God's Favorite

God s Favorite The play God s Favorite is a light hearted and yet very poignient modern look at the Scriptural Character of Job a man who has everything and loses it all before finding what is truly important

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  • Title: God's Favorite
  • Author: Neil Simon
  • ISBN: 9780573609725
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • The play God s Favorite is a light hearted and yet very poignient modern look at the Scriptural Character of Job a man who has everything and loses it all before finding what is truly important.

    One thought on “God's Favorite”

    1. I've never been the biggest fan of Neil Simon. He exists. He writes stuff. It's usually pretty funny. But "pretty funny" never cuts it for me. Which is honestly better? The really good quip, or the thought-provoking statement that sticks with you for years?Anyways, let's talk about God's Favorite. I picked this one up hearing that it was loosely based around the story of Job from the Bible. Hey, ? Yeah, you got that wrong. It's the same damn thing. It's just a modernization of Job.The characters [...]

    2. I was not familiar with this Neil Simon play, and I thought I knew most of them. As I began, I wondered even more as to why it has stayed so unfamilair. The set-up was well established, the lines humorous, in typical Simon fashion, and the characters quite real (despite some quirkiness).But then the plot developed. And let's face it the story of Job is not funny. No matter what lines Simon put into his character's mouths, watching a man suffer from a multitude of physical ailments just isn't fu [...]

    3. I read this Neil Simon play a long time ago, and it cracked me up. It's a modern-day story of Job, and it's filled with heartache galore, yet it's also got the typical Simon wit and humor that make it delightful. I've never seen it performed, but I certainly enjoyed reading it. Most people don't enjoy reading plays, but I always have. The writing is spare, and I'm allowed to envision things my way and move quickly. I love thick, meaty, incredibly-detailed Dickens novels, but I also love sparse, [...]

    4. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to you? Did it ever cross your mind that God and the devil made a bet about your faith? The worse your situation gets, the More God is showing you that your his favorite! This play is based on the book of Job. After Joe watches his factory burn down, then his house, and has difficulties with his son, we meet God's messenger. Sidney. Joe begins to experience every ailment imaginable, and all he has to do to make it stop, is renounce God. Sidney reappea [...]

    5. Basic plot: the Book of Job, 1970's style.This play did not do anything for me. The jokes, such as they are, didn't seem funny to me. Not being a follower of Judaism or Christianity makes these religious stories fall flat with me. There is nothing here that transcends individual religions. It just makes me wonder about people who would follow a deity who beats up on them just to see if they'll take it.Side note: I grew up hearing that Neil Simon was essentially "the man" in theatre and that his [...]

    6. I liked this play a lot. It was written in the 1970s and has the structure of the Book of Job. This play is being produced at the Little Theater of Walla Walla this season, and I read it because I've never read it. I thought about auditioning, butI was workingd I don't think I would be good in any of the parts. Anyway, it is a great comedy and I think it would be an amazing set design project for someoneif you want an oldy, but a goody, take a look. It's not dated.

    7. I last read this play by Neil Simon when I was in high school eighteen years ago. I remembered it being very funny and decided to re-read it to fulfill a challenge to read a book published in 1975.This play is Neil Simon's version of the book of Job in the bible. It was an amusing story and makes me want to read more plays by Simon.

    8. I laughed out loud while reading this play. Neil Simon is soooo funny and clever. He missed some opportunities to go deeper with the Job parallels, but clearly that was not his purpose in writing. His purpose was to be hilarious, and he achieved that purpose! I definitely want to read more Neil Simon now.

    9. Fun to revisit neil Simon after many years. His voice is still entertaining. Reminded me of days gone by.

    10. One of my favorite Neil Simon plays, probably because it was one of the first I ever saw. Mostly I love the interchange between Joe and Sidney.

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