die for!

    28. there are not many cookery books you can actually sit down and read, but this is one, so i just thought it deserved a mentionus, Nigella's had a really hard life, everyone seems to die and she's still a good cook. her idea for having roast chicken with mashed potato as a lazy dinner is my idea of heaven

    29. Even though some of these recipes are decided British (and very nasty-sounding), Feast reads like a book of poetry. If you've ever seen Nigella Feasts on Food Network, you know what I'm talking about. Her use of language to describe her methods and the foods crosses the boundaries of the senses in a delightful way!

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