The Book of Murder

The Book of Murder A gripping tale of revenge and rivalry from the author of The Oxford MurdersArgentinean author Guillermo Mart nez s work appeals to fans of both literary fiction and mysteries Now with this new tale

  • Title: The Book of Murder
  • Author: Guillermo Martínez Sonia Soto
  • ISBN: 9780670019946
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping tale of revenge and rivalry from the author of The Oxford MurdersArgentinean author Guillermo Mart nez s work appeals to fans of both literary fiction and mysteries Now, with this new tale of psychological suspense, Mart nez is poised to expand on the success of The Oxford Murders.The narrator is an up and coming young writer who has little in common with KlostA gripping tale of revenge and rivalry from the author of The Oxford MurdersArgentinean author Guillermo Mart nez s work appeals to fans of both literary fiction and mysteries Now, with this new tale of psychological suspense, Mart nez is poised to expand on the success of The Oxford Murders.The narrator is an up and coming young writer who has little in common with Kloster a literary giant whose disturbing crime novels dominate the bestseller lists However, they have both, at one time, employed the secretarial services of the alluring Luciana B Out of the past, Luciana makes a desperate plea to the young writer She thinks that Kloster is slowly killing off everyone close to her can he help before her grandmother and younger sister are murdered While the narrator suspects her misfortunes have driven her mad, Kloster has a powerful motive and eerie parallels surface between the murders in Kloster s books and the real life deaths surrounding Luciana As the body count multiplies, the question arises Can words really kill Fans of both Alfred Hitchcock and Carlos Ruiz Zaf n will be thrilled with Mart nez s literary murder mystery.

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    1. This is a very difficult book to put into words. I liked it, I wasn't sure I liked it, it kept me interested, I kept turning the pages, I had it figured out, but then again I'm still not sure I figured it out.This is a murder mystery that basically contains only three characters. Now how difficult can it be to figure ut a "who done it" when there are only three people to choose from?Kloster is an author in Buenos Aires who writes murder mysteries and has become very successful, the narrator of t [...]

    2. No sé qué me pasa con Guillermo Martínez que sus libros me gustan mucho pero no me terminan de convencer. Leí con mucho gusto Los crímenes de Oxford, pero el libro no consiguió entusiasmarme. Y me compré con mucho gusto La muerte lenta de Luciana B lo leí con interés y casi de un tirón, pero tampoco ha logrado convencerme. El estilo narrativo del autor es muy de mi agrado, los temas que trata me interesan y el ritmo y la estructura de sus novelas suelen estar bastante conseguidos. Es e [...]

    3. describes this as a "literary" mystery, and by that they presumably mean it's not the usual formulaic whodunit. The mystery is not who did the murders, but if murders even took place. For me, the book was a flashback to Pirandello's play, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" wherein the distinction between author and character, reality and artistic creation are blurred. In this metafiction cum mystery about two novelists, one the narrator, the reader is never directly "told" by the novelist h [...]

    4. The more I think about this book, the better I like it. It's one of those. What fascinates me the most is that the crux of the plot, the solution to the mystery, is basically untenable. Clearly Martinez knows this, as does the book's protagonist who doesn't want to believe it either. It leaves us with a philosophical quandary at the end, one that we can resolve with a supernatural solution, or walk away from with questions about chance and probability. I can see why an ending like this might irr [...]

    5. An Argentinian writer gets a call from a former secretary (Luciana), ten years after working with her for a single month. She's desperate to see him. He remembers her. That beginning pulled me in. The tension in this book from the very beginning had me turning pages. Readers learn of the brief, but alluring relationship between the writer and Luciana, as well as her abandonment of him when she returned to the distinguished older writer Kloster. Luciana returns to the writer with an incredible st [...]

    6. No me gustó , me pareció una copia mala de Death Note y una historia super machista, no puede decir que es algo bueno el acostarse con una alumna de 18 años, o decir que una mujer ya no es interesante si engordo, no tiene lolas y tiene casi 30 años, un tarado total.

    7. Ten years ago the novelist who's our narrator injured his hand and for a few weeks needed a secretary to transcribe his words to the computer. Luckily the older and more successful novelist Kloster was going off for a month's trip, and so our narrator was able to "borrow" the young student who'd been doing Kloster's transcription, Luciana. Now, out of the blue, Luciana reappears in the narrator's life, telling him a fantastic tale of how she sued Kloster for sexual harassment, how the suit's con [...]

    8. Este libro me devolvió las esperanzas.Hace un mes (más) que estoy estancada en tres libros maravillosos y que no me dan ni ganas de abrirlos, qué paradoja, oh. Sé que los voy a terminar, pero no me surgieron las ganas de tomarlos en estos días de ocio eterno (estúpida internet que les hace la contra). Me había frustrado mucho porque mis ganas de leer se habían debilitado -no iba a decir muerto, aunque lo pensé- y entonces, burlando mi ley de "si tenés tres currently reading ya es sufic [...]

    9. A few years ago, I read the mathematics-tinged The Oxford Murders by the Argentinian writer Guillermo Martinez, and found that somewhat irritating in its insistence of mysticism around logic and set theory. The writer now comes up with an even more fantastic tale in The Book of Murder, in which, it appears, characters are killed by a mad author and nobody is able to establish that fact. The narrator is approached by a distraught Luciana, a secretary who had briefly worked with him a decade earli [...]

    10. An inventive thriller / murder mystery.When a struggling writer receives a desperate phonecall from a girl he knew ten years before that he worked with for a while as a secretary taking dictation for his novel it sets in train a whole series of events that changes his life.He first met Luciana when he requested a temp to help him in his work, she was at the time working for the great author Kloster and this was just a temporary arrangement.Things go well and he finds himself half in love with he [...]

    11. Me gustó mucho, mantiene el suspenso y atrapa de manera firme. Es concisa, está bien escrita y los personajes, si bien están definidos simplemente por algunas características particulares, no se notan las carencias de descripción; de hecho, hasta son mejores para que el lector se adentre y sorprenda con la lectura sin dar vueltas con detalles innecesarios.Tal vez el final me decepcionó un poco, esperaba otra cosa, desde el capítulo 11 (son 12 y un epílogo) la historia dio un vuelco un ta [...]

    12. Luciana comes to the unnamed narrator of the book with a story of how the author Kloster has slowly been murdering everyone in her family. Her boyfriend drowned, her parents ate poisoned mushrooms and her brother was murdered. When the narrator confronts Kloster he tells a completely different story. This book was very odd and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm interested in what the other members of my Olympics challenge group end up thinking about this book.

    13. Guillermo Martinez's books are unique, almost to the point of being experimental--this book is as spare and elegant as any I've read. Fast and fun to read. After this I went back and read every backlist title I could find. HIghly recommended.

    14. Un libro con un caso escalofriante. Me dejó con ganas de más de este autor.No le pongo más nota porque el final me descolocó un poco-bastante.

    15. Desde bookcrossing:bookcrossing/journal/7Entrada en el diario 11 de Faedyl desde City Bell, Buenos Aires Province Argentina en miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009Este libro no ha sido valorado. OMG! lo empecé ayer, de un tirón llegué a la mitad. No podía aguantar a que fuera hoy para seguir lleyendo en el viaje!!! y no pude terminarlo a la ida, estoy como loca!! necesito leerlooooooooooo!! QUE BUENO! que bueno es!Ya les contaré al final. Es verdad no antagonistas aqui, sólo historia!!! edita [...]

    16. I'm not certain what to make of this book. I think it's not certain either, the waffling of the central character seemed to mirror the author's own indecision. It was almost clever, but I just didn't feel like it was intentional enough to pull off the mastery of the trick it was aiming for. It was a fast read, and entertaining, but it didn't make me think as much as I think it meant to.

    17. Nisam ranije čuo za autora, knjigu pazario jer je bila jeftinija od kafe, ali pružila daleko više i od čaja (kafu ne pijem). :) Sve u svemu, prijatno iznenađen. Više nego korektno. Nedostajalo je nešto pa da bude vauu, ali ok srećom nije ni previše duga. :)

    18. An amazingly suspenseful novella, every moment had me on edge. A chilling story within a story where every second counts. The ending was a little cryptic, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it regardless. Would definitely recommend to the suspense lovers out there.

    19. Un buen libro para leer. El estilo del autor es diferente a lo que había leído de otros autores. Interesante desde las primeras y últimas páginas.El final es casi inesperado. Un libro de cinco estrellas.

    20. Parece realmente un libro de un principiante, tanto como escritor como lector de obras del género.El recurso del postmoderno dentro del posmoderno, autor dentro de la historia, del autor, de la historia, del ya está bien, ya se ha visto mucho.

    21. This book was beautifully written, and that's all I can find to praise. A mystery with no solution. Two men ruining the lives of a pair of sisters because they believe it to be their right.

    22. copante, copante!-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- Entrada en el diario 10 de Faedyl desde City Bell, Buenos Aires Province Argentina en domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009Este libro no ha sido valorado.Uy yo también me colgué para ingresarlo, lo tengo desde hace mucho en mi poder pero la lista era larga y quería cumplir con los anillos primero. Hace mucho leí comentarios de esta obra y me intriga y por eso quiero leerla, ya emitiré mi parte, GRACIAS A TODOS!FaeTBR editar | sube una imagen al diario | borra [...]

    23. I love this booooooooooook! just bought it randomly from Oxfam last week , and didnt have any idea the author is actually the book writer ( which then adapted to movie ' The Oxford Murder' ) . the storyline is interesting , and keep making me go through pages and pages (and done reading the whole novel within 5-6 hours! ) gosh i have no idea it would get me questioning what's gonna happen next and who's the murder. to be honest i really thought Luciana is a lunatic , like she makes everything up [...]

    24. The Book of Murder by Guillermo Martinez is another of those long time wishlist books, on the list since the book was first published. Since it's an Argentinean mystery, I either learned about it via NPR or BBC radio. Regardless, I'm glad I added it to my list.An author on a deadline has to hire a typist when he breaks his wrist. He's sent Luciana, a young, beautiful and efficient typist. The author meets his deadline and that's the last he thinks of her for a decade, until she reappears with an [...]

    25. This was an excellent read. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I'm so glad I read it because once I got started on The Book of Murder, I couldn't put it down. Guillermo Martínez is an Argentinean author that excels in murder mysteries, which are not my favorite book genre, but I am enticed to read his other works now that I've finished The Book of Murder.What especially appealed to me about this book is that it was written by an Argentinian author, which appealed to me for a year-end book for 2016. [...]

    26. The "Book of Murder" I think is a book that can satisfy a wide range of audience. A book Ι assume, it will be likable by the majority of readers, regardless of the kind of books they prefer to read. And this because it's a very accessible work without any special difficulties and with a plot that I couldn't miss describe it as interesting.But through its simplicity the author will make you concerned by the different angles -with which he approximates the whole story. Τhey will contribute in ma [...]

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