A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion

A Silent Ocean Away Colette s Dominion Charmaine Ryan knows only poverty and pain growing up In the wake of a horrifying tragedy she seeks a new life and fate leads her into the private world of the wealthy Duvoisin clan At first it see

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  • Title: A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion
  • Author: DeVa Gantt
  • ISBN: 9780061578236
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charmaine Ryan knows only poverty and pain growing up In the wake of a horrifying tragedy, she seeks a new life, and fate leads her into the private world of the wealthy Duvoisin clan At first, it seems as if nothing terrible could touch this seemingly charmed family But an ill wind blows through the halls and chambers of the Duvoisins sprawling island retreat, carryinCharmaine Ryan knows only poverty and pain growing up In the wake of a horrifying tragedy, she seeks a new life, and fate leads her into the private world of the wealthy Duvoisin clan At first, it seems as if nothing terrible could touch this seemingly charmed family But an ill wind blows through the halls and chambers of the Duvoisins sprawling island retreat, carrying betrayal, deceit, and ominous peril.Quickly, Charmaine is caught up in the secrets and mystique swirling around the enigmatic family At the center are shipping tycoon Frederic Duvoisin and his youthful wife, Colette And there is Paul Duvoisin, a dashing seducer and Frederic s bastard son, who stirs a dangerous fascination in the two women the scheming Agatha Ward, who will not rest until she s taken Colette s place in Frederic s heart as well as in his bed and exiled son, John, who reenters the family fold, stoking the turmoil as he unveils truths best kept hidden Ultimately, Charmaine chooses to stand with Colette against formidable enemies, but has she made the right decision A sweeping, remarkable blend of adventure, romance, intrigue, and suspense, A Silent Ocean Away heralds the arrival of a glorious new voice on the historical fiction scene.

    One thought on “A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion”

    1. I can't. It's just too painful. The plot itself isn't terrible (albeit on the slow side), but the writing -- NO. Descriptions are bland, conversation is stilted, scenes wander aimlessly with a never-ending parade of 'As you know, Bob' infodumps, & the dialogue tags are equivalent to cruel & unusual punishment with an icepick. Each ridiculously overdone and/or unnecessary string of adverb flogging made me twitch. There's a reason said has been beloved for centuries of fiction, but the aut [...]

    2. I highly recommended this trilogy (A Silent Ocean Away is the first of three) for lovers of Historical Romances. It has all the elements to sweep you away: one brother, Paul, is a handsome, lusty rogue, and the other brother, John Duvoisin is a tormented, snarky anti-hero. (I have a big soft spot for the tormented, snarky, anti-hero types which might be why I gave this 5 stars. Hmmm.) Torn between the two is the innocent governess, Charmaine Ryan. The Duvoisin family's past of love, hatred, and [...]

    3. (3.5)Charmaine Ryan takes employment as a governess to the three youngest children of Frederic Duvoisin on his private Island in the West Indies. Charmaine bonds quickly with the children, as well as their mother Collette, Frederic's second and much younger wife. The innocent Charmaine feels something entirely different for Frederic's illegitimate son Paul, who has quite a reputation as a ladies man but does he truly care for her or is she just another conquest? Of course the Duvoisin family has [...]

    4. "A Silent Ocean Away" an absorbing read, written by sisters Debra and Valerie Gantt (hence DeVa). The writing doesn’t convey any impression of design by committee, except perhaps in the depth of detail given to peripheral characters, though, of course, I may be totally mistaking who’s peripheral, since the book is part one of a trilogy.The tale is set on an exotic island in the 19th century. DeVa make their depiction of locale and time very enticing and convincing. I loved the simple touches [...]

    5. This book is a hot mess. Part soap opera, part brilliant, but mostly one big mess. The writing is terrible. Just terrible. Characters arearactery. Dialogue is stiff and actions/motivation baffling. I want to find out what happened in the second and third books (kind of), but I can't read any more of the writing--especially in light of the million and a half other things I have waiting for me written by authors who've attempted to learn something about craft.

    6. What's not to love about this book? Exotic tropical island, two gorgeous brothers, and romance. It's also very well written.

    7. Part “Gone with the Wind,” part Jane Austen drama, “A Silent Ocean Away” has the range of an epic and the feel of a period novel of manners created many years ago. This historical novel, set in the early 1800s, begins with a long list of characters who will populate the book, as well as two others (to come) in this trilogy of the Duvoisin family. The heroine of the story is Charmaine Ryan, the family’s governess, who comes into the maelstrom of this family seeking to find a new life fo [...]

    8. A Silent Ocean AwayBy DeVa GanttAlthough this is an historical romance, it is not a bodice-ripper. Set in Richmond, Virginia, in 1837, it is a charming, intriguing, family saga with endearing characters. Heroine, Charmaine Ryan, is immediately likable and admired for her strength and perseverance. Some characters are not so endearing, however.Eighteen-year-old Charmaine escapes from her life of poverty and fear when she is hired as a companion by a kind, prosperous Richmond couple, who love and [...]

    9. ***Spoilers!***A fantastic start to an even better series. Charmaine Ryan is the daughter of an abusive father who murdered her mother. She is taken in by the family she'd been working for and is spirited away to the island of Charmantes, owned by the DuVoisin family, to be hired as their governess for their three children, Yvette, Jeanette, and Pierre. She is quickly adored by the children, their mother, Colette, and, after awhile, is even liked by their reclusive father, Frederic. Paul, Freder [...]

    10. This was an ok to good book. 3.5 stars. I expected a romance, but I found that the family intrigue kept me reading more than anything else. There are so many layers of mystery to this novel that I cannot even begin to delve into all of them. Let's just say it's complicated.I do think the book ends in an awkward spot. I knew that the book was the first of a trilogy, but I didn't realize that it wouldn't tie anything up at the end of the novel. If you want to truly discover the answer to any of th [...]

    11. I don't typically read historical/romance fiction, but I really enjoyed this book. I met the authors at a Borders book signing, and this was an impulse buy. I was impressed by the passion for their work and the story of its conception -- an endeavor that spanned 30 years.At the start, I found the writing to be a little too descriptive, such that it was distracting, but as I got involved in the characters and the drama, the book was engrossing. The writing is very cohesive and the two authors' st [...]

    12. I picked this up not knowing in it #1 in a trilogy. I found out there is a book that holds all 3 and that is - Colette's Prayer (2005-This is a wonderfully fast paced, enthralling story that centers around Charmaine, a governess. The cast of characters keep the reader guessing as everyone is seemingly out for themselves. Who is using who becomes the question. I shed tears and became angry at the ending as it just hangs in the wind! I didn't want the book to end, so I am happy there is more, I ju [...]

    13. The moment I finished this book, I downloaded the 2nd in the trilogy "Decision & Destiny". I enjoyed the story of the entrance of Charmaine Ryan into the Duvoisin household & her life as it becomes entangled in the characters & their emotional & turbulent history. A wonderfully researched & written saga of a family of great wealth & status but still subject to the mistakes & heartaches of all mortals. But don't read the first book if you're not planning to commit to t [...]

    14. I am about half way through this book also. It is another historical fiction. This story focus' on the deceit of a rich family who takes in a orphaned girl as a nurse. So far the book tells you enough to guess what is going on but not enough to know the full story and that pulled me along for awhile. Near the middle is began to get quite sad and a but depressing and I found myself angry at many of the characters (not a feeling I enjoy while reading) so I have put it aside for now. But all and al [...]

    15. I have to laugh.I actually really enjoyed this book. It is a "romance story" set in the 1800's. It was a quick fun read, with a bit more meat than I would expect from this type of book. I was a bit caught of guard at the end though. It has a very abrupt ending. It is the first book in a trilogy and the author basically just stops. I felt if though it were missing a few pages. Weird.but I do have to say I am curious and I am going to put the next one on hold.

    16. My mom raved about this book so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. It is an 800 page epic, but it sucked me in right away and I couldn't put it down. It's about a rich family living on a Caribbean island in the 1800's. A young governess comes to the island to live with them and take care of the 3 children. Love, sex, scandal, and murder soon follow. This story has a lot of twists and turns, like I didn't see THAT ONE coming! And I cried a couple of times too. It was great.

    17. Nope. Predictable brain candy. AND I got to the end to discover that it's the first of three and I don't have any interest in seeing what happens next. I used to read this type of book a lot. It seemed like I'd already read it, but I know I didn't. Tried to interest myself by writing down how I knew it would end halfway through, just in case I was wrong. I wasn't.

    18. I might have liked the ending better if I'd realized it was the first book of a trilogy. Somehow, not knowing that, I was expecting something more conclusive. The second book was supposedly published this month. Wonder how long the library will take to get it Good story if you like complicated family drama from the 1800s on a Caribbean island.

    19. I just started this sprawling family saga and just loving it! It has been a while since I have read one of these, reminiscent of the Poldark saga from when I was a teen, long time ago!Well now I have finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it! What is it about governesses, big houses, handsome men and family triangles???

    20. This was a great opening to a trilogy. The authors do a very nice job introducing the characters and locations and I am looking very forward to continuing the story this April when part two is released. It is wonderful to read a book that elicits suspense and ire (Agatha and John) in me after just finishing two not so great books.

    21. I love historical fiction and when my mom sent me this book, I immediately started it and could not put it down. I absolutely loved this book! Only bad thing is that if you do not already have the whole trilogy when you start reading, the end of this book will leave you dying to get the next!

    22. Love Love Love this book! I'm very close personal friends with the author and I couldn't say anything better about the series as a whole. This first book is definitely the slowest but it ultimately picks up into moving wonderful novels.

    23. I really wanted to like "a silent ocean away" it has pretty high ratings on and i enjoy historical settings/sagas. but it was SO insipid. ugh. i could not respect myself if i finished it!

    24. This trilogy was cut wrenching with its tragedies. I had to pause many times to catch my breath and wipe away the tears. That said the love story that twist through and ends it ,is well worth reading! I loved them!!

    25. I was surprised with how good this book was. I'm currently on my quest to find the next two in the trilogy at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this for anyone who's a fan of historical fiction/romance. I didn't realize I liked the romance genre until today!

    26. I love the setting of this book, I'd like to be there right now! It's an enjoyable escape read, a little fluffy but clean. It ends abruptly and I'm trying to decide if I want to finish the seriesWe read it for book club.

    27. A great beginning to the trilogy. I feel that it set the characters up very nicely for the next book, though in leaving off as it did, the ending could've been a bit better.

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