A Time to Harvest

A Time to Harvest On the cusp of their epic battle with Shinzon many of Captain Jean Luc Picard s long time crew were heading for new assignments and new challenges Among the changes were William Riker s promotion to

  • Title: A Time to Harvest
  • Author: Dayton Ward Kevin Dilmore
  • ISBN: 9780743482981
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the cusp of their epic battle with Shinzon, many of Captain Jean Luc Picard s long time crew were heading for new assignments and new challenges Among the changes were William Riker s promotion to captain and his new command, Riker s marriage to Counselor Deanna Troi, and Dr Beverly Crusher s new career at Starfleet Medical But the story of what set them on a path awOn the cusp of their epic battle with Shinzon, many of Captain Jean Luc Picard s long time crew were heading for new assignments and new challenges Among the changes were William Riker s promotion to captain and his new command, Riker s marriage to Counselor Deanna Troi, and Dr Beverly Crusher s new career at Starfleet Medical But the story of what set them on a path away from the Starship Enterprise has never been told UNTIL NOW Still reeling from the disastrous events that have rocked all of Starfleet and tarnished the career of one of the Federation s most decorated captains, Picard and his crew must now endure the unthinkable scandal, ostracism, and an uncertain future But despite all that has occurred, none aboard the Enterprise have forgotten their duty as Starfleet officers Assigned to assist the imperiled Dokaalan a small colony of refugees who maintain a precarious existence in a rapidly disintegrating asteroid mining complex the Enterprise crew must somehow aid this alien race in terraforming a nearby planet so that it might someday provide a new home for their kind But violent acts of sabotage soon turn a humanitarian crisis into a deadly confrontation To save the Dokaalan from extinction, Picard must uncover the presence of an old adversary and prevent a disaster of catastrophic proportions

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    1. Although technically this is part 4 of an 8-book series, it could really be read as part 2 of a 2-book series. Books 1 & 2 of the 'A time to' series are only nominally related. 'A Time to Harvest' really reminded me of a TNG episode: it was compact, dramatic, action-packed. Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore did a nice job bringing to life (and sometimes disposing of) the minor lower-decks characters such as Taurik, Vale, Perim, and the various crewmen and nurses on the Enterprise who might other [...]

    2. A satisfying conclusion to "A Time to Sow", although I'm left with the unmistakable feeling that these two books have just been stretched too thin - they'd have worked far better as one volume.Much like the first volume, the authors really nail the characterizations of all the primary crew in addition to bestowing some realistic, believable and interesting personalities to the Starfleet guest characters (especially Vale, Perim, Taurik and Dr. Tropp). The "bad guys" fared less well, however, ofte [...]

    3. As the previous book in the series, I really did like the concept of the story. However, the gross majority of the book suffered from the same pitfalls as the previous one. I would have "liked it" and given it 3 stars, but the things the book did wrong really bothered me as a reader and really dragged me down to the point of just wishing the book was over and done with at about the half way point.The pacing of the book felt rather slow. There were pages and pages of unnecessary information that [...]

    4. I finished this book last night. It's the fourth novel in the A Time To . . . series that explains what Picard and crew were doing between the movies Insurrection and Nemesis. However, the series is divided up into four two-part books, with a final single volume, so this is the concluding volume to the second duology. Let me know if you followed all that.In this duology, the Enterprise has been sent to the Dokaalan system, investigating the results of a two-hundred-year-old distress call. They e [...]

    5. These pair of books might just be my favorite Star Trek books. The writers demonstrate a deft understanding of the characters, the story is original, and it mixes the militarism that Star Trek gradually took on with the Enterprise's original mission of exploration and discovery. Much is spent on the inner monologues of the characters and rather than just relying on the action and Treknobabble of many other Star Trek novels to tell the story, it really goes into trying to show how the characters [...]

    6. As an avid Star Trek TNG book reader, books 3 & 4 (A Time to Sow and this one) put forth a very original story and tied into a bit of the TV series intriguingly. However, I feel these books fell a bit short. There was just too much coincidence and not enough intelligent writing. Too many impossible escapes and convenient "errors" made by Starfleet's finest leave a bitter taste for me. I'm not saying this 2 parter is bad, I'm saying there are far better TNG books out there. I can't give them [...]

    7. Simultaneously part 4 of a series of duologies and part 2 of one of those duologies, this one continues to elaborate what takes place between INSURRECTION and NEMESIS, while also covering the fallout from the Ontollian Affair in the previous duology. This two part story is better than the previous, with a better grasp on the characters and a stronger narrative, though it lacks anything as "cool" as the Rashanar Starship Graveyard from the previous two books. As always, the Trek Book writers do a [...]

    8. A fine conclusion to a compelling two parter. The mysterious aliens who infiltrated the Dokaalan society stand revealed, and it's a blast from the Next Gen past. Captain Picard and his crew face the Satarrans for the second time, and it takes all their savvy and skill to counter their incredible skill with computers. How many of them have infiltrated the Enterprise posing as crew? How can they save the Dokaalan people's terraforming project with the Satarrans sabotaging them at every turn? And, [...]

    9. Still questioning his abilities as captain, Picard has to deal with two Dokaalan mining colonies blowing up in two days. The saboteurs are not Cardassian, but Satarran, a race who apparently has already taken over the Enterprise once before. They use holographic shrouds to blend in with Dokaalan refugees and the Enterprise crew. One of them even manages to shut down Data while Geordi is on an away mission looking at the Dokaalan terraforming efforts, then he is taken hostage. Turns out that the [...]

    10. After the excellent start to the series by John Vornholt I wan't sure how much this would grip me, as I've mentioned before I usually loose interest in multiple boom stories, but grip me it did. It had a totally different feel. The cliffhanger was much better handled than in the first ones and overall I think I enjoyed it a little bit more. The surprise bad guys were a bit of a dissapointment at first but by the end of the second book they had been fleshed out quite well. It was nice to see the [...]

    11. This book is a continuation of the story started in A Time to Sow (book 3 of the A Time To series). Together they tell the tale of a months-long mission that should be uneventful but is instead filled with first contact, "accidents," and subterfuge. These aren't the best Star Trek books out there, but they are entertaining.Note that the first two novels in the A Time To series were just bad. You won't miss anything by skipping them and starting the series with A Time to Sow.

    12. So much build up - SO MUCH repetitive build up - and in one page everything was revealed. This book and the book before were toooo long and took a great classic star trek plot and just blah-d it to death. Too much fanfic nonsense, too much inner monologue, etc. It wasn't terrible to read, it was just really mediocre. I was hoping it would pick up after the book prior but it was just more of the same (which made it even worse)

    13. A Time to Harvest was much more exciting than the previous book in this series. I could read the book quickly and I liked the pace that the story moved at.Sometimes too much attention was drawn to small details such as Geordi's pant leg or an alien touching her left arm. However, I do not see how the story would have made sense without these details.This is a good book if you are looking to just relax. It reads like an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.

    14. HARVEST is a fantastic conclusion to this two part story. It is full of the kind of excitement that those of us who love Trek expect. This novel takes off at breakneck speed and does a wonderful job at tying a TV episode to itself as well. It gives a great plot and offers yet another look at the "Next Generation" crew in the kind of fantastic action that fans have come to love. I highly recommend this novel along with its predecessor A TIME TO SOW.

    15. Not a bad read at all; still, I have to dock it a star since it is not a complete story by itself, having no beginning, and it wasn't exceptional enough to rate five stars to start with. It is simply the conclusion of the story begun in "A Time To Sow". I would probably rate the two books together at four stars, but neither one by itself is that good.

    16. The relaunch of TNG bridges the gap between Insurrection and Nemesis by putting the crew of the Enterprise through a true trial by fire! This has been a really enjoyable series to read, watching the characters develop as they head towards the turning point generated by Nemesis!

    17. An excellent end to the story begun in A Time to Sow, technically the writing in these books was just as good as the it was in the first two (Be Born and Die) but I enjoyed the Dokaalan aliens as well as the mysteries involved much more than I did the demon ship of the previous two books.

    18. The 2nd part of this story. Infiltrators are on board the Enterprise, and Picard is stretched to stop sabotage and put a terraformed planet back on track. Meanwhile, Dr Crusher is looking for a cure to the populations space problem. This is a good quick read that has some touching moments with Data and Geordi. The bad guys are intriguing as a species and are memorable characters. A good read.

    19. This one wasok. It absolutely needs A Time to Sow as a companion, and it makes me wonder a bit why they weren't simply published as one volume, other than the obvious title and size reasons. It makes the story feel a bit drawn out, and some of the big things near the end felt very convenient. It's definitely not bad, but I've read better.

    20. A decent tale with believable characters and situations that would easily have been "seen" on the regular tv show. The first book I've read of the "A Time to" series so it's difficult to compare it to the others. A good little read - I would purchase another book from these authors again.

    21. Maybe I don't like the Next Gen Books, but I am not getting into this series. The writing was fine, and, unlike the first two books, the second pair rang true to the characters, but I just didn't find it very gripping.

    22. Good conclusion to the two-book arc. Turns out Kelsha had a lot of friends. Interesting return to an old enemy, though. I didn't like the plot machinations of how neither Troi nor Geordi could tell that the enemy were not who they were supposed to be (trying not to give anything away).

    23. resolution to the previous part. again, some good points, but it was hard to get into the drama of it. I'm hoping the further ones show more promise.

    24. Although not as good as Vornholt's novels, it still holds up in the series. Sadly, this makes it a less interesting novel and I found myself struggling to actually finish this one.

    25. Each of these put just a little more perspective on Nemesis and the NextGen crew as they approach the events therein.

    26. This is Book #4 in the series & I jumped into the middle of this one. Good book as a stand-alone, but I should really start with the first one and work my way thru in the correct order.

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