The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book

The America s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book Featuring than kitchen tested recipes step by step photos opinionated product ratings and at a glance tutorials The America s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book is a practical guide to baking

  • Title: The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book
  • Author: America's Test Kitchen
  • ISBN: 9781933615226
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Featuring than 700 kitchen tested recipes, 800 step by step photos, opinionated product ratings, and at a glance tutorials, The America s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book is a practical guide to baking basics for the beginning baker as well as an accomplished one.

    One thought on “The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book”

    1. I love anything from America's Test Kitchen. This book is about baking, one of my very favorite things to do. The chefs (or should I say scientists) at America's Test Kitchen do such a wonderful job with really breaking down a recipe and making sure they have it just right. I love their explanations as to why certain things work in a recipe and certain things don't (after much testing, of course!). Their tip for understanding the difference between melted butter and softened butter was eye-openi [...]

    2. Except perhaps for the peanut butter cookies (too crunchy), everything I've made out of this book is stellar. Yummiest Pecan Sandies of my life. Best Apricot Almond Muffins ever. Most scrumptious blackberry scones to date. I think I have this book (and my ma, for giving it to me) to thank for my new found love of jogging.

    3. This book is more than a cookbook. It has tons of hints on which products, cookware and utensils to buy as well as "how tos" on most techniques. Most importantly it has a recipe for theBEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER!!!

    4. My husband recently bought this for me and I love it. I have baking for years, and this year for all my holiday baking I have been using these recipes. Truly, I have yet to find a recipe that is lacking. I highly recommend this and all the America's Test Kitchen books. Fool proof!

    5. There's a great variety of recipes here, with a lot of helpful pictures. Measurements are given for both volume and weight. Like all the America's Test Kitchen stuff, there are helpful tips and warnings about common problems that people run into.My biggest quibble is that the recipe instructions geared towards stand mixers. They give timings and mixer speeds for various dough recipes, but no similar guidance for bakers who will be doing the recipes without one. In a way this makes sense, because [...]

    6. Awesome! Baking is my favorite type of cooking and this book gave me some great pointers. Once again, lots of side notes explaining the science behind bakingwhich is even more precise than in stove top cooking.The recipes I've made have turned out beautifully and were delicious. I like that they are for small batches and have detailed instructions with plenty of step by step pictures. If you like to bake, or want to learn to bake, this is a great book. And the measurements are by volume (unlike [...]

    7. Fully illustrated and tabbed, this cookbook hearkens back to the original Betty Crocker cookbook, only resplendent with color photos throughout and updated to include newfangled accessories like food processors and microwaves. This book covers all the homey basics, from biscuits to baklava, flatbread to phyllo, sourdough to souffle. Indeed, just as itsEisehower-administration ancestor, the Test Kitchen cookbook includes charts of measurements and substitutions, plus an equipment guide of gadg [...]

    8. I have used this book for years and love everything about it from the pictures to the tips and equipment reviews. Earlier this month I tackled my biggest baking project: making the cake for my brother's wedding. Following the Wedding Cake chapter of this book was a lifesaver. From breaking down the timeline to being very candid about the time, space, and skill needed this chapter was an honest and helpful guide through this imposing process.

    9. The usual detail oriented style of the Test Kitchen folks. 3 ring binder style binding is handy, tabbed sections even handier. Great instruction, pictures, step by step illustration.Looking forward to going through and trying a few things in here learned a few things just perusing. A steal for 2$ used from the library.Culinary Skill Level: perfect for beginner to moderate.

    10. This, is probably one of the best impulse cuz boarders is going out of business buys i ever made. my go-to for any new dessert, i can be confident that as long as i follow it, the food will turn out right. It also has a lot of informative blurbs on random stuff like the best way to butter/flour a bunt pan. LOVE!

    11. This is a good book for the beginning baker and those who like to bake. the instructions are clear and the notes are helpful. If you own any of ATK's other books, you may see some repetition, but there wasn't enough of it to dissuade me from buying the book.

    12. Why do I bother getting these from the library, when I inevitably end up bookmarking a third of the recipes and wanting to buy the book? Oh, America's Test Kitchen, how you do tempt me

    13. I'm a baker at heart and I can't live without this book. Fun to sit and read through. Wonderful tips and recipes!!

    14. I love this cookbook!!! The layer cakes are my favorite (just made the lemon layer cake for Easter), but there are lots of yummy recipes in every section.

    15. Illustrations were very well layed out. This book is very useful and organized. The binder format takes up unnecessary space, but Im sure its useful for adding information.

    16. This is a staple in our house. Get rid of your Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks and switch over to America's Test Kitchen. They're just plain better.

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