One thought on “Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year”

  1. This book is about two little boys who are very excited for the new year but can't stay up past their bedtime. They decide to set their alarm clocks for midnight but sleep right through them. When they wake up they decide to still celebrate by banging pots and pans and yelling, waking up the neighbors. This is a sweet book and I can use this to talk my students about what they did for the new year and how the celebrated.

  2. Adorable story of two boys that wanted to celebrate the new year but couldn't stay up passed their bedtimes. They set their alarms for midnight and still slept through, so when they woke they decided to celebrate with the banging of pots and pans which of course did not go well with the neighbors. This is just a fund read and would be good to read when students come back from break to discuss how they brought in the new year.

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