Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line Jane Taylor sets out to adopt the black baby she found abandoned on Christmas Eve and finds herself in the uncharted waters of motherhood as she is faced with many changes and challenges including ra

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  • Title: Crossing the Line
  • Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
  • ISBN: 9780373250622
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jane Taylor sets out to adopt the black baby she found abandoned on Christmas Eve and finds herself in the uncharted waters of motherhood as she is faced with many changes and challenges, including racial identity.

    One thought on “Crossing the Line”

    1. This one was a bit better than the first one. At least I didn't have the urge to stop reading it. I'd actually skip the first book and just read this one

    2. The sequel to The Thin Pink Line. I had to find out what that immature, obnoxious character was going to do.

    3. I love these Jane TaylorbooksI love these books and I love this author. I highly recommend this book, it was just as entertaining as the first. Very fun!

    4. I know I hated the other Baratz-Logsted book I read, but I read The Thin Pink Line a few years ago and loved it, but felt totally cheated by the end. This book, then, was very exciting for me to find! Even coming at it this much later, I still remembered the story and characters enough that I got into it quickly, and it's obvious that the stilted style from the other book of hers I'd read was exactly that - a style used for the book. This one was well-written, funny, entertaining, and just a tou [...]

    5. I hated the first book but I guess not enough to want to read the second. I guess it was the cliffhanger end. The main character continues to be irritating and now has also become even more ignorant and offensive.I have somehow read three of this author's books. By the time of the third one, though, I had caught on as to who she was and read it only to make fun of it with my friends.

    6. I enjoyed the first book, and this was similarly ludicrously nonsensical fun a little less fun because the whole racial identity mess combined with a closeted gay mom just took the title to heart.

    7. Not as good as the first. but a much needed end to the book I have thought about for years. Then again if there isn't already there will most likely be a third book, just guessing by the way it left off.

    8. blah book about this lady that pretends to be pregnant then finds a black baby on a church step and decides to raise don't really hear much about the "raising" till the last paragraph of each chapter.ick lit that wasn't to entertaining, I wouldn't even suggest it for beach reading

    9. This was a silly, unbelievable book that I read to fill my time. As a time filler, it worked. As a book, not so much.

    10. This was an ok book. It was a little more serious than a lot of the other RDI books I've read, but I did enjoy it somewhat.

    11. Finally! The sequel to The Thin Pink Line. This book tied everything from the first book up nicely and was a much better book than the prequel.

    12. loved this story. could see the plot twist coming froma a mile away but jane was as funny and engaging and crazy as in the thin pink line.

    13. This is the sequel to the The Thin Pink Line, and I liked it much better then the first. I don't have much to say about it except it really is one of those "happy ending" books.

    14. The first book was so much better. This one was awful. It was too slow and unrealistic. I haven't put a book down in YEARS without finishing it. This book just broke that streak!

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