Eleanor the Queen

Eleanor the Queen Eleanor is young high spirited supremely intelligent heiress to the vast Duchy of Aquitaine at a time when a woman s value was measured in terms of wealth Her vivid leadership inspired and dazzled

  • Title: Eleanor the Queen
  • Author: Norah Lofts
  • ISBN: 9780752439440
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleanor is young, high spirited, supremely intelligent, heiress to the vast Duchy of Aquitaine at a time when a woman s value was measured in terms of wealth Her vivid leadership inspired and dazzled those about her And yet, born to rule, she was continually repressed and threatened by the men who overshadowed her life This is the story of a brilliant, medieval figureEleanor is young, high spirited, supremely intelligent, heiress to the vast Duchy of Aquitaine at a time when a woman s value was measured in terms of wealth Her vivid leadership inspired and dazzled those about her And yet, born to rule, she was continually repressed and threatened by the men who overshadowed her life This is the story of a brilliant, medieval figure of a princess who led her own knights to the Crusades, who was bride to two kings and mother of Richard the Lion Heart It is the rich, incredible story of Eleanor Of Aquitaine.

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    1. Not a bad little read. It's a slim book, so I knew it would gloss over a lot of her life, but it still gave a sense of what a strong woman Eleanor was. I think I'd prefer an actual biography, but this was fun to "flesh out" some of the relationships and give you a chance to peek into what might have been going through her head, especially during the fifteen years she was in prison.

    2. I approach books about the royals (tongue in cheek) with a bit of fear and trepidation. Their stories are often hyped-up dramas of evil, ruthlessness, and scandalous people. I am delighted, from what I have read so far, this is not true of Norah Lofts. She writes in good taste. It's not that she avoids the issues of these often messy lives but rather she is not sensational for the sake of shock value. She is a truly great, classical author. I liked Eleanor the Queen because Eleanor is not as wel [...]

    3. I really loved this book. I haven't read a historical fiction for a while and I had forgotten how much I love them. This book is based around fact. I love to learn about the history of Englands royals. It is a really fascinating read and written in a way that is easy to read without all the stuffyness of some factual books.

    4. I enjoyed this book very much. I thought the story telling was exceptionally vivid, in addition to being very accurate. Eleanor was such an amazing woman! From the crusades of her youth to her 15 year imprisonment as an old woman, her life was fascinating.

    5. As my Mom has just said to me, while discussing this book over the kettle, "Norah Lofts is a poor man's Jean Plaidy" - and in terms of historical fiction she's right. I'm reliably told that Lofts has written fiction which, whilst in the historical realm, are not based on actual, living breathing, written in the history books people. And that, again I am told, is very good. I can see why - Lofts has a flair for narrative which really draws you in. The only problem I had with Eleanor the Queen is [...]

    6. Eleanor the Queen: A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaineby Norah LoftsTouchstone/2010First published a half-century ago, this reprint of Norah Lofts' story of one of history's most famous and powerful queens follows Eleanor from her marriage to the future king of France through her tempestuous marriage to King Henry II, her imprisonment at Henry's hands, and her eventual role as England's regent when her son, King Richard the Lion Heart, left Europe for Jerusalem on Crusade.Fifteen at the time of her [...]

    7. Eleanor of Aquitaine is Duchess in her own right after the death of her father and being a wealthy single women in the year 1137 means that you are prime marriage material and in order to secure her lands and her own person Eleanor decides she will marry Louis the Dauphin of France and no sooner than she did Louis was King and she was the new Queen. Louis was not the kind of husband Eleanor needed being much too meek and pious and after they returned from the second crusade after 15 years of mar [...]

    8. This is a lovely rich novel which begins with the death of Eleanor's father while on a crusade. As the heiress of a valuable estate, she was quickly married off to the future king of France. Trained to rule by her father, she attempted to help her husband, King Louis VII, but his advisers denigrated her and kept them apart. When the Archbishop wanted a new crusade, she circumvented him and led her knights and nobles on the crusade. After 15 years, she and Louis only had daughters. Using the excu [...]

    9. As a chronology of the life and times of a famous woman, this book has it all: introductions for all the important historical figures, geographic and historic explanation of the politics, and a simple, straightforward narrative style that moves from key point to key point in Eleanor's life. As historical fiction, it falls seriously flat. It reads like a well-written history textbook interspersed with sections of blatantly information-filled dialogue. I was disappointed that Lofts made no real at [...]

    10. An incredibly easy read, but ultimately disappointing. As eventful as Eleanor's life was, this book manages to skim over the truly interesting things and, instead, focuses on the mundane details of her life. Of the real historical events that were actually mentioned, the author succeeded in completely fictionalizing them and brushing them aside. I get that this is fiction, but if you're going to change these events, it'd be nice to at least make them interesting to read. And finally, the book en [...]

    11. I had very high expectations for this historical novel, having heard that Lofts' novels about Anne Boleyn were among the best. Eleanor of Aquitaine is my favorite historical figure, so I figured I would enjoy it immensely. I was sadly disappointed. Lofts takes quite a few liberties with the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, including inventing a betrothal and tragedy early in her life and creating a witch-burning scene later on, neither of which I found plausible at all. I did not find her character [...]

    12. I was a little leery starting this book. I've read about Eleanor's life by Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick already so really did I need to read another one. I was able to grab the audible version and have to say that I really enjoyed it. The reader did a wonderful job and the writing was just as good. The book doesn't go into great details about certain major events and skips over others totally. Originally written in the 1950's I found this book to be very entertaining, the author has [...]

    13. This book is an enjoyable quick read, though possibly a little too quick. I felt it tried to cram too many years and events into too few pages and as a result it felt a little rushed, with some important events barely touched upon. However, having not read anything about Eleanor of Aquitaine before, it worked quite well as an introduction to the subject and has made me interested to read more about her life.

    14. I thought this was a good book. I am relatively new to the Historical Fiction genre and I like the story to have a more human-interest angle than a history angle. I especially like stories about strong women, so this fit the bill. After reading this though, I realize that I do not know much at all about the Crusades.

    15. I read this book in high school and loved it. I read it again in college and loved it, as a pleasant escape from all the serious reading I was doing. And I just read it again and love it still. It's not a great book--you can read why in the many reviews already here, but it's a light, fun read about a historical figure who is truly fascinating.

    16. I picked this book up because I love English royalty stories and have recently become enamored with Eleanor of Aquitaine. Sadly this was an extremely boring book. It was just a recounting of Eleanor's life with some invented dialogue thrown in. Read more like a lightly fictionalized biography than an actual novel. Not very impressed.

    17. I was introduced to a historical figure I knew nothing about, which I enjoyed, but I wasn't overly impressed by the writing. Too many times I found myself researching historical moments because I sensed a bias toward the main character.

    18. Not as good a storyteller as Phillipa Gregory. She is mother to King Richard the Lion Hearted.Spent 15 in prison, put there by her second husband, King Henry. When he dies, Richard becomes King, and sets his mother free.She was first married to Loius, the King of France.

    19. A very enjoyable bok. Eleanor is portrayed as a strong woman who tries to be independent, unfortunately, being an heiress did not stop her becoming at the mercy of the men in her lives. She was treated in a bad way, and not shown the respect that she deserved.

    20. I am a fan of historical fiction and I liked how the author kept things moving quickly but gave enough detail to get a sense of being there. Eleanor lived a remarkable life and I found myself researching her to get the end of the story! Great read.

    21. This book makes me want to read more about Eleanor. It was very much a history, with some narrative thrown in along the way. The author glosses over several years in just a few sentences, so it can be difficult to get a good sense of character and story progression.

    22. I love this woman! Courage is not a big enough word! The story I know so well from so many other books - I just love it so much, the telling by another author is a way to read a cherished story over with different eyes.

    23. I enjoyed reading about this strong, fascinating and powerful woman. The author did a good job giving the reader a high level view of Eleanor's life. I was disappointed by the abrupt ending and wished it had continued into her next season of life.

    24. fascinating story of Queen Eleanor, who was Queen of England some 500 years before Elizabeth I.She surprisingly had a lot of power for a women during that period in time

    25. REALLY enjoyed this book. Have always wanted to know more about this fabled woman. What a life! Well written and fascinating. I did always hear Katherine Hepburn in my head, though!

    26. I enjoyed this telling of Eleaner's life. I always thought she was a fascinating woman and this added to that thought.

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